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May Member of the Month - Atika Greene

March Member of the Month

Why did you become an IMDbPro member and how have you used IMDbPro to help you in your career?
I love how accessible it is for communicating with casting directors, agents, directors etc. It has helped me make connections and do proper research on potential partners.

How should industry professionals utilize IMDbPro to help them navigate their careers? What other advice would you share with them?
They should use it to connect with all types of industry professionals. It will be a great tool to do ultimate research on anyone you want to connect with in the industry.

Why did you join your current guild?
To help further my career and find productions that are high quality.

Do you have any mentors? How did you meet them and what have they taught you?
Yes, I have a few mentors. We have met in class. Both of my mentors were my teachers at some point. They have taught me to always bet on myself and develop my own confidence. They helped me learn the importance of creating art and collaborating with amazing artists.

Tell us about a time when IMDbPro helped with a specific project you’re working on
It helped me realize that the project I planned to work on was a scam. There was no information to be found on the production company or creators. It saved me from being scammed.

Please share any upcoming projects you’re currently working on.
I am currently producing a short film written by a friend of mine. It’s a romantic comedy based in the 90s. It will be a stylized version of a script that was written as a play