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  • Making the Grade (2013)
  • TV Movie | Drama
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Making the Grade (2013)
TV Movie | Drama

Jeffery is like most college freshmen, looking for a group to belong to. But when his pledge to a fraternity results in violent hazing that nearly kills him, the New Orleans community will be polarized.

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Release date
Oct 26, 2013 (United States)


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49 cast members
Name Known for
Veleka Gray
Alexes Corrigan Alexes Corrigan   See fewer
Shirley Tregre
Faith Howell Faith Howell   See fewer
Trisha Ball
Lydia Morgan Lydia Morgan   See fewer
Samuel V. Bolds
Detective Louis Johnson Detective Louis Johnson   See fewer
Patton Brantley
Lucien Corrigan Lucien Corrigan   See fewer
Tom Bubrig
Father Ben Wagner Father Ben Wagner   See fewer
Haylee Clark
Kimberly LeBlanc Kimberly LeBlanc   See fewer
Sophia Dooley
Melissa Mathews Melissa Mathews   See fewer
Mary Katherine Duhon
Michelle Marchello Michelle Marchello   See fewer
Andrea Evans
Dottie Pruette Dottie Pruette   See fewer
T.L. Gaudet
Sister Theresa Duet Sister Theresa Duet   See fewer
Sabrita Gordon
Dr. Monica Hebert Dr. Monica Hebert   See fewer
David Townsend Hanks
Jeffrey Howell Jeffrey Howell   See fewer
Jason Harris
Coach Ali Jackson Coach Ali Jackson   See fewer
Arron Harrison
Arnold Davis Arnold Davis   See fewer
Emily Hufft
Waitress #2 Waitress #2   See fewer
Tony Jarreau
Randy Armstrong Randy Armstrong   See fewer
Kenya Galespie Jefferson
Detective Julia Lewis Detective Julia Lewis   See fewer
Jamie Knight
Matt Landry Matt Landry   See fewer
Janet L'Aube
Darleen Galliano Darleen Galliano   See fewer
Annette Lay
Susan Cheatham Susan Cheatham   See fewer
Mallory Logan
Molly Richmond Molly Richmond   See fewer
Nicole Crespo Lowery
Katherine Davis Katherine Davis   See fewer
Akeem Olajuwon Martin
Charles 'Chimera' Taylor Charles 'Chimera' Taylor   See fewer
Madeleine Masson
Sissy Stone Sissy Stone   See fewer
Ethan McIntyre
Coach Buck Coach Buck   See fewer
Taylor McLellan
Marc LeBouf Marc LeBouf   See fewer
Rosemary Monroe
Lindsay Howell Lindsay Howell   See fewer
Emily Nguyen
Lien Vu Lien Vu   See fewer
Kathryn O'Connell
Blair Stone (as Katy O'Connell) Blair Stone (as Katy O'Connell)   See fewer
Danny Pikes
Dundray Dubois Dundray Dubois   See fewer
Sammy Romeo
Leroy Hornberger Leroy Hornberger   See fewer
Rivers Romero
Brad Dunn Brad Dunn   See fewer
Charles R. Rooney
John Corrigan John Corrigan   See fewer
Aaron Sauer
Father Thomas Father Thomas   See fewer
Tom Sisney
Jim Howell Jim Howell   See fewer
Jenny Slaydon
Lilah Broussard Lilah Broussard   See fewer
James Dean Smith
Steve Banquer Steve Banquer   See fewer
Eric Spudic
Judd Hornberger Judd Hornberger   See fewer
Hunter Stansberry
Mario Russo Mario Russo   See fewer
Ciearra Taylor
Justine Dubois Justine Dubois   See fewer
Denise Thompson
Barbara Smith Barbara Smith   See fewer
Markie Tompkins
Sandy Corrigan Sandy Corrigan   See fewer
Landon L. Turner
Tori Smith (as Landon Turner) Tori Smith (as Landon Turner)   See fewer
Autumn Walker
Haven Howell (as Autumn Farrah) Haven Howell (as Autumn Farrah)   See fewer
Sarah Wilkinson
Bobbi Lasalle Bobbi Lasalle   See fewer
Steven J. Wilson
Dr. Sean Hebert Dr. Sean Hebert   See fewer
Alyssa Wininger
Elise Galliano Elise Galliano   See fewer
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