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  • European Building (2009–2009)
  • TV Mini-series | 45 min | Drama, History
European Building (2009–2009)
TV Mini-series | 45 min | Drama, History

The story begins in 1917 when Iranian government signs the 1919 contract. Seyyed Hassan Modarres protests the contract leading to a wave of objections and finally the government is forced to agree with cancellation of the contract.

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Updated Jan 26, 2009

Release date (First episode)
Jan 26, 2009 (Iran)


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48 cast members
Name Episodes Known for
Saeid Nickpour
Foroghi Foroghi   See fewer
Ahmad Najafi
Reza Shah Reza Shah   See fewer
Mohamad Motie
Ardeshir Reporter Ardeshir Reporter   See fewer
Hossein Mahjoub
Modares Modares   See fewer
Sepideh Golchin
Homeyra / Pirezan Homeyra / Pirezan   See fewer
Changiz Vossoughi
Teymoor Tash Teymoor Tash   See fewer
Mir Taher Mazloomi
Ahmad Shah / Matin Daftari Ahmad Shah / Matin Daftari   See fewer
Manouchehr Zendeh Del
Doktor Assadi Doktor Assadi   See fewer
Leila Mousavi
Badr-ol-Molouk Badr-ol-Molouk   See fewer
Fakhreddin Seddigh Sharif
Seyed Ziya Seyed Ziya   See fewer
Ali Ramez
Moaddab-ol-Dowle Moaddab-ol-Dowle   See fewer
Fariba Khademi
Sharlot Sharlot   See fewer
Mohsen Sadeghi Nasab
Karim Rashti Karim Rashti   See fewer
Khosrow Farrokhzadi
Sarpas Mokhtar Sarpas Mokhtar   See fewer
Mohammad Abhari
Ghavam-ol-Saltane Ghavam-ol-Saltane   See fewer
Naser Khavari
General Ironside General Ironside   See fewer
Hossein Noorali
Mohammad Reza Pahlavi Mohammad Reza Pahlavi   See fewer
Shahrad Banki
Mohammad Hassan Mirza Mohammad Hassan Mirza   See fewer
Atabak Naderi
Fardost Fardost   See fewer
Hassan Raziani
Soleyman Behboudi Soleyman Behboudi   See fewer
Farideh Daryamaj
Taj-ol-Molouk Taj-ol-Molouk   See fewer
Peggy Khoudalakis
Madam Arfe Madam Arfe   See fewer
Masood Ajami
Mirzade Eshghi Mirzade Eshghi   See fewer
Saeed Soltani
Ernest Perron Ernest Perron   See fewer
Hossein Bagherian
Rahim Zade Safavi Rahim Zade Safavi   See fewer
Akbar Ghadami
Timsar Nakhjavan Timsar Nakhjavan   See fewer
Asghar Moeini
Colonel Kazem Khan Colonel Kazem Khan   See fewer
Habib Samenieh
Vossough-ol-Dowle Vossough-ol-Dowle   See fewer
Siroos Farahani
Aliyani Aliyani   See fewer
Borzoi Taghinejad
Major Masoud Khan Major Masoud Khan   See fewer
Rozita Ghaffari
Javaher Javaher   See fewer
Mohammad Sadeghi
Koochak-e Jangali Koochak-e Jangali   See fewer
Zafar Gerayee
Modir-e Madrese-ye Nezam Modir-e Madrese-ye Nezam   See fewer
Hasan Kakhi
Lloyd George Lloyd George   See fewer
Asadollah Nazemi
Bohlool Bohlool   See fewer
Seyed Matin Ansafi
Shahab-ol-Dowle Shahab-ol-Dowle   See fewer
Asghar Zarrabi
Safir-e Englis Safir-e Englis   See fewer
Saghar Shakoori
Foziyeh Foziyeh   See fewer
Mohammad Reza Samimi
Motamen-ol-Dowle Motamen-ol-Dowle   See fewer
Hamidreza Vessali
Sarbaz Ahmad Keshavarzi Sarbaz Ahmad Keshavarzi   See fewer
Morteza Rad
Pezeshk Ahmadi Pezeshk Ahmadi   See fewer
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