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  • L.A. Noire (2011)
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    Video Game | Action, Crime, Drama
L.A. Noire (2011)
Video Game | Action, Crime, Drama

Cole Phelps, a war hero and rookie cop, moves up the ranks and solves dark cases in 1940s Los Angeles.
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Brendan McNamara (written by) | Daniel McMahon (additional writing) | Michael Unsworth (dialogue writing) (written by: KTI Radio) (as Mike Unsworth) | Rupert Humphries (dialogue writing) (written by: KTI Radio) | Lazlow (written by: KTI Radio)
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Release date
May 17, 2011 (United States)


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50 cast members
Name Known for
Aaron Staton
Cole Phelps Cole Phelps   See fewer
Michael McGrady
Rusty Galloway Rusty Galloway   See fewer
Adam J. Harrington
Roy Earle (as Adam John Harrington) Roy Earle (as Adam John Harrington)   See fewer
Sean McGowan
Stefan Bekowsky Stefan Bekowsky   See fewer
Keith Szarabajka
Herschel Biggs Herschel Biggs   See fewer
Gil McKinney
Jack Kelso Jack Kelso   See fewer
Erika Heynatz
Elsa Lichtmann Elsa Lichtmann   See fewer
John Noble
Leland Monroe Leland Monroe   See fewer
Peter Blomquist
Dr. Harlan Fontaine Dr. Harlan Fontaine   See fewer
Andy Umberger
Dr. Malcolm Carruthers Dr. Malcolm Carruthers   See fewer
Andrew Connolly
Capt. James Donnelly Capt. James Donnelly   See fewer
Randy Oglesby
Capt. Lachlan McKelty Capt. Lachlan McKelty   See fewer
Ned Vaughn
Capt. Gordon Leary Capt. Gordon Leary   See fewer
Steve Rankin
Lt. Archibald Colmyer Lt. Archibald Colmyer   See fewer
Michael Emanuel
Watch Commander Mel Fleischer Watch Commander Mel Fleischer   See fewer
JD Cullum
Ray Pinker Ray Pinker   See fewer
Rodney Scott
Patrolman Ralph Dunn Patrolman Ralph Dunn   See fewer
Chad Todhunter
Courtney Sheldon Courtney Sheldon   See fewer
Erin Chambers
Heather Swanson Heather Swanson   See fewer
Michael Shamus Wiles
Albert Lynch Albert Lynch   See fewer
J. Marvin Campbell
Ira Hogeboom Ira Hogeboom   See fewer
Matthew Del Negro
Henry Arnett Henry Arnett   See fewer
Jack Conley
Vernon Mapes Vernon Mapes   See fewer
Chris Johnson
Grosvenor McCaffrey (as Chris J. Johnson) Grosvenor McCaffrey (as Chris J. Johnson)   See fewer
Greg Grunberg
Hugo Moller Hugo Moller   See fewer
Jeffrey Vincent Parise
Leroy Sobo Leroy Sobo   See fewer
Courtney Gains
Eli Rooney Eli Rooney   See fewer
Kate Norby
Lorna Pattison Lorna Pattison   See fewer
Jim Pirri
Carlo Arquero Carlo Arquero   See fewer
Jessica Kiper
Candy Edwards Candy Edwards   See fewer
Michael Chieffo
Gordon Leitvol Gordon Leitvol   See fewer
William O'Leary
Frank Morgan Frank Morgan   See fewer
Abigail Mavity
Michelle Moller Michelle Moller   See fewer
Carlos Alvarado
Airto Sanchez Airto Sanchez   See fewer
James Immekus
Hank Merrill Hank Merrill   See fewer
Patrick Fischler
Mickey Cohen Mickey Cohen   See fewer
Demetrius Grosse
Jermaine Jones Jermaine Jones   See fewer
Jim Abele
Curtis Benson Curtis Benson   See fewer
Scott MacDonald
Jacob Henry Jacob Henry   See fewer
Jamie Martz
Reginald Varley Reginald Varley   See fewer
Will Collyer
James Tiernan James Tiernan   See fewer
Greg Davis Jr.
Fleetwood Morgan Fleetwood Morgan   See fewer
Eric Nenninger
Matthew Ryan Matthew Ryan   See fewer
Myra Turley
Barbara Lapenti Barbara Lapenti   See fewer
Brian Krause
Clem Feeney Clem Feeney   See fewer
Chris Flanders
James Kennedy James Kennedy   See fewer
Alex Solowitz
Richard Bates Richard Bates   See fewer
Andrew Rothenberg
Stuart Ackerman Stuart Ackerman   See fewer
Brandon Quinn
Owen Daniher (voice) Owen Daniher (voice)   See fewer
Larry Clarke
Adrian Black Adrian Black   See fewer
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