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  • Artista Obscura (2019)
  • TV Movie | Comedy
Artista Obscura (2019)
TV Movie | Comedy

A mockumentary series about the world's most obscure artists.
Rhyan Schwartz | Joe Boothe (staff writer) | Skyler Caleb (staff writer) | Michael Ornelas (staff writer)
Casting Director
Production Designer

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Updated Dec 8, 2019

Release date
Dec 8, 2019 (United States)


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55 cast members
Name Known for
John Ennis
Henri Coutard Henri Coutard   See fewer
John Gemberling
Peppsi Walters Jr. Peppsi Walters Jr.   See fewer
Rhyan Schwartz
Copernicus Copernicus   See fewer
Hana Mae Lee
Dai Bÿtch Dai Bÿtch   See fewer
Betsy Sodaro
Lasagna Lasagna   See fewer
Jon Gabrus
Chef Rigatoni Chef Rigatoni   See fewer
D.C. Pierson
TH Scooby TH Scooby   See fewer
John Milhiser
Bibi Bebe Bibi Bebe   See fewer
Jacob Wysocki
Ya Wozniak Ya Wozniak   See fewer
Anna Lore
Da Wozniak Da Wozniak   See fewer
Will Hines
Pehpeh Borys Pehpeh Borys   See fewer
Susan Slome
Mama Wanda Mama Wanda   See fewer
Julie Brister
Headmastress of Music Headmastress of Music   See fewer
Joan Ford
Transportation Tzar Transportation Tzar   See fewer
Dan Considine
Bootiers Bootiers   See fewer
James Mannion
Harry Sphynx Harry Sphynx   See fewer
Amy Argyle
Lucky Lucky   See fewer
Steve Moulton
Baby Pyotr Baby Pyotr   See fewer
Matthew Sterling Nye
Pool Hall Halbert Pool Hall Halbert   See fewer
Tyler Phillips
Pool Hall Yogert Pool Hall Yogert   See fewer
Jeremiah Benjamin
Pool Hall Peepert Pool Hall Peepert   See fewer
Dawna Lee Heising
Princess Dawna Princess Dawna   See fewer
Alexandra Ella
Young Me-Mamá Young Me-Mamá   See fewer
Max Cutler
Pedestrian Szymon Pedestrian Szymon   See fewer
Jesse Heiman
Pedestrian Goobr Pedestrian Goobr   See fewer
Joe Boothe
Twin Lawyers Polsko and Slopky Twin Lawyers Polsko and Slopky   See fewer
Easton West
Pedestrian Lurchin Pedestrian Lurchin   See fewer
Skyler Caleb
Robert Robert   See fewer
Tyler Prado
Le Chat Patron Landon Le Chat Patron Landon   See fewer
Tacey Adams
Gayma Bushka Gayma Bushka   See fewer
Cat Alter
Le Chat Patron Gretchen Le Chat Patron Gretchen   See fewer
Kat Audick
Deaf Gypsy Deaf Gypsy   See fewer
Alexandra Bartley
Le Chat Patron Destimona Le Chat Patron Destimona   See fewer
Nathan Blaiwes
Young Ya Young Ya   See fewer
Soledad Campos
Catalina Catalina   See fewer
Stanley Dyrector
Gaypa Pushka Gaypa Pushka   See fewer
Matthew Keirn
The Fireman The Fireman   See fewer
Yulia Kirillova
Model Eve Model Eve   See fewer
Therese Lentz
Le Chat Patron Judy Le Chat Patron Judy   See fewer
Kevin Eric McCarthy
Arthur Slugworth JR. Arthur Slugworth JR.   See fewer
Olivia Mairím McGuffey
Piano Recital Olivia Piano Recital Olivia   See fewer
Ryan Patrick McGuffey
Le Chat Patron Bronson Le Chat Patron Bronson   See fewer
Miko Meldal-Johnsen
Young Henri Young Henri   See fewer
Devin Mills
Silvia Fancyfeast Silvia Fancyfeast   See fewer
Lawrence J Murphy
Model Adam Model Adam   See fewer
Michael Ornelas
Repo Guy Mikeypehpeh Repo Guy Mikeypehpeh   See fewer
Kasia Pilewicz
Piano Teacher Piano Teacher   See fewer
Londyn Regimbal
Young Da Young Da   See fewer
Eric Roth
Le Chat Patron Sebastian Le Chat Patron Sebastian   See fewer
Julia Sanford
Me-Mamá Me-Mamá   See fewer
Nick Seibel
Repo Guy Vlad Repo Guy Vlad   See fewer
Jasmine Wattar
Le Chat Patron Carmella (as Jasmine Carlina) Le Chat Patron Carmella (as Jasmine Carlina)   See fewer
Michael Williams
Homeless Man Homeless Man   See fewer
Elizy Xo
Pool Hall Peggïe Pool Hall Peggïe   See fewer
G. Maximilian Zarou
Sugar Daddy Neil Sugar Daddy Neil   See fewer
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