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  • Fool's Paradise (2023)
  • R
    98 min | Comedy
Fool's Paradise (2023)
98 min | Comedy

A fool for love becomes an accidental celebrity only to lose it all.
Charlie Day (directed by)
Charlie Day (written by)
Jon Brion (music by)
Casting Directors
Production Designer
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Release date
May 12, 2023 (United States)


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106 cast members
Name Known for
Charlie Day
Latte Pronto Latte Pronto   See fewer
Ken Jeong
Lenny the Publicist Lenny the Publicist   See fewer
Kate Beckinsale
Christiana Dior Christiana Dior   See fewer
Adrien Brody
Chad Luxt Chad Luxt   See fewer
Jason Sudeikis
Lex Tanner Lex Tanner   See fewer
Ray Liotta
The Producer The Producer   See fewer
Steve Coulter
Tony London Tony London   See fewer
Jason Bateman
SPFX Tech SPFX Tech   See fewer
Edie Falco
The Agent The Agent   See fewer
Mary Elizabeth Ellis
Makeup Woman #1 Makeup Woman #1   See fewer
Drew Droege
Male Hairdresser Male Hairdresser   See fewer
Artemis Pebdani
Makeup Woman #2 Makeup Woman #2   See fewer
Leonora Pitts
Script Supervisor Script Supervisor   See fewer
Jimmi Simpson
Talk Show Host Talk Show Host   See fewer
Lance Barber
Side Kick Side Kick   See fewer
Aixa Maldonado
Maria (as Aixa I. Maldonado) Maria (as Aixa I. Maldonado)   See fewer
Andre Hyland
Hipster #1 Hipster #1   See fewer
Julia Cho
Hipster #2 Hipster #2   See fewer
Allison Paige
Frenchie Frenchie   See fewer
Dean Norris
Studio Head Studio Head   See fewer
Scott Allen Perry
Jr. Studio Executive Jr. Studio Executive   See fewer
Glenn Howerton
Business Manager Business Manager   See fewer
Luvh Rakhe
Manager Manager   See fewer
Robert Belushi
Chad's Agent (as Rob Belushi) Chad's Agent (as Rob Belushi)   See fewer
Andrew Leeds
Another Agent Another Agent   See fewer
Ricky Wang
Guy in Suit #2 Guy in Suit #2   See fewer
Austin Zajur
Stand In Stand In   See fewer
Scott Pitts
Focus Puller Focus Puller   See fewer
The Dagger The Dagger   See fewer
Jillian Bell
Shaman Shaman   See fewer
Benito Martinez
Mayor Raposa Mayor Raposa   See fewer
Brett Wagner
Limo Driver Limo Driver   See fewer
John Malkovich
Ed Cote Ed Cote   See fewer
Tom O'Rion
Dartanon Cote Dartanon Cote   See fewer
Tom Beyer
Funeral Director Funeral Director   See fewer
Alanna Ubach
Pornography Actress Pornography Actress   See fewer
Effy Shafir
Receptionist (as Stephanie "Effy" Rae Shafir) Receptionist (as Stephanie "Effy" Rae Shafir)   See fewer
Helen Geller
Margaret Lumpshitz Margaret Lumpshitz   See fewer
Romel De Silva
Production Assistant Production Assistant   See fewer
Jeremy Chu
Another PA Another PA   See fewer
Leandra Terrazzano
Another Girl Another Girl   See fewer
Talia Tabin
Interviewer #1 Interviewer #1   See fewer
Moses Storm
Junior Agent Junior Agent   See fewer
David McClary
Victor Victor   See fewer
Justin Jedlica
Man with Plastic Surgery Man with Plastic Surgery   See fewer
Christopher Christian
Paparazzi Paparazzi   See fewer
Andrew Santino
Comedian Comedian   See fewer
Peter Mackenzie
Psych Doc 1 Psych Doc 1   See fewer
Christine Horn
Psych Doc 2 Psych Doc 2   See fewer
Roy Jenkins
Security Guard Security Guard   See fewer
Kevin Foster
Security Guard #2 Security Guard #2   See fewer
John Ales
Shady Jeweler Shady Jeweler   See fewer
Bianca Araceli
Nurse #1 Nurse #1   See fewer
Cheryl Bowers
Nurse #2 Nurse #2   See fewer
Christopher Macken
