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  • Lolita (1997)
  • R
    137 min | Drama, Romance
Lolita (1997)
137 min | Drama, Romance

An English professor falls for a minor, and has to face the consequences of his actions.
Vladimir Nabokov (novel "Lolita") | Stephen Schiff (screenplay)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Release date
Sep 25, 1998 (United States)


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41 cast members
Name Known for
Jeremy Irons
Humbert Humbert Humbert Humbert   See fewer
Melanie Griffith
Charlotte Haze Charlotte Haze   See fewer
Frank Langella
Clare Quilty Clare Quilty   See fewer
Dominique Swain
Dolores 'Lolita' Haze Dolores 'Lolita' Haze   See fewer
Suzanne Shepherd
Miss Pratt Miss Pratt   See fewer
Keith Reddin
Reverend Rigger Reverend Rigger   See fewer
Joan Glover
Miss LaBone Miss LaBone   See fewer
Pat Pierre Perkins
Louise (as Pat P. Perkins) Louise (as Pat P. Perkins)   See fewer
Ed Grady
Dr. Melinik Dr. Melinik   See fewer
Michael Goodwin
Mr. Beale Mr. Beale   See fewer
Angela Paton
Mrs. Holmes Mrs. Holmes   See fewer
Ben Silverstone
Young Humbert Humbert Young Humbert Humbert   See fewer
Emma Griffiths Malin
Annabel Lee (as Emma Griffiths-Malin) Annabel Lee (as Emma Griffiths-Malin)   See fewer
Ronald Pickup
Young Humbert's Father Young Humbert's Father   See fewer
Michael Culkin
Mr. Leigh Mr. Leigh   See fewer
Annabelle Apsion
Mrs. Leigh Mrs. Leigh   See fewer
Don Brady
Frank McCoo Frank McCoo   See fewer
Trip Hamilton
Mr. Blue Mr. Blue   See fewer
Hallee Hirsh
Little Girl in Bunny Suit Little Girl in Bunny Suit   See fewer
Scott Brian Higgs
Policeman (accident) (as Scot Brian Higgs) Policeman (accident) (as Scot Brian Higgs)   See fewer
Mert Hatfield
Policeman (accident) Policeman (accident)   See fewer
Chris Jarman
Policeman Policeman   See fewer
Hudson Lee Long
Elderly Clerk Elderly Clerk   See fewer
Jim Grimshaw
Policeman Policeman   See fewer
Lenore Banks
Nurse at Hospital Nurse at Hospital   See fewer
Dorothy Deavers
Receptionist Receptionist   See fewer
Donnie Boswell Sr.
Taxi Driver (as 'Donnie Boswell Sr.') Taxi Driver (as 'Donnie Boswell Sr.')   See fewer
Judy Duggan
Solo Singer / Piano Player Solo Singer / Piano Player   See fewer
Paula Davis
Motel Clerk Motel Clerk   See fewer
Tim Gallin
Hospital Orderly Hospital Orderly   See fewer
Brett Kinard
Gas Station Attendant (scenes deleted) Gas Station Attendant (scenes deleted)   See fewer
Cy Fahrenholtz
Hotel Guest (uncredited) Hotel Guest (uncredited)   See fewer
John Franklyn-Robbins
Actor (uncredited) Actor (uncredited)   See fewer
Kirk Gagnon
Car Hop (uncredited) Car Hop (uncredited)   See fewer
Pui Fan Lee
Singer (uncredited) Singer (uncredited)   See fewer
Kathryn Peterson
Private School Guide (uncredited) Private School Guide (uncredited)   See fewer
Ian Schoen
Boy in Red Sweater (uncredited) Boy in Red Sweater (uncredited)   See fewer
Muse Watson
Actor (uncredited) Actor (uncredited)   See fewer
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