Roe v. Wade's primary photo
  • Roe v. Wade (2019)
  • PG-13
    112 min | Drama, History
Roe v. Wade (2019)
112 min | Drama, History

Dr. Bernard Nathanson and Dr. Mildred Jefferson square off in a national battle in this untold conspiracy that led to the most famous and controversial court case in history.
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Release date
Apr 2, 2021 (United States)


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94 cast members
Name Known for
Jon Voight
Justice Warren Burger Justice Warren Burger   See fewer
Nick Loeb
Dr. Bernard Nathanson Dr. Bernard Nathanson   See fewer
Stacey Dash
Dr. Mildred Jefferson Dr. Mildred Jefferson   See fewer
Jamie Kennedy
Larry Lader Larry Lader   See fewer
Joey Lawrence
Robert Byrn Robert Byrn   See fewer
Corbin Bernsen
Justice Harry Blackmun Justice Harry Blackmun   See fewer
Greer Grammer
Sarah Weddington Sarah Weddington   See fewer
John Schneider
Justice Byron White Justice Byron White   See fewer
Robert Davi
Justice William Brennan Justice William Brennan   See fewer
Steve Guttenberg
Justice Powell Justice Powell   See fewer
William Forsythe
Justice Potter Stewart Justice Potter Stewart   See fewer
Richard Portnow
Justice William Douglas Justice William Douglas   See fewer
Wade Williams
Justice Rehnquist Justice Rehnquist   See fewer
Tom Guiry
Father James T. McHugh Father James T. McHugh   See fewer
Mindy Robinson
Ellen McCormack Ellen McCormack   See fewer
Octavius Prince
Cyril Means Cyril Means   See fewer
Roger Stone
Washington Reporter 1 Washington Reporter 1   See fewer
Lucy Davenport
Betty Friedan Betty Friedan   See fewer
Justine Wachsberger
Linda Coffee Linda Coffee   See fewer
James DuMont
Henry Wade Henry Wade   See fewer
Alveda King
Guthrie Jefferson Guthrie Jefferson   See fewer
Andrew Vogel
Jay Floyd Jay Floyd   See fewer
Summer Joy Campbell
Norma McCorvey Norma McCorvey   See fewer
Jessica Vargas
Adele Nathanson Adele Nathanson   See fewer
Laura Flannery
Ruth Potemkin Ruth Potemkin   See fewer
Bruce Coen
Rabbi Max Ticktin Rabbi Max Ticktin   See fewer
Alan Robertson
Henry McKluskey Henry McKluskey   See fewer
Jack Millard
Robert Flowers Robert Flowers   See fewer
Wanda Leigh
Margaret Sanger Margaret Sanger   See fewer
Jarrett Ellis Beal
Justice Thurgood Marshall Justice Thurgood Marshall   See fewer
Jim Gleason
Dr. Ketchum Dr. Ketchum   See fewer
Abbie Gayle
Rich Girl Rich Girl   See fewer
Manny Fajardo
Arthur Arthur   See fewer
Chelsea Bruland
Joan Lader Joan Lader   See fewer
Sharon Smith
Judge Sarah T. Hughes Judge Sarah T. Hughes   See fewer
John McConnell
Judge Irving Loeb Goldberg Judge Irving Loeb Goldberg   See fewer
Milo Yiannopoulos
Dr. David Sopher Dr. David Sopher   See fewer
Chris Lemmon
Phil McCombs Phil McCombs   See fewer
Tomi Lahren
Sally Blackmun Sally Blackmun   See fewer
Jennifer Titus
Mrs. Blackmun Mrs. Blackmun   See fewer
Craig Wayne Boyd
Dr. Smith Dr. Smith   See fewer
Jordan Salloum
Frank (as Joseph Jordan Salloum) Frank (as Joseph Jordan Salloum)   See fewer
Courtney Friel
Gloria Steinem Gloria Steinem   See fewer
Ann Hamilton
Maryann Stewart Maryann Stewart   See fewer
Ashton Leigh
Nurse 2 Nurse 2   See fewer
Troy Duhon
Dr. Reynolds Dr. Reynolds   See fewer
Sara Morgan
Female Patient Female Patient   See fewer
Brent Phillip Henry
