Friday the 13th: Vengeance's primary photo
  • Friday the 13th: Vengeance (2019)
  • 95 min | Horror
Friday the 13th: Vengeance (2019)
95 min | Horror

Friday the 13th Vengeance combines death, brutality and creativity to bold storytelling in this dark take on the series.
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Jason Brooks | Jeremy W. Brown (as Jeremy Brown) | Maddie Goodwin (as Maidson Goodwin) | Shawn Loutsis | Dustin Montierth
Production Designer
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Release date
Sep 13, 2019 (United States)


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109 cast members
Name Known for
Emily Aron
Claudette Claudette   See fewer
Drew Tacher
Young Elias Voorhees Young Elias Voorhees   See fewer
Tom McLoughlin
Gravekeep Walt (as Tommy McLoughlin) Gravekeep Walt (as Tommy McLoughlin)   See fewer
C.J. Graham
Elias Voorhees Elias Voorhees   See fewer
Jason Brooks
Jason Voorhees / Louis Carlisle Jason Voorhees / Louis Carlisle   See fewer
Levy Menn
Ace Strucker Ace Strucker   See fewer
Bri Patin
Milla Wiggins Milla Wiggins   See fewer
Caleb Ryden
Justin Redgrave Justin Redgrave   See fewer
Jenny Porter
Jenny Leaf Jenny Leaf   See fewer
Kelly Tappan
Angelica Jarvis Angelica Jarvis   See fewer
Sanae Loutsis
Ashley Jarvis Ashley Jarvis   See fewer
Jon A. Ravenholt
Frank Castille Frank Castille   See fewer
Diana Prince
Marilyn Evans Marilyn Evans   See fewer
Dan Feldmeier
Dean Tamrock Dean Tamrock   See fewer
TJ Bowser
News Anchor (voice) News Anchor (voice)   See fewer
Landon Scruggs Harrar
Cameron Weber Cameron Weber   See fewer
Steve Dash
Sheriff Jason Realotti Sheriff Jason Realotti   See fewer
Julia Valenti
Deputy Alice Brooker Deputy Alice Brooker   See fewer
Steve Daskawisz
Deputy Brooks Deputy Brooks   See fewer
Mike DeBock
Police Officer Police Officer   See fewer
Joy Curtis
Great Grandma Abigail Jarvis Great Grandma Abigail Jarvis   See fewer
Luke Schuck
Robert Thompson Robert Thompson   See fewer
Lindsey Ferrari
Tailgate Toughgirl Tailgate Toughgirl   See fewer
Ray Hopper
Deputy Lewis Tucker Deputy Lewis Tucker   See fewer
Veronica Ricci
Sammy Hale Sammy Hale   See fewer
Dani May Red
Dani Skye (as Dani May Reid) Dani Skye (as Dani May Reid)   See fewer
Brandon Wilson
Aiden Adonis (as Brandon 'Buggzy' Wilson) Aiden Adonis (as Brandon 'Buggzy' Wilson)   See fewer
Calvin Morie McCarthy
David Hutzell David Hutzell   See fewer
Laura Ellen Wilson
Trinity Reinhart Trinity Reinhart   See fewer
Carl Covington
Tony Simmons Tony Simmons   See fewer
Ian T. Segears
Thomas Trayne Thomas Trayne   See fewer
Greg Kleciak
Ben Price Ben Price   See fewer
Marcee Mickelle
Rebecca McDonald Rebecca McDonald   See fewer
Joe Wilson
Alex Joyner Alex Joyner   See fewer
Christian Sullivan
Jeff Dier Jeff Dier   See fewer
Natalie Schnelle
Heather Field Heather Field   See fewer
Tabitha Bastien
Joey Higgins Joey Higgins   See fewer
Donald Schell
Chad Godfrey / Jason Voorhees Chad Godfrey / Jason Voorhees   See fewer
Bradley Olson
Jim Graham Jim Graham   See fewer
Chalet Lizette Brannan
Donna Elaine Donna Elaine   See fewer
Reagan Heller
Kristy Lussier Kristy Lussier   See fewer
La Toyia Williams
Kelly Jordan Kelly Jordan   See fewer
Ellen Smith
Dr. Tammy Crews Dr. Tammy Crews   See fewer
Nick Roberts
Dwight Barr Dwight Barr   See fewer
Peter Anthony
Ken Slate Ken Slate   See fewer
Tommy Lee Driver
Reggie Wilson Reggie Wilson   See fewer
Geevenson Shively
Daniel Tibbot Daniel Tibbot   See fewer
Cameron Lee Price
Deputy Mason Bohms Deputy Mason Bohms   See fewer
Dexter Morgenstern
Deputy Wagner Deputy Wagner   See fewer
Lance Caver
