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  • Son of Monarchs (2020)
  • R
    97 min | Drama
Son of Monarchs (2020)
97 min | Drama

A Mexican biologist living in New York returns to his hometown, nestled in the majestic butterfly forests of Michoacán. The journey forces him to confront past traumas and reflect on his hybrid identity, sparking a personal metamorphosis.
Maria Altamirano (p.g.a.) | Abraham Dayan (p.g.a.)
Production Designer
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Updated Nov 1, 2020

Release date
Nov 2, 2021 (United States)


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60 cast members
Name Known for
Tenoch Huerta
Mendel Mendel   See fewer
Angélica Aragón
Doña Lola Doña Lola   See fewer
Jarod Lindsey
Lead Protestor Lead Protestor   See fewer
Angelina Peláez
Abuela Rosa Abuela Rosa   See fewer
Emily Keefe
College Girl College Girl   See fewer
Jay Potter
Frank Frank   See fewer
Ignacio Guadalupe
Don Gabino Don Gabino   See fewer
Gadi Rubin
College Guy College Guy   See fewer
Juan Ugarte
Pablo Quintero Pablo Quintero   See fewer
Wendy Heagy
Officer Hope Officer Hope   See fewer
Maria Luiza Ceglia
Protester Protester   See fewer
Kurt Andersen
Hugo (Journalist) Hugo (Journalist)   See fewer
Fernanda Rivera
Gabriela Gabriela   See fewer
Rich Miglio
Featured Protester Featured Protester   See fewer
Omar Ibrahim
Deli Man at Counter Deli Man at Counter   See fewer
Hanan Baker
Woman on Rope Woman on Rope   See fewer
Kaarlo Isaacs
Young Mendel Young Mendel   See fewer
Javier Dzul
Man on Rope Man on Rope   See fewer
Maia Vogel
Bar Patron Bar Patron   See fewer
Antoine Alvear
Pianist Pianist   See fewer
Louise Starks
Protester Protester   See fewer
Joseph Grooney
Adam (Tattoo Artist) Adam (Tattoo Artist)   See fewer
Kristen Gulino
Jennifer Jennifer   See fewer
Julián Salgado
Older Boy at Bodega Older Boy at Bodega   See fewer
Alexia Rasmussen Alexia Rasmussen   See fewer
Stuart Moulton
Logan (Trapeze Instructor) Logan (Trapeze Instructor)   See fewer
Armando Salazar Reyes
Ice Cream Man Ice Cream Man   See fewer
Gisell Rodriguez
Gallery Attendant Gallery Attendant   See fewer
Victor García Blancas
Edgar (Lupita's Son) Edgar (Lupita's Son)   See fewer
Donali Salgado Roldán
Mother at Bodega Mother at Bodega   See fewer
Mateo López
Jesús (Brisa's Son) Jesús (Brisa's Son)   See fewer
Edgar Hernandez
Andrés (Brisa's Son) Andrés (Brisa's Son)   See fewer
Pablo Salmerón
Young Vicente Young Vicente   See fewer
Santos Morán Marín
Santos (Deli Man) Santos (Deli Man)   See fewer
Kevin Manuel Sánchez
Pedro (Fox-Masked Friend) Pedro (Fox-Masked Friend)   See fewer
Cindy Vanessa Takahashi Rodríguez
Japanese Mother at Hotel Japanese Mother at Hotel   See fewer
Ángel Adrián Flores
Young Simón Young Simón   See fewer
Cristina Aguilar Sánchez
Miss Janeth Miss Janeth   See fewer
Natalia Téllez
Young Brisa Young Brisa   See fewer
Pablo Bencid
Drummer Drummer   See fewer
Abraham Kin
Japanese Father at Hotel Japanese Father at Hotel   See fewer
Manuel Martínez
Trapeze Receiver Trapeze Receiver   See fewer
Gabriel Vivas
Bass Player Bass Player   See fewer
José Juan Salgado
Young Boy at Bodega Young Boy at Bodega   See fewer
Maira Duarte
Meet-up Host Meet-up Host   See fewer
María Estela Romero Vázquez
Don Gabino's Wife Don Gabino's Wife   See fewer
Jimena Kin López
Japanese Girl With Butterfly Japanese Girl With Butterfly   See fewer
María Dolores Ramírez Hernández
Hotel Receptionist Hotel Receptionist   See fewer
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