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  • 2:13 (2009)
  • Not Rated
    96 min | Drama, Mystery, Thriller
2:13 (2009)
Not Rated
96 min | Drama, Mystery, Thriller

A police profiler has just returned from psychiatric leave only to find that he is caught up in a serial killer's rampage. Now, he must face his own demons along with the killer to save his small eroding existence.
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Release date
Apr 25, 2009 (Canada)


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38 cast members
Name Known for
Mark Thompson
Russell Spivey Russell Spivey   See fewer
Mark Pellegrino
John Tyler John Tyler   See fewer
Teri Polo
Amanda Richardson Amanda Richardson   See fewer
Kevin Pollak
Dr. Steve Simmons Dr. Steve Simmons   See fewer
Dwight Yoakam
S&M Shop Owner S&M Shop Owner   See fewer
Patrick J. Adams
Teenage Carter Teenage Carter   See fewer
Jaime Alba
Jamie Rossi Jamie Rossi   See fewer
Jere Burns
Jeffrey Nobels Jeffrey Nobels   See fewer
E.J. Callahan
Cemetary Owner Cemetary Owner   See fewer
Deborah Carson
Rebecca Tyler Rebecca Tyler   See fewer
Rick Chambers
Reporter Reporter   See fewer
Greg Cromer
Jacobs Jacobs   See fewer
Don Danielson
Elevator Technician Elevator Technician   See fewer
Jonathan Decker
Young Tyler Young Tyler   See fewer
Kim Delgado
Ordlery Bragg Ordlery Bragg   See fewer
Randy Flagler
Orderly Rothman Orderly Rothman   See fewer
Ken Howard
Sheriff Sedgewick Sheriff Sedgewick   See fewer
Monika Jolly
Tanner, Georgia Tanner, Georgia   See fewer
Jamison Jones
Tyler's Father Tyler's Father   See fewer
Harry Karp
Bernie Paul Bernie Paul   See fewer
Julia Keilty
Nurse Stringer (as Julie Keilty) Nurse Stringer (as Julie Keilty)   See fewer
Mike Kimmel
Mr. Barnes Mr. Barnes   See fewer
Kathleen Randazzo
Hospital Official (as Kathleen Lambert) Hospital Official (as Kathleen Lambert)   See fewer
Raymond Ma
Motel Owner Motel Owner   See fewer
Gregor Manns
Adrian the Dispatcher Adrian the Dispatcher   See fewer
Rob Moran
Russell's Father Russell's Father   See fewer
Dayna O'Brien
Gretchen Spivey Gretchen Spivey   See fewer
Lisa Pescia
Christine Pullman Christine Pullman   See fewer
DonnaMarie Recco
Justine (as Donnamarie Recco) Justine (as Donnamarie Recco)   See fewer
J.R. Richards
Fingerprint Technician Fingerprint Technician   See fewer
Renee Barton
Forensic Police Officer Forensic Police Officer   See fewer
Jo Steele
Librarian Librarian   See fewer
Lyman Ward
Police Captain Police Captain   See fewer
Jade Vincent
S&M Shop Assistant S&M Shop Assistant   See fewer
DeeDee Bigelow
Street Walker (uncredited) Street Walker (uncredited)   See fewer
Kenton Duty
Young Russell (uncredited) Young Russell (uncredited)   See fewer
John Murdolo
Actor in Play (uncredited) Actor in Play (uncredited)   See fewer
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