Woody McCorvey Woody McCorvey   See fewer
Mark John Williams
Jacob Davidson Jacob Davidson   See fewer
Miles Doleac
Harvey Harvey   See fewer
Mary Alice Risener
Brunette Bikini Girl Brunette Bikini Girl   See fewer
Donato Damiano
Maitre D' Maitre D'   See fewer
Alex J. Joseph
Dan Adams (as Alex Joseph) Dan Adams (as Alex Joseph)   See fewer
Ken Davitian
Papa Potemkin Papa Potemkin   See fewer
Tim Beasley
Ted Koppel Ted Koppel   See fewer
Jalesia Franklina McQueen
Female Reporter (as Jasha McQueen) Female Reporter (as Jasha McQueen)   See fewer
Stephanie Honoré
Virginia Whitehall Virginia Whitehall   See fewer
Stacy Brewer
Reporter AC Reporter AC   See fewer
Chéri Ballinger
Mary Nelson Mary Nelson   See fewer
Elliott Grey
Judge Jasen Judge Jasen   See fewer
Richard Holden
Senator Earl Brydges (as Richard Holben) Senator Earl Brydges (as Richard Holben)   See fewer
Jeffrey Baruch
Joseph Nathanson (as Jeffrey Barach) Joseph Nathanson (as Jeffrey Barach)   See fewer
Michael Francis Horn
Board Member Board Member   See fewer
Gary Heavin
Dr. Heavin Dr. Heavin   See fewer
Jessica Serfaty
Sandy Ryer Sandy Ryer   See fewer
Katrina Canillas
Extra (as Katherine Canillas) Extra (as Katherine Canillas)   See fewer
Sherri Eakin
Kay Grabel Kay Grabel   See fewer
Susan LaBrecque
Constance Cook Constance Cook   See fewer
Jean Paul S. Afif
Cardinal O'Connor (uncredited) Cardinal O'Connor (uncredited)   See fewer
Jon Arthur
Chicago Police Officer (uncredited) Chicago Police Officer (uncredited)   See fewer
Brett Beoubay
Dr. Stevens (uncredited) Dr. Stevens (uncredited)   See fewer
Patti Brindley
Affluent Woman (uncredited) Affluent Woman (uncredited)   See fewer
Gordon Dexheimer
Newspaper reporter (uncredited) Newspaper reporter (uncredited)   See fewer
Chad Governale
Doctor (uncredited) Doctor (uncredited)   See fewer
Gene Kevin Hames Jr.
Chicago Police Officer #1 (uncredited) Chicago Police Officer #1 (uncredited)   See fewer
DaJa Joseph
Choir Kid (uncredited) Choir Kid (uncredited)   See fewer
DeJuon Joseph
Choir Kid (uncredited) Choir Kid (uncredited)   See fewer
Jeffrey Klemmer
Handsome Airline Pilot (uncredited) Handsome Airline Pilot (uncredited)   See fewer
Elton LeBlanc
Court Spectator / Upscale guest (uncredited) Court Spectator / Upscale guest (uncredited)   See fewer
Mike Lindell
News Anchor (uncredited) News Anchor (uncredited)   See fewer
David Joseph Martinez
Mexican #1 (uncredited) Mexican #1 (uncredited)   See fewer
Mike R. Moreau
Texas Court Bailiff (uncredited) Texas Court Bailiff (uncredited)   See fewer
Lauretta Morrison
Pro Choice / Life Protestor. (uncredited) Pro Choice / Life Protestor. (uncredited)   See fewer
Nigel Smith
Dr. David Sopher (uncredited) Dr. David Sopher (uncredited)   See fewer
Peter Thomson
John Tolle (uncredited) John Tolle (uncredited)   See fewer
Peighton Tubre
Beautiful Blonde Bikini Girl (uncredited) Beautiful Blonde Bikini Girl (uncredited)   See fewer
Amanda Marie Wilkinson
Women's Rights' Protester (uncredited) Women's Rights' Protester (uncredited)   See fewer
Christina Michelle Williams
Protester (uncredited) Protester (uncredited)   See fewer
Frank R. Wilson
Judge William Taylor (uncredited) Judge William Taylor (uncredited)   See fewer
Michael Wozniak
Lawyer (uncredited) Lawyer (uncredited)   See fewer
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