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  • Small Country: An African Childhood (2020)
  • 111 min | Drama
Small Country: An African Childhood (2020)
111 min | Drama

A touching childhood set during the conflict in Rwanda between ethnicities Hutu and Tutsi - adapted from the book of Gaël Faye.
Gaël Faye (novel) | Eric Barbier (scenario, adaptation and dialogue)
Jennifer Augé (edited by)
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Release date
Aug 28, 2020 (Belgium)


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58 cast members
Name Known for
Jean-Paul Rouve
Michel Chappaz Michel Chappaz   See fewer
Isabelle Kabano
Yvonne Chappaz Yvonne Chappaz   See fewer
Djibril Vancoppenolle
Gabriel Chappaz dit Gaby Gabriel Chappaz dit Gaby   See fewer
Dayla De Medina
Ana Chappaz Ana Chappaz   See fewer
Brian Gakwavu
Lucien Lucien   See fewer
Kenny Hubbawive
Paul (as Kenny Hubawiwe) Paul (as Kenny Hubawiwe)   See fewer
Nelson Membe
Francis (as Nelson Mbembe) Francis (as Nelson Mbembe)   See fewer
Elvis Nahimana
Innocent Innocent   See fewer
Veronika Varga
Madame Economopoulos Madame Economopoulos   See fewer
Chloé Gasaro
Felicite Felicite   See fewer
Benny Bumako
Pacifique (as Benny Beyor Bumako) Pacifique (as Benny Beyor Bumako)   See fewer
Tatiana Nikuze
Mariana Mariana   See fewer
Enzo Michael Rudaseswa
Christian Christian   See fewer
Ora Malkiela Rugina Sanga
Christelle Christelle   See fewer
Soa Imany Ruzibiza
Christiane Christiane   See fewer
Dacey Sine Bitembeka
Christine Christine   See fewer
Karara Kayitana
Père Jeanne Père Jeanne   See fewer
Julienne Mugurwamfura
Mère Jeanne Mère Jeanne   See fewer
Jean-Yves Safari
Donatien Donatien   See fewer
Jean-Pierre Gos
Jacques Jacques   See fewer
Assia Mukeshimana
Mère de Léonce Mère de Léonce   See fewer
Jean d'Amour Rwamasasu
Balthazar Balthazar   See fewer
Phenias Harerimamana
Jean Bosco Jean Bosco   See fewer
John Biniyer
Policier Cibitoke Policier Cibitoke   See fewer
Léonie Salima
Paysanne au vélo Paysanne au vélo   See fewer
Mariam Mukashema
Femme staff élections Femme staff élections   See fewer
Remy Bimenyimana
Vieil homme aveugle Vieil homme aveugle   See fewer
Natasha Muziramakenga
Gertrude (as Natacha Muziramakenga) Gertrude (as Natacha Muziramakenga)   See fewer
Jeanine Umurungi
Femme Dior Femme Dior   See fewer
Beatha Umurerwa
Amie Gertrude 1 Amie Gertrude 1   See fewer
Mireille Musafiri
Amie Gertrude 2 Amie Gertrude 2   See fewer
Cheryl Isheja
Amie Gertrude 3 Amie Gertrude 3   See fewer
Richard Kaburo
Clapton Clapton   See fewer
Thierry Havyarimana
Simplice Simplice   See fewer
Alexis Kubwimana
Jeune barrage 1 Jeune barrage 1   See fewer
Guy-Elvis Sindayigaya
Jeune barrage 2 Jeune barrage 2   See fewer
Fiston Ndayishimiye
Jeune maillot jaune Jeune maillot jaune   See fewer
Emmanuel Kazamarande
Rwanda militaire barrage 1 Rwanda militaire barrage 1   See fewer
Denis Nsanzamahoro
Rwanda militaire barrage 2 (as Dennis Nsanzamahoro) Rwanda militaire barrage 2 (as Dennis Nsanzamahoro)   See fewer
Laurent Messiaen
Gendarme français 1 Gendarme français 1   See fewer
Michel Goffin
Gendarme français 2 Gendarme français 2   See fewer
Karim Rateb
Médecin radiologue Médecin radiologue   See fewer
Jonas D'Adesky
Gabriel adulte Gabriel adulte   See fewer
Léon Mandali
Armand adulte (as Léon-Athanase Mandali) Armand adulte (as Léon-Athanase Mandali)   See fewer
Selim Azzazi
Journaliste (voice) Journaliste (voice)   See fewer
Gérard Depardieu
Cyrano De Bergerac (archive footage) Cyrano De Bergerac (archive footage)   See fewer
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