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  • Once a Week for Life
  • 118 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery
Once a Week for Life
118 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

A Lieutenant heading the elite NYPD/FBI Fugitive Task Force meets a Trauma Nurse who runs a NYC ER. They're each married to others, but due to a confluence of circumstances their souls collide, cheating the Fates, and meld for eternity.
George Zouvelos | George J. Giakoumis (director of photography)
Luigi Benvisto (co-cinematographer) | George J. Giakoumis | George Kyriakopoulos (co-cinematographer) | Joseph McGee & 2 more

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Updated Apr 9, 2023
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52 cast members
Name Known for
John Kapelos
Theodore Theo Galanis Theodore Theo Galanis   See fewer
Daniel Roebuck
Captain Finn Lombardi Captain Finn Lombardi   See fewer
Al Sapienza
Rev. Father Demetri Rev. Father Demetri   See fewer
John Fiore
NYPD Chief Anthony Rizzo NYPD Chief Anthony Rizzo   See fewer
George Zouvelos
NYPD Lt. Adam Galanis NYPD Lt. Adam Galanis   See fewer
Diana Durango
Eve Lombardi Fecondo Eve Lombardi Fecondo   See fewer
Dikran Tulaine
Captain Ezekial Zeke Levy Captain Ezekial Zeke Levy   See fewer
John Bianco
Andrea Catenasto Andrea Catenasto   See fewer
Paul Borghese
Roberto Gigante Roberto Gigante   See fewer
Tony Darrow
Nicola Narduccio Nicola Narduccio   See fewer
William DeMeo
Gaetano Gagliardi Gaetano Gagliardi   See fewer
Robert Funaro
Ignazio Salerno Ignazio Salerno   See fewer
Armen Garo
Carlo Carlo   See fewer
Oksana Lada
Trixie Trixie   See fewer
Anthony Mangano
Thomaso Salerno Thomaso Salerno   See fewer
Artie Pasquale
Santo Tuccio Santo Tuccio   See fewer
Jackie Martling
Freddy Nervotico Freddy Nervotico   See fewer
Bruce Busta Soscia
Emelio Diablo Sanchez Emelio Diablo Sanchez   See fewer
Arthur Hiou
NYPD Sergeant Salvatore Duffy NYPD Sergeant Salvatore Duffy   See fewer
Jimmy Shirts
Matteo Giambrone Matteo Giambrone   See fewer
Stew Replogle
Mike Doyle Mike Doyle   See fewer
Jeffrey Alan Solomon
Sam Shepard Sam Shepard   See fewer
George Kyriakopoulos
Sergeant Jacob Schlessinger Sergeant Jacob Schlessinger   See fewer
Marcia Pizzo
Victoria Lombardi Victoria Lombardi   See fewer
Anthony Pallino
Harry Fecondo Harry Fecondo   See fewer
Roxanne Alese
Eleni Metaxas Galanis Eleni Metaxas Galanis   See fewer
Bill Galatis
Stavros Stavros   See fewer
Jessica N Johnson
Teresa Duffy (as Jessica Johnson) Teresa Duffy (as Jessica Johnson)   See fewer
Tym Moss
NY News Anchor Thomas Mire NY News Anchor Thomas Mire   See fewer
Brian Sterling Chan
Detective Rodriguez Detective Rodriguez   See fewer
Anthony Congiano
Detective Perkins Detective Perkins   See fewer
Kim Kayling
Rose Duffy Rose Duffy   See fewer
Tom Moynahan
NYPD Inspector Shamus Ryan NYPD Inspector Shamus Ryan   See fewer
Debbie Marie Springer
Alice Rizzo-Flanigan Alice Rizzo-Flanigan   See fewer
Peter Giakoumis
Detective Sergeant Emmanuel Williams Detective Sergeant Emmanuel Williams   See fewer
Diane Hanna
Maria Galanis Maria Galanis   See fewer
Chris Torem
Fugitive Kingpin Fugitive Kingpin   See fewer
Vigiel Bose
NYC Mayor Thomas Gupta NYC Mayor Thomas Gupta   See fewer
Christopher Todd Moore
NYPD Sergeant Ike Miller NYPD Sergeant Ike Miller   See fewer
Domenico Del Giacco
Theatregoer Theatregoer   See fewer
Anneta Myroni
Patron 2 Patron 2   See fewer
Chrysa Petridou
Patron 1 Patron 1   See fewer
Cristian DeMeo
Giuseppe Giambrone Giuseppe Giambrone   See fewer
William Petrano
Franky Nervotico Franky Nervotico   See fewer
Michael Muñiz
US Marshal #1 US Marshal #1   See fewer
Ed Serino
US Marshal One US Marshal One   See fewer
Regina Hardy
Inspector Toni Kreki Inspector Toni Kreki   See fewer
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