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  • The Battle of Jangsari (2019)
  • Not Rated
    104 min | Action, Drama, War
The Battle of Jangsari (2019)
Not Rated
104 min | Action, Drama, War

A unit of student soldiers on a diversionary mission for the Battle of Incheon during the Korean War in 1950.
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Brian Chung (English Scenes written by) | Cory Gustke (English Scenes written by) | Man-Hee Lee
Jae-Hee Chung | Tae-won Jeong (produced by) (as Chung Tae-won) | Dong-won Kim (produced by) | Sung-mi Ko | Jang-Hoon Yang
Kim Chang-ju (as Changju Kim) | Woo-Hyun Kim
Production Designer
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Release date
Oct 11, 2019 (United States)


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61 cast members
Name Known for
Megan Fox
Marguerite Higgins Marguerite Higgins   See fewer
George Eads
General Stevens General Stevens   See fewer
Lee Jae-wook
Lee Gae-Tae (as Jae-Wook Lee) Lee Gae-Tae (as Jae-Wook Lee)   See fewer
Kim Min-kyu
Choi Jae-pil (as Gun-han Ko) Choi Jae-pil (as Gun-han Ko)   See fewer
Choi Min-ho
Choi Sung-Pil (as Choi Minho) Choi Sung-Pil (as Choi Minho)   See fewer
Kim Myung-min
Lee Myung-Joon (as Myung-Min Kim) Lee Myung-Joon (as Myung-Min Kim)   See fewer
Kwak Si-yang
Park Chan-Nyeon Park Chan-Nyeon   See fewer
Kim Sung-cheol
Ki Ha-Ryun Ki Ha-Ryun   See fewer
Daniel C Kennedy
American diplomat American diplomat   See fewer
Kim In-kwon
Ryu Tae-Seok Ryu Tae-Seok   See fewer
Daniel Joey Albright
American Navy Officer 2 American Navy Officer 2   See fewer
Lee Ho-jung
Moon Jong-nyeo Moon Jong-nyeo   See fewer
Lee Cheol-min
North Korean Army general North Korean Army general   See fewer
Myeong Gye-nam
Brigadier general Im Choon-bong (as Bang-woo Dong) Brigadier general Im Choon-bong (as Bang-woo Dong)   See fewer
Garrison Michael Farquharson-Keener
American Navy Lieutenant American Navy Lieutenant   See fewer
Seo Jin-won
Student soldier 7 Student soldier 7   See fewer
Bret Lindquist
Jochiwon Officer Jochiwon Officer   See fewer
Kim Mi-hwa
Ki Ha-ryoon's mother Ki Ha-ryoon's mother   See fewer
Jae-Hoon Jeong
Student soldier 44 Student soldier 44   See fewer
Jeong Jong-joon
Elder Man-deuk Elder Man-deuk   See fewer
Han Jong Lee
Mounted officer 1 Mounted officer 1   See fewer
Jang Ji-geon
Kuk Man-Deuk (as Ji-Geon Jang) Kuk Man-Deuk (as Ji-Geon Jang)   See fewer
Hee-Won Choi
Student soldier 47 Student soldier 47   See fewer
Jeong-woo Seo
1st Company commander 1st Company commander   See fewer
Jonathan Ehren Groff
American Navy Officer American Navy Officer   See fewer
Seung-woo Chae
Student soldier 49 Student soldier 49   See fewer
Jin-Hwan Hwang
Student soldier 51 Student soldier 51   See fewer
Byeong-bin Hyeon
Student soldier 45 Student soldier 45   See fewer
Jason Cutler
Officer of the Helena Officer of the Helena   See fewer
Kim Han-sol
Student soldier 1 Student soldier 1   See fewer
Jeong-Hoon Oh
Student soldier 48 Student soldier 48   See fewer
Woo-rim Song
Student soldier 2 Student soldier 2   See fewer
Saem Jeon
North Korean soldier 5 North Korean soldier 5   See fewer
Hyeong-Tae Jo
Student soldier 46 Student soldier 46   See fewer
Dong Jin Kim
Student soldier 53 Student soldier 53   See fewer
Dong-il Park
Signal corpsman Signal corpsman   See fewer
Hyo-Seong Im
Enlisted cadre 1 Enlisted cadre 1   See fewer
Joong-kyung Yang
Colonel Hong Colonel Hong   See fewer
Jin-Seong Kim
North Korean soldier 8 North Korean soldier 8   See fewer
Kyeong-Hyeon Kim
Student soldier 41 Student soldier 41   See fewer
Dae-woo Jo
North Korean soldier 4 North Korean soldier 4   See fewer
Joo-Hyeon Kim
Student soldier 5 Student soldier 5   See fewer
Seong-hwan Jo
North Korean soldier 9 North Korean soldier 9   See fewer
Moon-Bong Kang
Enlisted cadre 2 Enlisted cadre 2   See fewer
Byeong-il Jeon
Student soldier 4 Student soldier 4   See fewer
Jang Myeong-gap
Jochiwon ship captain (as Myeong-gap Jang) Jochiwon ship captain (as Myeong-gap Jang)   See fewer
Dae-Geun Yoon
North Korean soldier 10 North Korean soldier 10   See fewer
Chang-hoo Oh
Enlisted cadre 4 Enlisted cadre 4   See fewer
Steven Arjan Tettero
Helicopter Soldier Helicopter Soldier   See fewer
Geon-ha Bae
4th Company commander 4th Company commander   See fewer
Seung-min Nam
Student soldier 42 Student soldier 42   See fewer
Yeong-gil Jo
Enlisted cadre 3 Enlisted cadre 3   See fewer
Jeong-min Yoo
North Korean soldier 7 North Korean soldier 7   See fewer
Jeong-sik Moon
Enlisted cadre 5 Enlisted cadre 5   See fewer
Sang-Hoon Ham
Student soldier 43 Student soldier 43   See fewer
Byeong-soo Jang
Student soldier 50 Student soldier 50   See fewer
Jae-Hoon Heo
3rd Company commander 3rd Company commander   See fewer
Kyeong-Joo Oh
Student soldier 3 Student soldier 3   See fewer
Oh Gyu-chul
North Korean soldier 2 in village North Korean soldier 2 in village   See fewer
Barri Tsavaris
Newspaper Reporter (uncredited) Newspaper Reporter (uncredited)   See fewer
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