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  • The Outlaw Johnny Black
  • 130 min | Action, Comedy, Western
The Outlaw Johnny Black
130 min | Action, Comedy, Western

Hell bent on avenging the death of his father, Johnny Black vows to gun down Brett Clayton and becomes a wanted man in the process while posing as a preacher in a small mining town that's been taken over by a notorious Land Baron.
Byron Minns (co-writer) | Michael Jai White (co-writer)
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71 cast members
Name Known for
Michael Jai White
Outlaw Johnny Black Outlaw Johnny Black   See fewer
Byron Minns
Reverend Percival Fairman Reverend Percival Fairman   See fewer
Anika Noni Rose
Jessie Lee Jessie Lee   See fewer
Kym Whitley
Sister Betty Sister Betty   See fewer
Erica Ash
Bessie Lee Bessie Lee   See fewer
Kevin Chapman
US Marshall Cove US Marshall Cove   See fewer
Glynn Turman
Bullseye Black Bullseye Black   See fewer
Barry Bostwick
Tom Sheally Tom Sheally   See fewer
Chris Browning
Brett Clayton Brett Clayton   See fewer
Gary Anthony Williams
Mayor Williams Mayor Williams   See fewer
Tony Baker
Sherriff Yarbrough Sherriff Yarbrough   See fewer
Russell Peters
Big Chief Big Chief   See fewer
Jill Scott
Maw Belle Maw Belle   See fewer
Robert Allen Mukes
Big Feather Big Feather   See fewer
Tomm Voss
Kane Kwai Chang Kane Kwai Chang   See fewer
Jimmy Walker Jr.
Old Man Old Man   See fewer
Donald Cerrone
Crackshot Bob Crackshot Bob   See fewer
Paul Sloan
Eddie Eddie   See fewer
Randy Couture
Bill Basset Bill Basset   See fewer
Jalyn Hall
Young Johnny Black Young Johnny Black   See fewer
Paul Logan
Actor Actor   See fewer
Peter Sherayko
Mayor of Cheyenne Mayor of Cheyenne   See fewer
Waymond Lee
Town Person Town Person   See fewer
Charles Wesley
Mayor of Cheyenne Mayor of Cheyenne   See fewer
Jay Giannone
The Undertaker The Undertaker   See fewer
Michael Colyar
Carnival Barker Carnival Barker   See fewer
Edwin Modlin II
Deputy Tew Deputy Tew   See fewer
Dave Reaves
Big Cowboy Big Cowboy   See fewer
Matthew Grant Godbey
Racist Cowboy Racist Cowboy   See fewer
John Marrs
Bo Clayton Bo Clayton   See fewer
Nicholas Walker
Native American Native American   See fewer
Troy Dillinger
Town Crier Town Crier   See fewer
Rigan Machado
The Bride The Bride   See fewer
Gary Sievers
Deputy US Marshall Deputy US Marshall   See fewer
Tyler Bryan
Duke Clayton Duke Clayton   See fewer
Tucson Vernon Walker
Ruff Rider Ruff Rider   See fewer
Travis Lee Eller
Rough Rider Rough Rider   See fewer
Kalon Jackson
Church Member Church Member   See fewer
Tammie Sellers
Saloon Girl Saloon Girl   See fewer
Chris Stanley
Townsperson Townsperson   See fewer
Kewon Vines
Town Small Person Town Small Person   See fewer
Kyle Rezzarday
Native American Boy Native American Boy   See fewer
Carol Meredith
Townsperson Townsperson   See fewer
Joseph Fiorello
Saloon Cowboy Saloon Cowboy   See fewer
Buddy Lewis
Deacon Fry Deacon Fry   See fewer
Lauren Albo
Native American Girl Native American Girl   See fewer
Larry Freeland
One of Shealys men One of Shealys men   See fewer
Eric H. Heisner
Bassett Gang member Bassett Gang member   See fewer
Vidia S Ramdeen
Saloon Patron Saloon Patron   See fewer
Noah Harrison
Squanto Squanto   See fewer
Robert Goldman
Doc Flemister Doc Flemister   See fewer
Elliott 'Lee' Cowart
Church member Church member   See fewer
Yolanda English
Saloon Girl Saloon Girl   See fewer
Carol Wheelis
Background extra Background extra   See fewer
Jerry Bestpitch
Bassett Gang Member Bassett Gang Member   See fewer
Gregory K. Worley
Clayton Hired gunslinger (credit only) Clayton Hired gunslinger (credit only)   See fewer
Sherwin Frey
Deputy Dan Buford Deputy Dan Buford   See fewer
Mehdi Qasser
Townsperson Townsperson   See fewer
Romeo Armand Seay
Carnival Patron Carnival Patron   See fewer
Willie G. Brown
Town person Town person   See fewer
Billy Grandy
Dell Clayton Dell Clayton   See fewer
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