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Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G.

The Art of War (Season 1, Episode 5)
TV Episode | 43 min | Biography, Crime, Drama

Poole and Tyndall investigate a dirty cop. The Task Force receives promising results from a ballistics test. Biggie releases "Who Shot Ya," spurring Tupac to make a risky alliance.
Kyle Long (created by) | Jameal Turner (written by) | Greg Kading (inspired by the book entitled "Murder Rap: The Untold Story of the Biggie Smalls & Tupac Shakur" by)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Updated Mar 27, 2018

Release date
Mar 27, 2018 (United States)


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37 cast members
Name Known for
Josh Duhamel
Detective Greg Kading Detective Greg Kading   See fewer
Liana Mendoza
Lara Castellano Lara Castellano   See fewer
Bokeem Woodbine
Officer Daryn Dupree Officer Daryn Dupree   See fewer
Wavyy Jonez
Christopher 'Biggie' Wallace Christopher 'Biggie' Wallace   See fewer
Marcc Rose
Tupac Shakur Tupac Shakur   See fewer
Brent Sexton
Detective Brian Tyndall Detective Brian Tyndall   See fewer
Jimmi Simpson
Detective Russell Poole Detective Russell Poole   See fewer
Amirah Vann
Justine Simon Justine Simon   See fewer
Scott Michael Campbell
Officer Tim 'Blondie' Brennan Officer Tim 'Blondie' Brennan   See fewer
Rhys Coiro
Jim Black Jim Black   See fewer
Dominic L. Santana
Suge Knight (as Dominic Santana) Suge Knight (as Dominic Santana)   See fewer
Sola Bamis
Afeni Shakur Afeni Shakur   See fewer
P.J. Marshall
Frank Lyga (as PJ Marshall) Frank Lyga (as PJ Marshall)   See fewer
Page Kennedy
Corey Edwards Corey Edwards   See fewer
Lobo Sebastian
Ray Perez Ray Perez   See fewer
Laurie Fortier
Donna Kading Donna Kading   See fewer
Cooper Roth
Dane Kading Dane Kading   See fewer
Camille Chen
Grace Kim Grace Kim   See fewer
Maestro Harrell
James 'Lil' Cease' Lloyd James 'Lil' Cease' Lloyd   See fewer
Troy Blendell
Doctor Osgood Doctor Osgood   See fewer
Theo Breaux
Cop #1 Cop #1   See fewer
Anderson Davis
Coach Reardon Coach Reardon   See fewer
Brett Edwards
Beat Cop #1 Beat Cop #1   See fewer
Harry Fowler
Darnell 'Poochie' Bolton Darnell 'Poochie' Bolton   See fewer
Gabriela Fresquez
Courthouse Reporter Courthouse Reporter   See fewer
Kareem J. Grimes
Michael Dorrough (as Kareem Grimes) Michael Dorrough (as Kareem Grimes)   See fewer
Lazarus Guidry
Jake 'Big Jake' Robles Jake 'Big Jake' Robles   See fewer
Maurice J. Irvin
Kevin Hackie (as Moe Irvin) Kevin Hackie (as Moe Irvin)   See fewer
Matt McKane
Beat Cop #2 Beat Cop #2   See fewer
Maris Croatto
Laura Castellano (as Liana Mendoza) Laura Castellano (as Liana Mendoza)   See fewer
Ryan Alan Mitchell
Goon #1 (as Ryan Mitchell) Goon #1 (as Ryan Mitchell)   See fewer
Elizabeth Ruiz
Veronica Quesada Veronica Quesada   See fewer
Mychal Thompson
Orlando Anderson Orlando Anderson   See fewer
Jawed Berni
Carlos Romero (as Jawed El Berni) Carlos Romero (as Jawed El Berni)   See fewer
James Darnell
Stretch Stretch   See fewer
Marc Fajardo
Front Desk Clerk Front Desk Clerk   See fewer
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