Hospital Bro (as Chris Macken) Hospital Bro (as Chris Macken)   See fewer
Harry Yi
Doctor Doctor   See fewer
Eliza Coleman
Homeless Woman #1 Homeless Woman #1   See fewer
Marilyn Giacomazzi
Homeless Woman #2 Homeless Woman #2   See fewer
Steve DeCastro
Pillager #1 (as Steve De Castro) Pillager #1 (as Steve De Castro)   See fewer
Charles Grisham
Pillager #2 Pillager #2   See fewer
Thomas Vu
Villager #1 Villager #1   See fewer
Eric VanArsdale
Villager #2 (as Eric Van Arsdale) Villager #2 (as Eric Van Arsdale)   See fewer
Steven Lee Allen
Neighbor (uncredited) Neighbor (uncredited)   See fewer
Heidi Appe
Nurse Fuller (uncredited) Nurse Fuller (uncredited)   See fewer
Don Appleby
Homeless Junkie (uncredited) Homeless Junkie (uncredited)   See fewer
Nick Ashe
Partygoer (uncredited) Partygoer (uncredited)   See fewer
Hannah Brennan
Premier Party Guest (uncredited) Premier Party Guest (uncredited)   See fewer
Gaston D'Agrivieri
Studio Executive (uncredited) Studio Executive (uncredited)   See fewer
Kailyn Davis
Puppet Kid (uncredited) Puppet Kid (uncredited)   See fewer
Stan Divranos
Stan Divranos (uncredited) Stan Divranos (uncredited)   See fewer
Michael Ray Escamilla
Rodrigo Roberto (uncredited) Rodrigo Roberto (uncredited)   See fewer
Edy Ganem
The Daughter (uncredited) The Daughter (uncredited)   See fewer
Gregory Garcia
Henchman / Stuntman (uncredited) Henchman / Stuntman (uncredited)   See fewer
Debby Gerber
Saloon Girl (uncredited) Saloon Girl (uncredited)   See fewer
Jedediah Jenk
Hairdresser (uncredited) Hairdresser (uncredited)   See fewer
Kylie Kasner
Marionette Child (uncredited) Marionette Child (uncredited)   See fewer
Denise Koek
Adoption Agent (uncredited) Adoption Agent (uncredited)   See fewer
Sheila Korsi
The Grandmother (uncredited) The Grandmother (uncredited)   See fewer
Jay Linzy
Props Guy (uncredited) Props Guy (uncredited)   See fewer
Caroline Lobbin
Marionette Child (uncredited) Marionette Child (uncredited)   See fewer
Norma Maldonado
The Wife (uncredited) The Wife (uncredited)   See fewer
Luke Matheis
Loyal PA (uncredited) Loyal PA (uncredited)   See fewer
John McCabe
Partygoer (uncredited) Partygoer (uncredited)   See fewer
Laura Meadows
Pedestrian (uncredited) Pedestrian (uncredited)   See fewer
Katarina Pavelek
Tony London's Date (uncredited) Tony London's Date (uncredited)   See fewer
Andre Pelzer
Security Guard (uncredited) Security Guard (uncredited)   See fewer
Pablo Ramos
Mental Patient (uncredited) Mental Patient (uncredited)   See fewer
Kara C. Roberts
Red Carpet Celebrity (uncredited) Red Carpet Celebrity (uncredited)   See fewer
Douglas Rouillard
Red Carpet Celebrity (uncredited) Red Carpet Celebrity (uncredited)   See fewer
Gary Sievers
Homeless Man (uncredited) Homeless Man (uncredited)   See fewer
Kimberly Smiley
Toy Soldier (uncredited) Toy Soldier (uncredited)   See fewer
Katherine Stephens-Miller
LA City Council Member (uncredited) LA City Council Member (uncredited)   See fewer
Brigitte Tamar
Model (uncredited) Model (uncredited)   See fewer
Alfredo Tavares
Guest (uncredited) Guest (uncredited)   See fewer
Jim Tavaré
Bartender (uncredited) Bartender (uncredited)   See fewer
Dean Testerman
Premiere Guest (uncredited) Premiere Guest (uncredited)   See fewer
Ran Wei
Makeup Assistant (uncredited) Makeup Assistant (uncredited)   See fewer
Logan Wildey
Partygoer (uncredited) Partygoer (uncredited)   See fewer
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