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  • Our Father's Keeper (2020)
  • TV-PG
    92 min | Drama
Our Father's Keeper (2020)
92 min | Drama

A story that tests the limits of a family when tragedy strikes, and a film that encourages viewers to grow in love and understanding of one another.
Chris Dallimore (screenplay by) | Rob Diamond (co-writer) (story by)
Landon Hill (Assembly Editor) | Bradley Olsen
Production Designer
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Updated May 31, 2020

Release date
May 31, 2020 (United States)


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43 cast members
Name Known for
Kyler Steven Fisher
Matthew Roberts Matthew Roberts   See fewer
Shayla McCaffrey
Christine Christine   See fewer
Link Lindquist
David Roberts (as Craig Lindquist) David Roberts (as Craig Lindquist)   See fewer
Tara Berrett
Janice Roberts Janice Roberts   See fewer
Derek Boone
Jacob Roberts Jacob Roberts   See fewer
Janessa Gornichec
April Roberts April Roberts   See fewer
Corynn Treadwell
Emily Roberts Emily Roberts   See fewer
Carrie Wrigley
Dr. Ockey Dr. Ockey   See fewer
Emily Ashby
Alison Alison   See fewer
Frank Bennett
Steve Hale Steve Hale   See fewer
Madison Bills
Care Center Director Care Center Director   See fewer
Florencia Contreras Stevens
Nurse Mary (as Florencia Stevens) Nurse Mary (as Florencia Stevens)   See fewer
Dakota Cory
Customer Customer   See fewer
Carol Diamond
Mrs. Johanson Mrs. Johanson   See fewer
Pat Donahue
Mr. Flanigan Mr. Flanigan   See fewer
Robert Gudgell
The CEO The CEO   See fewer
Marcelo Kirk
Man On Bus Man On Bus   See fewer
David Layne
Mr. Baines Mr. Baines   See fewer
Brock McKinney
Cruiser Cruiser   See fewer
Shane Morrisun
Hobo outside Convenience Store Hobo outside Convenience Store   See fewer
Tony Oros
Johnny James - Store Clerk Johnny James - Store Clerk   See fewer
Isaac Porter
Man At Store Man At Store   See fewer
Paul Putnam
City Worker #1 City Worker #1   See fewer
Melanie Pyle
Woman On Porch Woman On Porch   See fewer
Peyton Romero
Police Officer #1 Police Officer #1   See fewer
Robin Rowley
Lady Walking Lady Walking   See fewer
Travis Sanchez
Customer 1 Customer 1   See fewer
Stephen G. Schwartz
Rough Neck (as Stephen Schwartz) Rough Neck (as Stephen Schwartz)   See fewer
Danny Shepherd
Weston Moss Weston Moss   See fewer
David Webb
Bob Mall Security Bob Mall Security   See fewer
April Dean West
Pretty Woman Pretty Woman   See fewer
Douglas Wheeler
Father of Little Girl Father of Little Girl   See fewer
Emily Wheeler
Young Girl Young Girl   See fewer
Kelly e Wheeler
Mother Of Girl Mother Of Girl   See fewer
Casey Wayne Wright
Police Officer #2 (as Casey Wright) Police Officer #2 (as Casey Wright)   See fewer
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