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  • Blood Relatives (2014)
  • Thriller
Blood Relatives (2014)

After city cops fail to find her daughter's killer, a country mama exacts her own backwoods justice.

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Release date
Nov 20, 2014 (United States)


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59 cast members
Name Known for
Veleka Gray
Judge Carriere Judge Carriere   See fewer
Shirley Tregre
Betty Jardine Betty Jardine   See fewer
Darolyn Blanchard
Court Reporter Court Reporter   See fewer
Brandon Bordelon
Sam Johnson Sam Johnson   See fewer
Patton Brantley
Ricky Newman Ricky Newman   See fewer
Grant Cassidy
Witness Witness   See fewer
Edward A. Chambers
Cody Thomas Cody Thomas   See fewer
PJ Clarke
Dolores Liuzza Dolores Liuzza   See fewer
Rit Das
Ashwin Kappor Ashwin Kappor   See fewer
Cali De La Rosa
Julie Cartwright (as Cali Blake) Julie Cartwright (as Cali Blake)   See fewer
Ladson Deyne
Morris Guillot Morris Guillot   See fewer
Mary Katherine Duhon
Lily Jardine Lily Jardine   See fewer
Levy Easterly
The Drunk The Drunk   See fewer
Andrea Evans
Sharon Newman Sharon Newman   See fewer
Chris Faler
Bodyguard Bodyguard   See fewer
Tony Fennelly
Foxy Phillips Foxy Phillips   See fewer
Roger Ferrier
Bill Todd Bill Todd   See fewer
Jamie Freeman
Jean Monroe Jean Monroe   See fewer
Lydia Hardy
Defense Council Defense Council   See fewer
Zachary Olin Harrison
Danny Wright Danny Wright   See fewer
Sydney Holmes
Miranda Morales Miranda Morales   See fewer
Tamarah Rose Hooper
Elise French (as Tamarah Hooper) Elise French (as Tamarah Hooper)   See fewer
David Jacobs
Andreas Scardino Andreas Scardino   See fewer
Tony Jarreau
TJ O'Connell TJ O'Connell   See fewer
Dwayne Marion Johnson
Hotel Guard (as Dwayne Johnson) Hotel Guard (as Dwayne Johnson)   See fewer
James Knight
Frankie (as Jamie Knight) Frankie (as Jamie Knight)   See fewer
Jamie Knight
Franky Liuzza Franky Liuzza   See fewer
Susie Labry
Sally Thomas Sally Thomas   See fewer
John Landry
Kent Lovell Kent Lovell   See fewer
Annette Lay
Angelina Liuzza Angelina Liuzza   See fewer
Joshua Leonardo
Conrad Reese Conrad Reese   See fewer
Don Lincoln
Bailiff Bailiff   See fewer
Larry Lundy
Mr. Martin Mr. Martin   See fewer
Janie Luwisch
Iris Jardine O'Connell Iris Jardine O'Connell   See fewer
Sheldon Maurer
Billy Ray Thomas Billy Ray Thomas   See fewer
Erin McCluskey
Daisy Jardine Daisy Jardine   See fewer
Joseph McRae
Tom Burns Tom Burns   See fewer
Whit Nguyet Nguyen
Kim Tran Kim Tran   See fewer
John Parker
Joe Scardino Joe Scardino   See fewer
Marlaine Peachey
Mayor Maureen Duroux Mayor Maureen Duroux   See fewer
Antoine Pierce
Young Police Officer Young Police Officer   See fewer
Noel Rathe
Dr. Steve Dr. Steve   See fewer
Fred Robinson
Camera man Camera man   See fewer
Coco Cozette Rousell
Josie Durand Josie Durand   See fewer
Tony Severio
Randy Liuzza Randy Liuzza   See fewer
Katie Sills
Sirena O'Day Sirena O'Day   See fewer
Tom Sisney
Jebediah Jardine Jebediah Jardine   See fewer
James Dean Smith
Clint Webster Clint Webster   See fewer
David Tatman
Richard Klein Richard Klein   See fewer
Denise Thompson
Mrs. Martin Mrs. Martin   See fewer
Michael Warren
Ray Tregre Ray Tregre   See fewer
Stephen Warren
Keith Foster Keith Foster   See fewer
Langston A. Williams
Eddie Audley (as Langston Williams) Eddie Audley (as Langston Williams)   See fewer
LaTasha Williams
Emily Martin Emily Martin   See fewer
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