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  • Les Cowboys (2015)
  • R
    104 min | Drama
Les Cowboys (2015)
104 min | Drama

When his daughter goes missing from their prairie town east of France, Alain and his young son, Kid, head out to find her. The journey takes the men to some far-off and unsettling places in what begins to feel like an endless quest.
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Noé Debré (scenario) | Thomas Bidegain (scenario) (original idea) | Laurent Abitbol (original idea)
Raphaël Haroche (as Raphael) | Moritz Reich (co-composer)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Release date
Oct 1, 2015 (United States)


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42 cast members
Name Known for
François Damiens
Alain Balland Alain Balland   See fewer
Finnegan Oldfield
Georges Balland, dit Kid Georges Balland, dit Kid   See fewer
Agathe Dronne
Nicole Balland Nicole Balland   See fewer
Ellora Torchia
Shazhana Shazhana   See fewer
Antoine Chappey
Charles Charles   See fewer
Maxim Driesen
Kid (13 ans) Kid (13 ans)   See fewer
Gilles Treton
Sheriff Sheriff   See fewer
Francis Leplay
L'homme du train L'homme du train   See fewer
Djemel Barek
Le père d'Ahmed Le père d'Ahmed   See fewer
Leïla Saadali
La mère d'Ahmed La mère d'Ahmed   See fewer
Laure Calamy
Isabelle Isabelle   See fewer
Iliana Zabeth
Kelly Balland Kelly Balland   See fewer
Antonia Campbell-Hughes
Emma (as Antonia Campbell Hughes) Emma (as Antonia Campbell Hughes)   See fewer
John C. Reilly
L'Américain L'Américain   See fewer
Sam Louwyck
Le faussaire Le faussaire   See fewer
Rami Farah
Chef syrien Chef syrien   See fewer
Noémie Desestret
Copine Kelly 1 Copine Kelly 1   See fewer
Sophia Lanz
Copine Kelly 2 Copine Kelly 2   See fewer
Tariq Bettahar
Mohamed Mohamed   See fewer
Bertrand Constant
Homme ambassade Homme ambassade   See fewer
Serge Onteniente
Ambulancier Ambulancier   See fewer
Laure Darie
Collègue Alain Collègue Alain   See fewer
Bruno Munda
Gendarme Gendarme   See fewer
Lyes Kaouah
Mécanicien Mécanicien   See fewer
Muthana Alhussin
Bras droit chef syrien Bras droit chef syrien   See fewer
Amaryllis Uitterlinden
Hôtesse d'accueil hôpital Hôtesse d'accueil hôpital   See fewer
Robbie Cleiren
Médecin hôpital (as Robby Cleiren) Médecin hôpital (as Robby Cleiren)   See fewer
Caroline Attal
Chanteuse country Chanteuse country   See fewer
Sanjay Dadhich
Taliban (as Sanjay Dadich) Taliban (as Sanjay Dadich)   See fewer
Hillbilly Rockers
Groupe country Groupe country   See fewer
Antoine Laurent
Confédéré Confédéré   See fewer
Tauqueer Alam Khan
Policier pakistanais Policier pakistanais   See fewer
Sadh Orhan
Policier pakistanais Policier pakistanais   See fewer
Policies Pakistanais Policies Pakistanais   See fewer
Vikas Shukla
Gholam Gholam   See fewer
Habib Azmi
Vieil homme afghan Vieil homme afghan   See fewer
Dani Sanchez-Lopez
L'Italien (as Dani Lopez) L'Italien (as Dani Lopez)   See fewer
Adil Nabi
Le pendu Le pendu   See fewer
Tauqeer Alam Khan
Pakistani cop Pakistani cop   See fewer
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