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April Member of the Month - Peter Atencio

April Member of the Month

Why did you become an IMDbPro member and how have you used IMDbPro to help you in your career?
I originally signed up to get information that I thought would be helpful in the early stages of my directing career, for research purposes. But now it's an essential tool of my job as a director and producer, and I use multiple times daily.

How should industry professionals utilize IMDbPro to help them navigate their careers? What other advice would you share with them
It's an amazing tool for finding people you're interested in working with, not to mention discovering films and series you may not have known about, educating yourself about the path others have taken in their own career, and finding contact information to develop new relationships.

Why did you join your current guild?
I joined the DGA in 2010 when I began directing Key & Peele, and doing so was a lifelong dream of mine. I joined the PGA more recently as I've become more adept at and interested in producing, and it's great to be a part of two organizations which offer so much support and guidance for their members.

Do you have any mentors? How did you meet them and what have they taught you?
Yes, I worked with Bill Lawrence on a pilot that ended up being picked up to series, and he was the first to offer me a more substantial producing role on a tv series that I wasn't also directing every episode of. Bill is an amazing producer and he's taught me wonderful lessons about what to do and not do, when to acquiesce to demands (and when not), and how to be a boss while also being a good person.

Tell us about a time when IMDbPro helped with a specific project you’re working on
It's helping with one I'm working on right now. I'm in soft prep on a feature film I'm directing and producing, and I'm using IMDbPro to research production designers and DP candidates that I'm interested in interviewing for the project.

Please share any upcoming projects you’re currently working on.
My film The Machine will be coming out soon from Legendary Pictures, and I'm currently working on another film with the studio called Animal Friends.