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  • Lore: Deadly Obsession (2011)
  • TV Movie | Crime, Drama
Lore: Deadly Obsession (2011)
TV Movie | Crime, Drama

Film depicting the serial killer and cannibal Richard Trenton Chase who killed 6 people in the late 1970s.
Production Designer

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Updated May 13, 2011

Release date
May 13, 2011 (United States)


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50 cast members
Name Known for
Dylan John Seaton
Richard Chase (as Dylan Seaton) Richard Chase (as Dylan Seaton)   See fewer
Aaron Landon Bornstein
Detective Michaels Detective Michaels   See fewer
Joe Hurley
Detective Millard Detective Millard   See fewer
Joshua Bevier
Detective #2 Detective #2   See fewer
Andrea Kaye
Richard's mother Richard's mother   See fewer
Greg Dehm
Dan Meredith Dan Meredith   See fewer
Larry Laliberte
John Edgar Cribbs John Edgar Cribbs   See fewer
Jon Maxwell
Robert Edwards Robert Edwards   See fewer
Theresa Layne
Apartment Manager Apartment Manager   See fewer
Annie Willett
Blonde Blonde   See fewer
Cole Bernstein
Girl with Puppies Girl with Puppies   See fewer
Matthew Robinson
Patient #1 Patient #1   See fewer
Aaron Aoki
Coroner / CSI Coroner / CSI   See fewer
Brie Bernstein
Little Girl Little Girl   See fewer
Peter Buitenhek
Mr. Griffin Mr. Griffin   See fewer
Giovanni Capitello
Cop in Interview Cop in Interview   See fewer
Troy Collins
Bologna Boy Bologna Boy   See fewer
Christine Crane
Nancy Holden (as Christine Marie Crane) Nancy Holden (as Christine Marie Crane)   See fewer
Drue Delio
Semi-conscious man Semi-conscious man   See fewer
Donovan Dustin
12 Year Old Boy 12 Year Old Boy   See fewer
Carol Garan
Mrs. Griffin Mrs. Griffin   See fewer
Ana Gatchell
Dorothy Dorothy   See fewer
Bill Geider
Cameraman Cameraman   See fewer
Barry Hathaway
Dr. Lebowski Dr. Lebowski   See fewer
Edward Jackson
Braxton Braxton   See fewer
Stephanie Jones
Nurse #1 Nurse #1   See fewer
Kristina R. Koch
Nurse #2 Nurse #2   See fewer
Linda Libby
Dorothy Dorothy   See fewer
Jessica Mandeville
Evelyn Miroth Evelyn Miroth   See fewer
Tom Martens
Ranger Charles O'Bryan Ranger Charles O'Bryan   See fewer
Daniel May
Police Officer Police Officer   See fewer
Shannon Mead
Mrs. Layton Mrs. Layton   See fewer
Bonnie Munroe
Cashier Cashier   See fewer
Evan Ozorco
Boy with Puppies Boy with Puppies   See fewer
Colleen Riley
Barbara Edwards Barbara Edwards   See fewer
Pat Robertson
Detective Ressler Detective Ressler   See fewer
Adam Rudder
Sketch Artist Sketch Artist   See fewer
David Schriener
Bully #2 Bully #2   See fewer
Sheilina Shaw
Teresa Wallin Teresa Wallin   See fewer
Henry Swindell
Jason Miroth Jason Miroth   See fewer
Matt Theophil
Bully #1 Bully #1   See fewer
Ashley Watkins
Beautiful Girl with dog Beautiful Girl with dog   See fewer
Reed Willard
Counselor Counselor   See fewer
Chris Youngren
David Wallin David Wallin   See fewer
Marlaina Youngren
Davie Miroth Davie Miroth   See fewer
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