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  • The Evil in Us (2016)
  • Not Rated
    90 min | Horror
The Evil in Us (2016)
Not Rated
90 min | Horror

While on a fourth of July holiday, six best friends fall victim to the insidious plan of a mysterious organization when they are unknowingly transformed into bloodthirsty cannibals.
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Updated Jan 6, 2017

Release date
Aug 29, 2017 (United States)


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48 cast members
Name Known for
Debs Howard
Brie Armstrong Brie Armstrong   See fewer
Danny Zaporozan
Steve Ridley Steve Ridley   See fewer
Behtash Fazlali
Bash Gill Bash Gill   See fewer
Ian Collins
John Wheeler John Wheeler   See fewer
Marina Pasqua
Roxanne Bouchard Roxanne Bouchard   See fewer
Kylee Bush
Trish Walker Trish Walker   See fewer
Robert Leaf
Senator Elias Cob Senator Elias Cob   See fewer
John Gillich
Detective Jake Strudwick Detective Jake Strudwick   See fewer
Gary Starkell
Raymond Ford Raymond Ford   See fewer
Jerome Velinsky
Detective Rick Evans Detective Rick Evans   See fewer
Patrick Gaites
Roy Collins Roy Collins   See fewer
Tatyana Forrest
Zoe Kieslowska Zoe Kieslowska   See fewer
Becky Hachey
Dr. Amy Nichols Dr. Amy Nichols   See fewer
Gabriel Carter
Officer Mitchell Officer Mitchell   See fewer
Dayleigh Nelson
Officer Drake Officer Drake   See fewer
Moishe Teichman
Landlord (as Max Teichman) Landlord (as Max Teichman)   See fewer
Marko Buljan
Mike Dern Mike Dern   See fewer
Micky Mechalchuk
Dal Winston Dal Winston   See fewer
Matthew Mihaichuk
Caged Man Caged Man   See fewer
Amanda Cryer
Caged Woman Caged Woman   See fewer
Gabriel Hamilton
Vincent Crow Vincent Crow   See fewer
Dawn Williamson
Elias Cob's Wife Elias Cob's Wife   See fewer
Josh Hallem
Dr. Phineous Gray Dr. Phineous Gray   See fewer
Tirra Dent
Sarah Raven (The Socialite) Sarah Raven (The Socialite)   See fewer
Lee Tomaschefski
Patricia Breen (News Anchor) Patricia Breen (News Anchor)   See fewer
Bradley Duffy
Todd Manerson (News Anchor) Todd Manerson (News Anchor)   See fewer
Dalj Brar
Raj Singh (News Anchor) Raj Singh (News Anchor)   See fewer
Dave Peniuk
FBI Spokesman FBI Spokesman   See fewer
Tara Davies
Diane Jaro (News Anchor) Diane Jaro (News Anchor)   See fewer
David Aboussafy
Dr. James Elder (The Scientist) Dr. James Elder (The Scientist)   See fewer
Christine Mettcalfe
Dolly Birkick (News Anchor) Dolly Birkick (News Anchor)   See fewer
Darrell Berg
Charlie K Louis (News Anchor) Charlie K Louis (News Anchor)   See fewer
Michael Gyori
Guard #1 Guard #1   See fewer
Jon Funk
Guard #2 Guard #2   See fewer
Chris Allen
Jim O'Malley Jim O'Malley   See fewer
Darren Andrichuk
Terry Higgins Terry Higgins   See fewer
Jason William Lee
Johnny Rocket Johnny Rocket   See fewer
Dayah Brar
Madison the Birthday Girl Madison the Birthday Girl   See fewer
Lukas Gyori
Rudolph Maverick Rudolph Maverick   See fewer
Daniel Gyori
Sylvester Party Guest Sylvester Party Guest   See fewer
Chloe Gyori
Marie Leman Party Guest Marie Leman Party Guest   See fewer
Prabhjot Ragbotra
Margaret Sinclair Party Host Margaret Sinclair Party Host   See fewer
Martina Gyori
Gigi Leman Gigi Leman   See fewer
Kirk M Wilson
Sheriff Baker (voice) (as Kirk Wilson) Sheriff Baker (voice) (as Kirk Wilson)   See fewer
Melanie Joy Adams
Police Dispatcher (voice) (as Melanie Adams) Police Dispatcher (voice) (as Melanie Adams)   See fewer
Jamesetta Bunn
News Anchor (voice) News Anchor (voice)   See fewer
Anita Yung
News Woman (voice) News Woman (voice)   See fewer
John Sampson
Sheriff deputy boat operator (uncredited) Sheriff deputy boat operator (uncredited)   See fewer
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