Coroner Jon Dooley Coroner Jon Dooley   See fewer
Raymond Power
Young Jason Realotti Young Jason Realotti   See fewer
Asta Wylie
Young Abigail Jarvis Young Abigail Jarvis   See fewer
Chris McNeil
Counselor Ronnie Romero Counselor Ronnie Romero   See fewer
Rachael Christenson
Counselor Stephanie Tyler Counselor Stephanie Tyler   See fewer
Tyler Garris
Young Jason Voorhees Young Jason Voorhees   See fewer
Ruby Graham
Nurse Emilee Flora Nurse Emilee Flora   See fewer
Micah Blakeslee
KIMA Cameraman KIMA Cameraman   See fewer
Asher Brooks
Baseball Kid 2 Baseball Kid 2   See fewer
River Brooks
Baseball Kid 1 Baseball Kid 1   See fewer
Lucy Bunich
Flashback Extra 7 Flashback Extra 7   See fewer
Azia Caver
Baseball Kid 7 Baseball Kid 7   See fewer
Jamila Caver
Baseball Kid 8 Baseball Kid 8   See fewer
Zakaria Caver
Baseball Kid 3 Baseball Kid 3   See fewer
Alina Chop
Patrica Lowe Patrica Lowe   See fewer
Cory Coffman
Memphis Riley Memphis Riley   See fewer
Nicolas Coleman
Ryan Czaplinski Ryan Czaplinski   See fewer
Ryan Czaplinski
David Coffman David Coffman   See fewer
David Darbin
Brandon Jackson Brandon Jackson   See fewer
Alexeyah Davis
Flashback Extra 4 Flashback Extra 4   See fewer
TayeSean Davis
Flashback Extra 18 Flashback Extra 18   See fewer
Gabriel DeBock
Baseball Kid 5 Baseball Kid 5   See fewer
Lexie DeBock
Baseball Kid 6 Baseball Kid 6   See fewer
Amy DiLorenzo
Camp Counselor (Regina) (as Amy Dilorenzo) Camp Counselor (Regina) (as Amy Dilorenzo)   See fewer
Carson Duda
Camp Counselor (Travis) Camp Counselor (Travis)   See fewer
Dante Floyd
Baseball Dad 1 Baseball Dad 1   See fewer
Jamie Gosney
Baseball Kid 9 Baseball Kid 9   See fewer
Logan E Gray
Christine Paolila Christine Paolila   See fewer
Teresa Griffin
Baseball Mom 3 Baseball Mom 3   See fewer
Piper Harden
Flashback Extra 3 Flashback Extra 3   See fewer
Brian Hargrave
Tyler Garris Tyler Garris   See fewer
Henry Ho
Flashback Extra 13 Flashback Extra 13   See fewer
Ty Ho
Flashback Extra 8 Flashback Extra 8   See fewer
Artemis Howl
Flashback Extra 1 Flashback Extra 1   See fewer
Justin Johnson
Flashback Extra 14 Flashback Extra 14   See fewer
Morgen Johnson
Deputy Forster Deputy Forster   See fewer
Jade Jones
Baseball Mom 2 Baseball Mom 2   See fewer
Jake Kelly
Flashback Extra 9 Flashback Extra 9   See fewer
Mike Kollen
Camp Counselor Camp Counselor   See fewer
Olivia Kovach
Flashback Extra 10 Flashback Extra 10   See fewer
Chelsey Kucera
Camp Counselor Camp Counselor   See fewer
Serena Lara
Flashback Extra 12 (as Sofia Rainey) Flashback Extra 12 (as Sofia Rainey)   See fewer
Alexa Lautenschlager
Flashback Extra 15 Flashback Extra 15   See fewer
Angel Martinez
Charles Sbeghen Charles Sbeghen   See fewer
Brooklyn Mitchell
Flashback Extra 16 Flashback Extra 16   See fewer
Shaleesa Moreno
Flashback Extra 17 Flashback Extra 17   See fewer
Lowen Morrison
Lowen Morrison Lowen Morrison   See fewer
Anastasia Nelson
Baseball Mom 1 Baseball Mom 1   See fewer
Kurt Petitpas
Baseball Dad 2 Baseball Dad 2   See fewer
Letti Petitpas
Baseball Mom 4 Baseball Mom 4   See fewer
Nina-Marie Petitpas
Baseball Kid 4 Baseball Kid 4   See fewer
Sierra Pinkerton
Flashback Extra 6 Flashback Extra 6   See fewer
Sophia Pinkerton
Flashback Extra Flashback Extra   See fewer
Aria Rey
Deputy Garris Deputy Garris   See fewer
Jason Reynolds
Thomas Robertson Thomas Robertson   See fewer
Russ Richards
Todd Redenius Todd Redenius   See fewer
Ian Vogue
Baseball Dad 4 Baseball Dad 4   See fewer
Vondredi Wade
Flashback Extra 2 Flashback Extra 2   See fewer
Mandi Wickline
Molly Wright Molly Wright   See fewer
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