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  • Hot Box (2019)
  • 83 min | Comedy
Hot Box (2019)
83 min | Comedy

Crazy stuff goes down at a party, including a guy who intends to prove a famous porn star is there, goth girls who think a killer is stalking the party and a trio of religious fanatics who want to turn everyone from their wayward ways.

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Updated Apr 23, 2019

Release date
Apr 23, 2019 (Canada)


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112 cast members
Name Known for
Sherri Dahl
Mrs. Green Mrs. Green   See fewer
Jaime Hill
Detective Detective   See fewer
Sarah Hunter
Glitcha Glitcha   See fewer
Maya Molly
Daisy Daisy   See fewer
Troy Greenwood
Mushroom Guy Mushroom Guy   See fewer
Amber Shaun
Veronica Veronica   See fewer
Kelly Krause
Art Pritzker Art Pritzker   See fewer
Brendan Blacquier
Uncle Hack Uncle Hack   See fewer
Madison Nyenhuis
Irene the Ice Woman Irene the Ice Woman   See fewer
Sam Au
Gunner Gunner   See fewer
Lee Lopez
Hudson Hudson   See fewer
Tom Antoni
Wesley Wesley   See fewer
Braden Butler
Oliver Oliver   See fewer
Gilbert Allan
Mr. Green Mr. Green   See fewer
Omar Abubakar
Hector Hector   See fewer
Paul Huculak
Pete the Piss Guy Pete the Piss Guy   See fewer
Alice Creed
Regina Clemens Regina Clemens   See fewer
Kristin Breitkreutz
Gail / Doris Gail / Doris   See fewer
Jenn Repp
Kayla Cummings Kayla Cummings   See fewer
Riley Andrews
Ryland Ryland   See fewer
Fanny Diep
Elizabeth Elizabeth   See fewer
Greg Cebuliak
Detective Detective   See fewer
Adam Keefe
August August   See fewer
Fawn Martin
Brooke Brooke   See fewer
Mike S. Reid
Criminal Mike Criminal Mike   See fewer
Craig Hammer
Stephen Stephen   See fewer
Courtney Villeneuve
Daniella Daniella   See fewer
Thomas Kassian
Alistair Alistair   See fewer
Ramez Fawzy
Cunningham Cunningham   See fewer
Grace Kinley
Betty-Lou Betty-Lou   See fewer
Ana Cortes
Piper Piper   See fewer
Ben Kazi
Jimmy Jimmy   See fewer
Matt Mihilewicz
Brennan Brennan   See fewer
Mark Richards
Pearson Pearson   See fewer
Robert Fehr
Gordon Gordon   See fewer
Sarah Louise
Mushroom Girl (as Sarah-Louise Rowsom) Mushroom Girl (as Sarah-Louise Rowsom)   See fewer
Christian Leung
Lincoln Lincoln   See fewer
Maryanna Yee
Jesper Jesper   See fewer
David Williams
Crazy Dave Crazy Dave   See fewer
Kennedy Kiki Vallis
Rainbows Rainbows   See fewer
Jerrod Adair
Garrett Garrett   See fewer
Nathan Gibbons
Sunshine Sunshine   See fewer
Shayl Land
Kojack Kojack   See fewer
Riley Witiw
Shogun Shogun   See fewer
Jaymz Smith
Booker Booker   See fewer
Laurie Hryciuk
Penelope Penelope   See fewer
Nicole Dewit
Gracie Gracie   See fewer
Gordon Szoke
Wilder Wilder   See fewer
Alisha Boekestyn
Holliday Holliday   See fewer
Trevor Goupil
Rich Boy Rich Boy   See fewer
Mike Richards
Kenny Boy Kenny Boy   See fewer
Gaby Phaneuf
Wilamene Wilamene   See fewer
Miriam Anderson
Ms. Klinkel Ms. Klinkel   See fewer
Shane Gilroy
Cowboy Billy Cowboy Billy   See fewer
David McIntyre
Party Goer (uncredited) Party Goer (uncredited)   See fewer
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