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  • Braveheart (1995)
  • R
    178 min | Biography, Drama, War
Braveheart (1995)
178 min | Biography, Drama, War

Scottish warrior William Wallace leads his countrymen in a rebellion to free his homeland from the tyranny of King Edward I of England.
Randall Wallace (written by)
James Horner (music composed by)
Steven Rosenblum (edited by)
Casting Director
Patsy Pollock (casting by)
Production Designer
Thomas E. Sanders (as Tom Sanders)
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Release date
May 24, 1995 (United States)


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76 cast members
Name Known for
James Robinson
Young William Young William   See fewer
Sean Lawlor
Malcolm Wallace Malcolm Wallace   See fewer
Sandy Nelson
John Wallace John Wallace   See fewer
James Cosmo
Campbell Campbell   See fewer
Sean McGinley
MacClannough MacClannough   See fewer
Alan Tall
Elder Stewart Elder Stewart   See fewer
Andrew Weir
Young Hamish Young Hamish   See fewer
Gerda Stevenson
Mother MacClannough Mother MacClannough   See fewer
Ralph Riach
Priest No. 1 Priest No. 1   See fewer
Mhairi Calvey
Young Murron Young Murron   See fewer
Brian Cox
Argyle Wallace Argyle Wallace   See fewer
Patrick McGoohan
Longshanks - King Edward I Longshanks - King Edward I   See fewer
Peter Hanly
Prince Edward Prince Edward   See fewer
Sophie Marceau
Princess Isabelle Princess Isabelle   See fewer
Barry McGovern
King's Advisor King's Advisor   See fewer
Angus Macfadyen
Robert the Bruce (as Angus McFadyen) Robert the Bruce (as Angus McFadyen)   See fewer
Mel Gibson
William Wallace William Wallace   See fewer
Tommy Flanagan
Morrison Morrison   See fewer
Julie Austin
Mrs. Morrison Mrs. Morrison   See fewer
Alex Norton
Bride's Father Bride's Father   See fewer
Joanne Bett
Toothless Girl Toothless Girl   See fewer
Rupert Vansittart
Lord Bottoms Lord Bottoms   See fewer
Michael Byrne
Smythe Smythe   See fewer
Robert Paterson
Priest No. 2 Priest No. 2   See fewer
Malcolm Tierney
Magistrate Magistrate   See fewer
William Scott-Masson
Corporal (as William Masson) Corporal (as William Masson)   See fewer
Dean Lopata
Madbaker / Flagman Madbaker / Flagman   See fewer
Tam White
MacGregor MacGregor   See fewer
Donal Gibson
Stewart Stewart   See fewer
Jeanne Marine
Nicolette Nicolette   See fewer
Martin Dunne
Lord Dolecroft Lord Dolecroft   See fewer
Fred Chiverton
Leper's Caretaker Leper's Caretaker   See fewer
Ian Bannen
The Leper The Leper   See fewer
Jimmy Chisholm
Faudron Faudron   See fewer
David O'Hara
Stephen Stephen   See fewer
John Murtagh
Lochlan Lochlan   See fewer
David McKay
Young Soldier Young Soldier   See fewer
Peter Mullan
Veteran Veteran   See fewer
Martin Murphy
Lord Talmadge Lord Talmadge   See fewer
Gerard McSorley
Cheltham Cheltham   See fewer
Bernard Horsfall
Balliol Balliol   See fewer
Richard Leaf
Governor of York Governor of York   See fewer
Daniel Coll
York Captain (as Daniel Coli) York Captain (as Daniel Coli)   See fewer
Niall O'Brien
English General English General   See fewer
Bill Murdoch
Villager Villager   See fewer
Phil Kelly
Farmer Farmer   See fewer
Martin Dempsey
Drinker No. 1 Drinker No. 1   See fewer
Jimmy Keogh
Drinker No. 2 Drinker No. 2   See fewer
Joe Savino
Chief Assassin Chief Assassin   See fewer
David Gant
Royal Magistrate Royal Magistrate   See fewer
Mal Whyte
Jailor Jailor   See fewer
Paul Tucker
English Commander English Commander   See fewer
Stephen Austin-Skordiles
Wallace Warrior (uncredited) Wallace Warrior (uncredited)   See fewer
John Burns
Royal Steward (uncredited) Royal Steward (uncredited)   See fewer
Wayne Byrne
Kings Guard (uncredited) Kings Guard (uncredited)   See fewer
Paul Casson-Yardley
Irish Foot Soldier (uncredited) Irish Foot Soldier (uncredited)   See fewer
Jon Church-Fraser
Highland Clansman (uncredited) Highland Clansman (uncredited)   See fewer
Trevor Fehin
Warrior (uncredited) Warrior (uncredited)   See fewer
Graeme Ford
Doogal (uncredited) Doogal (uncredited)   See fewer
John Micheal Foulger
Clan Warrior (uncredited) Clan Warrior (uncredited)   See fewer
Declan Geraghty
Peasant (uncredited) Peasant (uncredited)   See fewer
Greg Jeloudov
Warrior #2 (uncredited) Warrior #2 (uncredited)   See fewer
Jimmy Keegan
Irish Horde (uncredited) Irish Horde (uncredited)   See fewer
Andrew Kybett
Clans Man (uncredited) Clans Man (uncredited)   See fewer
Alastair Thomson Mills
Scottish Warrior (uncredited) Scottish Warrior (uncredited)   See fewer
Arnold Montey
Royal Steward (uncredited) Royal Steward (uncredited)   See fewer
Rana Morrison
Lady at Wedding (uncredited) Lady at Wedding (uncredited)   See fewer
Jer O'Leary
English General (uncredited) English General (uncredited)   See fewer
Derek Pykett
Warrior (uncredited) Warrior (uncredited)   See fewer
Jaroslav Strba
Horse Rider (uncredited) Horse Rider (uncredited)   See fewer
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