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  • Unplanned (I) (2019)
  • R
    109 min | Biography, Drama
Unplanned (I) (2019)
109 min | Biography, Drama

All Abby Johnson ever wanted to do was help women. As one of the youngest Planned Parenthood clinic directors in the nation, she believed in a woman's right to choose. Until the day she saw something that changed everything.
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Abby Johnson (based on the book "Unplanned" by) | Chuck Konzelman (screenplay by) | Cary Solomon (screenplay by)
Chris Jones | Joe Knopp | Chuck Konzelman (produced by) | Daryl C. Lefever (produced by) (as Daryl Lefever) | Cary Solomon (produced by)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Release date
Mar 29, 2019 (United States)


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64 cast members
Name Known for
Robia Scott
Cheryl Cheryl   See fewer
Jared Lotz
Shawn Shawn   See fewer
Emma Elle Roberts
Marilisa Marilisa   See fewer
Robin DeMarco
Kathleen Kathleen   See fewer
Tina Toner
Renee Renee   See fewer
Lezl Gonzales
Taylor Taylor   See fewer
Mary Montoya
Samantha Samantha   See fewer
Monica Peña
Susan (as Monica Pena) Susan (as Monica Pena)   See fewer
Anthony Levatino
Doctor #1 (as Dr. Anthony Levantino) Doctor #1 (as Dr. Anthony Levantino)   See fewer
Kate Bentley
Summer Summer   See fewer
Angela Franklin
Houston Nurse #1 Houston Nurse #1   See fewer
Tegra Little
Houston Nurse #2 Houston Nurse #2   See fewer
Laura Hunt
Maid of Honor Maid of Honor   See fewer
Jordan Puckett
Shy Freshman Shy Freshman   See fewer
Edna Garcia
Distraught Woman Distraught Woman   See fewer
Bella Altamura
Christina Christina   See fewer
Todd Terry
Doctor #2 Doctor #2   See fewer
Sheila Cavalette
Nurse Tech Nurse Tech   See fewer
Lila Rose
News Reporter News Reporter   See fewer
Stephanie Irwin
Nervous 19 Yr Old Nervous 19 Yr Old   See fewer
Julia M. Irwin
Abby's First Client Abby's First Client   See fewer
Najah Bradley
Rhonda Rhonda   See fewer
Anisa Nyell Johnson
Rhonda's Mom Rhonda's Mom   See fewer
KyLynn Sanders
Rhonda's Daughter Rhonda's Daughter   See fewer
Bryan Whorton
Male FBI Agent Male FBI Agent   See fewer
Gina Scoles
Female FBI Agent Female FBI Agent   See fewer
Chelsea Rae Barton
Patient with Twins (as Chelsea Barton) Patient with Twins (as Chelsea Barton)   See fewer
Anastasia Deace
Young Girl Patient Young Girl Patient   See fewer
Nellie Sciutto
Weatherperson Weatherperson   See fewer
Nikki Admire
Bartender Bartender   See fewer
Bailey Beede
Waitress Waitress   See fewer
Tim Davis
News Anchor News Anchor   See fewer
Autumn Munden
Receptionist Receptionist   See fewer
Troy Powell
Protestor Protestor   See fewer
Michael Page
Bailiff Bailiff   See fewer
Allie Sallee
Girl on the Table Girl on the Table   See fewer
Brooksey Souders
Incredulous Director Incredulous Director   See fewer
Joe Knopp
Attorney Attorney   See fewer
Cash Adams
Sonogram Baby Model Sonogram Baby Model   See fewer
Mike Lindell
Demolition Guy Demolition Guy   See fewer
Michael 'Big Smooth' Frazier
Mike (Hospital) (uncredited) Mike (Hospital) (uncredited)   See fewer
Dazyah Al-Aleem
Courtroom Observer (uncredited) Courtroom Observer (uncredited)   See fewer
Hannah Bamberg
Aggie Girl (uncredited) Aggie Girl (uncredited)   See fewer
C. Neil Davenport
Church Member (uncredited) Church Member (uncredited)   See fewer
Charles Day
Courtroom Observant (uncredited) Courtroom Observant (uncredited)   See fewer
Erin Herring
Court Room Attendee (uncredited) Court Room Attendee (uncredited)   See fewer
Katie O'Dell
Reporter (uncredited) Reporter (uncredited)   See fewer
Crystal Ringer
Nurse Practitioner (uncredited) Nurse Practitioner (uncredited)   See fewer
April Warren
Crowd Participant / Courtroom Observer (uncredited) Crowd Participant / Courtroom Observer (uncredited)   See fewer
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