Kaamelott: First Installment's primary photo
  • Kaamelott: First Installment (2021)
  • 120 min | Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
Kaamelott: First Installment (2021)
120 min | Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy

The sequel on the big screen to the cult series of Alexandre Astier, an offbeat version of the legend of the Knights of the Round Table. Hidden in Rome, King Arthur plans his comeback to oppose the army of his former friend Lancelot.
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Release date
Jul 21, 2021 (Belgium)


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88 cast members
Name Known for
Lionnel Astier
Léodagan de Carmélide Léodagan de Carmélide   See fewer
Alain Chabat
Le Duc d'Aquitaine Le Duc d'Aquitaine   See fewer
Christian Clavier
Le Jurisconsulte Le Jurisconsulte   See fewer
Thomas Cousseau
Lancelot du Lac Lancelot du Lac   See fewer
Anne Girouard
Guenièvre Guenièvre   See fewer
Jean-Christophe Hembert
Karadoc de Vannes Karadoc de Vannes   See fewer
Franck Pitiot
Perceval Perceval   See fewer
François Rollin
Loth d'Orcanie Loth d'Orcanie   See fewer
Joëlle Sevilla
Dame Séli Dame Séli   See fewer
Horsa Horsa   See fewer
Sakir Uyar
Dikhil Dikhil   See fewer
Dimitrios Lagopoulos
Le pirate grec Le pirate grec   See fewer
Jean-Robert Lombard
Père Blaise Père Blaise   See fewer
Régis Vermeulen
Le capitaine Le capitaine   See fewer
Tigran Mekhitarian
Le second Le second   See fewer
Antoine Bordes
Recaredo Recaredo   See fewer
Caroline Ferrus
Mevanwi de Vannes Mevanwi de Vannes   See fewer
Alexis Hénon
Galessin d'Orcanie Galessin d'Orcanie   See fewer
Alban Lenoir
Ferghus Ferghus   See fewer
Damien Roux
Le geôlier Le geôlier   See fewer
Jehnny Beth
Wulfstan Wulfstan   See fewer
Bruno Fontaine
Elias de Kelliwic'h Elias de Kelliwic'h   See fewer
Stéphane Margot
Calogrenant de Calédonie Calogrenant de Calédonie   See fewer
David Ayala
Maclou Maclou   See fewer
Géraldine Nakache
La Duchesse d'Aquitaine La Duchesse d'Aquitaine   See fewer
Mark Eacersall
Le péager Le péager   See fewer
François Raison
Lamorak de Galles Lamorak de Galles   See fewer
Audrey Fleurot
La dame du Lac La dame du Lac   See fewer
Tony Saba
Hervé de Rinel Hervé de Rinel   See fewer
Patricia Darré
La pythie Excalibur La pythie Excalibur   See fewer
Jerome Palmer
Le vendeur de figurines Le vendeur de figurines   See fewer
Sandra Cheyssial
La vendeuse de miniatures La vendeuse de miniatures   See fewer
Chloé Guillot
La vendeuse de tisanes La vendeuse de tisanes   See fewer
Anthony Martin
Le vendeur de tisanes Le vendeur de tisanes   See fewer
Enzo Pirat
Un touriste Un touriste   See fewer
Christophe Maziere
Un touriste Un touriste   See fewer
Isabella Mattiussi
La phophétesse La phophétesse   See fewer
Jean-Charles Simon
Damian le Sassanide Damian le Sassanide   See fewer
Jacques Chambon
Merlin l'Enchanteur Merlin l'Enchanteur   See fewer
Alain Chapuis
Le tavernier Le tavernier   See fewer
Brice Fournier
Kadoc de Vannes Kadoc de Vannes   See fewer
Cyrille Coton-Bonacchi
Brise-Bûche Brise-Bûche   See fewer
Mathieu Duboclard
La Drille La Drille   See fewer
Mehdi Rahim-Silvioli
La Pègue La Pègue   See fewer
Neil Astier
Le jeune Arthurius Le jeune Arthurius   See fewer
Ayman El Kadhi
Le jeune Papinius Le jeune Papinius   See fewer
Charlie Konaté-Décourchalle
Le jeune Casca (as Charlie Decourchelle) Le jeune Casca (as Charlie Decourchelle)   See fewer
Louy Valy
Le jeune Lustus Le jeune Lustus   See fewer
Achille de San Nicolas
Le jeune Varus Le jeune Varus   See fewer
Dominique Bastien
Instructeur Matius Instructeur Matius   See fewer
Yoann Vellaud
Instructeur Libo Instructeur Libo   See fewer
Salwa Alhajri
Furadja Furadja   See fewer
Océane Slim
Shedda Shedda   See fewer
Nicolas Gabion
Bohort de Gaunes Bohort de Gaunes   See fewer
Etienne Fague
Lionel de Gaunes (as Etienne Fagues) Lionel de Gaunes (as Etienne Fagues)   See fewer
Hugo Halet
Girflet Girflet   See fewer
Paul Valy
Rostan de Provence Rostan de Provence   See fewer
Aurélien Portehaut
Gauvain d'Orcanie Gauvain d'Orcanie   See fewer
James Astier
Trevor Trevor   See fewer
Jeanne Astier
Mehgan Mehgan   See fewer
Ariane Astier
Mehben Mehben   See fewer
Lucas Garcia
Petrok Petrok   See fewer
Thomas Neyret
Gareth d'Orcanie Gareth d'Orcanie   See fewer
Guillaume Briat
Le roi Burgonde Le roi Burgonde   See fewer
Gunther Love
Kolaig (as Sylvain Quiméné) Kolaig (as Sylvain Quiméné)   See fewer
Serge Papagalli
Guethenoc Guethenoc   See fewer
Gilles Graveleau
Roparzh Roparzh   See fewer
Luna Karys
Ffraid Ffraid   See fewer
Frank Tirimacco
Boy Soldier One Boy Soldier One   See fewer
Gérald Alexandre Viard
Garde Saxon Garde Saxon   See fewer
Carlo Brandt
Méléagant (uncredited) Méléagant (uncredited)   See fewer
Paul Joaquim Pereira
Soldat Burgonde (uncredited) Soldat Burgonde (uncredited)   See fewer
Michel Rizzi
Chef religieux burgonde (uncredited) Chef religieux burgonde (uncredited)   See fewer
Hélène Rudermann
Invitée burgonde (uncredited) Invitée burgonde (uncredited)   See fewer
David Willer
Soldat burgonde (uncredited) Soldat burgonde (uncredited)   See fewer
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