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  • Cash Collectors
  • 100 min | Comedy
Cash Collectors
100 min | Comedy

Mark G. Chapman (screenplay by) | J.D. Hughes (additional writing) | Dominique Milano
Casting Director

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Updated Dec 14, 2021


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118 cast members
Name Known for
Michael Madsen
Michael Turner Michael Turner   See fewer
Lauren Compton
Serenity Quinn Serenity Quinn   See fewer
Angie Everhart
Angela Lewis Angela Lewis   See fewer
Tetiana Gaidar
Agent Tanya Agent Tanya   See fewer
Jay Tavare
Sergeant Mace Sergeant Mace   See fewer
Leslie Zemeckis
Stacey Willis Stacey Willis   See fewer
David Lipper
Casey Gunner Casey Gunner   See fewer
Samy Naceri
Tulure Masserie Tulure Masserie   See fewer
Chuck Zito
Bill Coleman Bill Coleman   See fewer
Vince Duvall
Wes Wilkins (as Vincent Duvall) Wes Wilkins (as Vincent Duvall)   See fewer
Tatiana Neva
Nastya Sokolova (as Tatiana DeKhtyar) Nastya Sokolova (as Tatiana DeKhtyar)   See fewer
Mark G. Chapman
Dirk Vanderburg Dirk Vanderburg   See fewer
Yasha Blackman
Pierre Lafleche Pierre Lafleche   See fewer
Alana de Freitas
Zoe Bradford Zoe Bradford   See fewer
Blake Boyd
Sam White Sam White   See fewer
Katie Oliver
Erin Sawyer Erin Sawyer   See fewer
Jason Scott Jenkins
Max Callahan Max Callahan   See fewer
Kayla Eva
Sophie Sophie   See fewer
Rey Goyos
Jackson Jackson   See fewer
Brian Guest
Terry Valasace Terry Valasace   See fewer
KC Deane
Wayne Wayne   See fewer
Christina Collard
Izzy Taylor Izzy Taylor   See fewer
Damian Toofeek Raven
Marcus Hunt Marcus Hunt   See fewer
Kevin Benton
Mr. Brockman Mr. Brockman   See fewer
Melissa Papel
Vanessa Vanessa   See fewer
Carlos Padilla Jr.
Lil Tramposo Lil Tramposo   See fewer
Carra Beckmann
Heather Heather   See fewer
Sergio Cota Jr.
Funeral Attendee (as Sergio Cota) Funeral Attendee (as Sergio Cota)   See fewer
Erich 'Mancow' Muller
Play by play analyst Play by play analyst   See fewer
Alastair Natkiel
Agent forster Agent forster   See fewer
Rena Loveman
Mrs. Roland Mrs. Roland   See fewer
Louis DeStefano
Ramirez Ramirez   See fewer
Colton Wheeler
Alec Cienna Alec Cienna   See fewer
Dominic Capone III
Agent bombolo Agent bombolo   See fewer
Stephane Fiorenza
Gang Member Gang Member   See fewer
Chloe Catherine Kim
Virginia Pierce Virginia Pierce   See fewer
Sandra Fernandez
Frances Frances   See fewer
James Unsworth
Agent wallace Agent wallace   See fewer
Michael Paul King
Vigo (as Michael King) Vigo (as Michael King)   See fewer
Jay Davis
Bryson Dwyer Bryson Dwyer   See fewer
Michael Derek
Henry Duvar Henry Duvar   See fewer
Rah Johnson
Jones Crawford Jones Crawford   See fewer
Yvette Santos
Porsche Porsche   See fewer
Alex Bennett
Agent Larry Agent Larry   See fewer
Dylan Griner
Willis Willis   See fewer
Sam Hoger
Palmer Palmer   See fewer
Layla Louise
Diamond Diamond   See fewer
Penelope Shipley
UK reporter (as Penelope Ann Shipley) UK reporter (as Penelope Ann Shipley)   See fewer
Bianca Alexa
Natalie Natalie   See fewer
Thomas Watts
Reggie Reggie   See fewer
Anton Bex
Franco Franco   See fewer
Gloria Bali
Alexis Alexis   See fewer
J.D. Hughes
Whitie Whitie   See fewer
Bianca Erghelegiu
Luna Lopez Luna Lopez   See fewer
Samantha Waggoner
Funeral Attendee Funeral Attendee   See fewer
Bob Elia
Pizzeria Customer Pizzeria Customer   See fewer
Brett Gustafson
Agent Jerry Agent Jerry   See fewer
Sarah Goyne
Jackie Lawson Jackie Lawson   See fewer
Carol Paredes
Miami reporter Miami reporter   See fewer
Sophie Roubat
Israeli reporter Israeli reporter   See fewer
Ivan Djorjevic
Belgrade reporter Belgrade reporter   See fewer
Michael Roubat
Agent perez Agent perez   See fewer
Jason Hughes
Villa security guard Villa security guard   See fewer
Aleksandar Perisic
Agent savicevic Agent savicevic   See fewer
Gladys Younes
French police station reporter French police station reporter   See fewer
Angelicca Cecere
Mercedes Mercedes   See fewer
Evelyn Salazar
Rosario Dawn Rosario Dawn   See fewer
Francis P. Frank Gargliardo
Pizzeria Owner Pizzeria Owner   See fewer
Tony Uzan
Agent carter Agent carter   See fewer
Ian Elliott
Agent Ryan Agent Ryan   See fewer
Anika Molnar
Budapest Reporter Budapest Reporter   See fewer
Robert Olsen
Agent Russell Agent Russell   See fewer
Daisy Hernand
Chicago Reporter Chicago Reporter   See fewer
Carlos Zepeda
Gang Member Gang Member   See fewer
Naomi Wildt
Serena Serena   See fewer
Nathaniel Jones
Funeral Attendee Funeral Attendee   See fewer
Laetitia Guetta
Paris reporter Paris reporter   See fewer
Eric Gast
Agent Varga Agent Varga   See fewer
Kia Arian
Agent Elliott Agent Elliott   See fewer
Zoey Che
Funeral Attendee Funeral Attendee   See fewer
Jorge Pereyra
Enrique Enrique   See fewer
Riche Pace
Agent Riche Agent Riche   See fewer
Charissa Clark
Funeral Attendee Funeral Attendee   See fewer
Dov Hassid
Agent rosenthal Agent rosenthal   See fewer
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