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  • Echoes of the Past (2021)
  • 99 min | Drama
Echoes of the Past (2021)
99 min | Drama

A fictional drama inspired by true events, the Massacre of Kalavryta, committed by invading German troops in Kalavryta, Greece, in December 1943.
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Stelios Cotionis (as Stelios Kotionis) | Dimitrios Katsantonis
Yannis Chalkiadakis (as Giannis Halkiadakis)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Updated Nov 5, 2021

Release date
Dec 1, 2021 (United States)


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66 cast members
Name Known for
Max von Sydow
Nikolas Andreou (aged) Nikolas Andreou (aged)   See fewer
Alice Krige
Andrea Foss Andrea Foss   See fewer
Tomas Arana
General von Le Suire General von Le Suire   See fewer
Yorgo Voyagis
Manolis Manolis   See fewer
Danae Skiadi
Maria Andreou (as Danai Skiadi) Maria Andreou (as Danai Skiadi)   See fewer
Aurora Marion
Mr. Tenner's caregiver Mr. Tenner's caregiver   See fewer
Prometheus Aleifer
Friedrich Braun Friedrich Braun   See fewer
Kristian Wanzl Nekrasov
Joseph von Saub (as Kristian Nekrasov) Joseph von Saub (as Kristian Nekrasov)   See fewer
Nikolas Papagiannis
Alexis Andreou Alexis Andreou   See fewer
Astrid Roos
Caroline Martin Caroline Martin   See fewer
Evangelia Adreadaki
Aunt Vassiliki (as Vaggelio Andreadaki) Aunt Vassiliki (as Vaggelio Andreadaki)   See fewer
Marlene Kaminsky
Greta Shouster Greta Shouster   See fewer
Thanos Tokakis
Dr. Kalliris Dr. Kalliris   See fewer
Timo Jacobs
Werner Werner   See fewer
Erifili Kitzoglou
Woman With Baby Woman With Baby   See fewer
Maria Apostolakea
Panagiota Panagiota   See fewer
Maria Aliferi
Katerina Katerina   See fewer
Julian Freund
Gerhard Gerhard   See fewer
Cedric Brelet von Sydow
German Soldier (Expeditionary Force / The Flamethrower) German Soldier (Expeditionary Force / The Flamethrower)   See fewer
Deborah Odong
Ministry Secretary Ministry Secretary   See fewer
Foivos Papakostas
Peasant A Peasant A   See fewer
Despoina Hariati
Actress Actress   See fewer
Aineias Tsamatis
Konstantinos Konstantinos   See fewer
Enno Kalisch
Andreas Ritter Andreas Ritter   See fewer
Ioanna Papadopoulou
Girl from school Girl from school   See fewer
Vasilis Dinopoulos
Frontliner Frontliner   See fewer
Panos Gkogkos
Michael Michael   See fewer
Kostas Laskos
Father Nektarios Father Nektarios   See fewer
Hovik Karampetian
Frontliner Frontliner   See fewer
Evgenia Apostolou
Aunt Martha Aunt Martha   See fewer
Maria Kavoukidou
Aunt Marika Aunt Marika   See fewer
Martin Laer
Commandant Tenner (young) Commandant Tenner (young)   See fewer
Villager Villager   See fewer
Vicky Tsirou
Eythimia Eythimia   See fewer
Daniel Collard
Brookmann Brookmann   See fewer
Aliki Klonari
Old Woman Old Woman   See fewer
Athanasios Nakos
Cobbler Cobbler   See fewer
Emil Grigorov
Spyros Spyros   See fewer
Tasos Karlis
Anestis Andreou Anestis Andreou   See fewer
Maximos Livieratos
Nikolaos Andreou (young) Nikolaos Andreou (young)   See fewer
Dionisis Grammatikos
German motorcycle driver German motorcycle driver   See fewer
Stathis Apostolou
Dimitris Dimitris   See fewer
Dimitris Tragas
Cafe Owner Cafe Owner   See fewer
Yannis Tousas
Dad In Airport Dad In Airport   See fewer
Yannis Efstathiadis
Announcer (Kalavryta) Announcer (Kalavryta)   See fewer
Ilias Kaforos
Barber Barber   See fewer
Ion Dimitropoulos
Kid In Airport Kid In Airport   See fewer
Mariata Dimitriou
Girl Hiding Girl Hiding   See fewer
Myrto Makridi
Georgia Georgia   See fewer
Yannis Margonis
Peasant B Peasant B   See fewer
Natasa Sfendilaki
Paraskevi Paraskevi   See fewer
Spiros Kazianis
German Soldier German Soldier   See fewer
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