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  • The Ballad of Lucy Sands
  • 360 min | Crime, Drama, Family
The Ballad of Lucy Sands
360 min | Crime, Drama, Family

December 1st 1881. 16 year old Lucy meets her friends in the gritty iron mill town of workington. Failing to return home that night. Her aunt and grandma fear she has left home, until a chilling discovery, 1st March 1882 changes everything
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Rosetta Bachofner (music composed by)

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99 cast members
Name Known for
Megan Tremethick
Jessie Nicholls Jessie Nicholls   See fewer
Kayleigh-Paige Rees
Maggie Ellenshaw Maggie Ellenshaw   See fewer
Matthew Doman
Evan Jones (as Matt Doman) Evan Jones (as Matt Doman)   See fewer
Olivia Maiden
Jane Shannon Jane Shannon   See fewer
James Care
Dr. John Highet Dr. John Highet   See fewer
Stuart Davidson
Dr. Alexander Hogg Dr. Alexander Hogg   See fewer
Tom Patient
Henry Kerr Henry Kerr   See fewer
Ruben Wheeler
James Reay James Reay   See fewer
Ryan Noire
Phillip Wallace Phillip Wallace   See fewer
Simon Alison
Judge Henry Fletcher Judge Henry Fletcher   See fewer
Jon Ian Dredge
Oscar Ward Oscar Ward   See fewer
Abby Sparrow
Mary Lawson Mary Lawson   See fewer
Naomi Richards
Dorothy Grant Dorothy Grant   See fewer
Ruby-Athina Fearon
Ruby Cottar Ruby Cottar   See fewer
James Stuckey
Billy Wilson Billy Wilson   See fewer
Dina Grønbeck
Elizabeth Stride Elizabeth Stride   See fewer
Mark Starr
Jacques L'eventreur Jacques L'eventreur   See fewer
Amy Kinder
Lizzie Smith Lizzie Smith   See fewer
Beverley Griffiths
Eliza May Eliza May   See fewer
Joe Quick
Insp. John Armstrong Insp. John Armstrong   See fewer
Will Vero
William Grant William Grant   See fewer
Leah Emma
Lucy Sands Lucy Sands   See fewer
Chris Goldhawk
Judge Edward Thompson Judge Edward Thompson   See fewer
Jenna Laura
Annie Jackson Annie Jackson   See fewer
Kelly Merritt
William Paisley William Paisley   See fewer
Marley Marie Newton
Violet Marion Violet Marion   See fewer
Mark-Allan Pilgrim
Det. Insp. Isaac Bird Det. Insp. Isaac Bird   See fewer
Maria Evelyn Tiplady
Nancy Bell Nancy Bell   See fewer
Emma Louise Phillips
Emma Highet Emma Highet   See fewer
Melanie Houghton
Pub Customer Pub Customer   See fewer
Richard Harrison
Desk Sgt Thomas Smith Desk Sgt Thomas Smith   See fewer
Rose Marian Finn
Sarah Harrison Sarah Harrison   See fewer
Mark Humes
Insp Henry Wheelhouse Insp Henry Wheelhouse   See fewer
Angie Sutcliffe
Edith Salter Edith Salter   See fewer
John Broom
Reverend John Cooper Reverend John Cooper   See fewer
Sarah Jane Worrall
Anna O'Leary Anna O'Leary   See fewer
Evie Evans
Lucy Crannie Hogg Lucy Crannie Hogg   See fewer
Tia-Mae Johnson
Matilda Shaw Matilda Shaw   See fewer
Tamsin Ford
Maggie Crannie Maggie Crannie   See fewer
Emily Miles
Rosie O'Leary Rosie O'Leary   See fewer
Aldwyn Abbott
Harry Mainprize Harry Mainprize   See fewer
Max Brandt
Robert Moncrieff Robert Moncrieff   See fewer
Nick Odams
Jack Baker Jack Baker   See fewer
Peter Grimoldby
Insp. William Dodd Insp. William Dodd   See fewer
Donna Fidoe
Lillian Shaw Lillian Shaw   See fewer
Paul Colchester Harrison
Insp. George Slater Insp. George Slater   See fewer
Angus Beechey
Harry Clarke Harry Clarke   See fewer
Stephanie Rosewarne
Agnes Crannie Agnes Crannie   See fewer
Kate Hancock
Sarah Kennedy Sarah Kennedy   See fewer
Kellie Wright
Philomena Andre Philomena Andre   See fewer
Amy Humes
Effie Carter Effie Carter   See fewer
Stuart Buchanan
John Telford John Telford   See fewer
Lino Carlino
Insp. Samuel Pickard Insp. Samuel Pickard   See fewer
Jason Collins
Judge Michael Falcon Judge Michael Falcon   See fewer
Darren Pardoe
George Suart George Suart   See fewer
Darrel Wheeler
Peter Phillips Peter Phillips   See fewer
Roisin McCay-Hines
Selena Waddell Selena Waddell   See fewer
Roger Wilson
Richard Harrison Richard Harrison   See fewer
Eliot Black
Urchin Urchin   See fewer
John Campbell
Edgar Taylor Edgar Taylor   See fewer
George Seymour
George Morgan (as George Seymor) George Morgan (as George Seymor)   See fewer
Shaun McDonald
James Andre James Andre   See fewer
Mark Starr
Jacques L'Eventreur Jacques L'Eventreur   See fewer
Gill Woods
Ada Jackson Ada Jackson   See fewer
Graham Jennings
Ernest Moore Ernest Moore   See fewer
Alex Sicking
Maynard Harrison Maynard Harrison   See fewer
Gina Bee
Martha Manson Martha Manson   See fewer
George Seymour
George Morgan George Morgan   See fewer
Simon Underdown
Rev J J Thornley Rev J J Thornley   See fewer
Robyn Sass
Joseph Telford Joseph Telford   See fewer
Luca Trevena
Young James Sands Young James Sands   See fewer
Roy Restell
Captain Richard Robinson Captain Richard Robinson   See fewer
Margaret Grimoldby
Esther Reay Esther Reay   See fewer
Belle Stallard
Alice Atkinson Alice Atkinson   See fewer
Aneira James
Mary Jane Kelly Mary Jane Kelly   See fewer
Kai Clark
Crowd Crowd   See fewer
Katie Clucas
Jane Robinson Jane Robinson   See fewer
Jools Head
Detective Alexander Taylor Detective Alexander Taylor   See fewer
David Grey
Edward White Edward White   See fewer
Kieron Gooding
Harry Fielding Harry Fielding   See fewer
Tabitha Lammas
Mrs. Ann Crannie Mrs. Ann Crannie   See fewer
Taff Rockin Bear
William Grove William Grove   See fewer
Debra Knight
Grace Taylor Grace Taylor   See fewer
Allison Abbott
Sarah Stewart Sarah Stewart   See fewer
Ronald Pollock
Albert Ward Albert Ward   See fewer
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