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  • Hexed (1993)
  • R
    90 min | Comedy, Crime, Mystery
Hexed (1993)
90 min | Comedy, Crime, Mystery

A clerk at the same hotel since 18, 30 y.o. Matthew breaks the monotony when his favorite model, Hexina, secretly stays at the hotel. He impersonates a caller and goes on a date with her. Things get deadly.
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Alan Spencer (written by)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Release date
Jan 22, 1993 (United States)


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59 cast members
Name Known for
Arye Gross
Matthew Welsh Matthew Welsh   See fewer
Adrienne Shelly
Gloria O'Connor Gloria O'Connor   See fewer
Ray Baker
Victor Thummell Victor Thummell   See fewer
R. Lee Ermey
Det. Ferguson Det. Ferguson   See fewer
Michael E. Knight
Simon Littlefield Simon Littlefield   See fewer
Robin Curtis
Rebecca Rebecca   See fewer
Brandis Kemp
Ms. Strickland Ms. Strickland   See fewer
Norman Fell
Herschel Levine Herschel Levine   See fewer
Pamela Roylance
Jennifer Jennifer   See fewer
Billy Eugene Jones
Larry (as Billy Jones) Larry (as Billy Jones)   See fewer
John S. Davies
Henry Pratt Henry Pratt   See fewer
Fred Mata
Bellman Bellman   See fewer
Julio Cesar Cedillo
Officer Sanchez (as Julio Cedillo) Officer Sanchez (as Julio Cedillo)   See fewer
Woody Watson
Officer Gillis Officer Gillis   See fewer
Randy Means
Policeman Policeman   See fewer
Phyllis Cicero
Officer Novak Officer Novak   See fewer
Tasha Auer
Officer Turner Officer Turner   See fewer
Joe Berryman
Southern Businessman Southern Businessman   See fewer
Gil Glasgow
Priest Priest   See fewer
Spencer Lucas
Detective Detective   See fewer
Bob Hess
Detective Detective   See fewer
Roy Metcalf
Junkie Junkie   See fewer
Francis Silmon
Singing Dishwasher Singing Dishwasher   See fewer
Alan Ackles
Newscaster Newscaster   See fewer
Suzanne Moss
Newscaster #2 Newscaster #2   See fewer
Elaine Long
Intro Reporter Intro Reporter   See fewer
Linda Edwards
Reporter Reporter   See fewer
Maria Arita
Reporter Reporter   See fewer
Laura Banks
Reporter #1 Reporter #1   See fewer
David Sederholm
Reporter #2 Reporter #2   See fewer
Teresa Ganzel
Reporter #3 Reporter #3   See fewer
Michele Russell
TV Reporter TV Reporter   See fewer
Geoff Garza
Party Bartender Party Bartender   See fewer
John William Galt
Obese Slob Obese Slob   See fewer
Gary Moody
Desk Sergeant Desk Sergeant   See fewer
Doug Small
Bus Driver Bus Driver   See fewer
Lisa E. Seyfert
Deaf Woman in Bar Deaf Woman in Bar   See fewer
Georgia Lambron
Pedestrian Pedestrian   See fewer
Irene Cortez
Spanish-Speaking Maid (uncredited) Spanish-Speaking Maid (uncredited)   See fewer
Ray Etheridge
Reporter (uncredited) Reporter (uncredited)   See fewer
Honey Gregory
900# Girl (uncredited) 900# Girl (uncredited)   See fewer
David Harrod
Actor (uncredited) Actor (uncredited)   See fewer
Peyton Hayslip
Girl in the Fur Coat (uncredited) Girl in the Fur Coat (uncredited)   See fewer
Jim Henry
Hotel Pool Swimmer (uncredited) Hotel Pool Swimmer (uncredited)   See fewer
Mercedez Lucke-Benedict
Girl (uncredited) Girl (uncredited)   See fewer
Douglas Ortiz
Waiter (uncredited) Waiter (uncredited)   See fewer
Vernon Reeves
Hotel Patron (uncredited) Hotel Patron (uncredited)   See fewer
Kate Rodger
Lorena (uncredited) Lorena (uncredited)   See fewer
Scott Roland
Firefighter (uncredited) Firefighter (uncredited)   See fewer
Alan Spencer
Hotel Guest (uncredited) Hotel Guest (uncredited)   See fewer
John B. Wells
SWAT Commander (uncredited) SWAT Commander (uncredited)   See fewer
Michael Roland Williams
Hotel Patron (uncredited) Hotel Patron (uncredited)   See fewer
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