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  • Beaux-parents (2019)
  • 83 min | Comedy
Beaux-parents (2019)
83 min | Comedy

Bénabar (adaptation) (as Bruno Bénabar) (dialogue) (as Bruno Bénabar) (original idea) (as Bruno Bénabar) (screenplay) (as Bruno Bénabar) | Héctor Cabello Reyes (adaptation) (dialogue) (screenplay)
Casting Director
Production Designer
Jérémy Duchier (art director)

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Release date
Jun 19, 2019 (France)


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33 cast members
Name Known for
Josiane Balasko
Coline Rossi Coline Rossi   See fewer
Didier Bourdon
André Rossi André Rossi   See fewer
Harold Becker Harold Becker   See fewer
Charlie Bruneau
Garance Rossi Garance Rossi   See fewer
Bruno Salomone
Hervé Fleury Hervé Fleury   See fewer
Gwendolyn Gourvenec
Chloé Fleury Chloé Fleury   See fewer
Ruggero Raimondi
Le grand-père Le grand-père   See fewer
Bruno Raffaelli
Antoine Antoine   See fewer
Oscar Pauleau
Samuel Fleury Samuel Fleury   See fewer
Marine Dusehu
Collègue Gervois Coralie Collègue Gervois Coralie   See fewer
Sandra Piquemal
Collègue Garance Aurélie Collègue Garance Aurélie   See fewer
Oceane Dailly
Collègue Garance Julia Collègue Garance Julia   See fewer
Sébastien Bidault
Vendeur camping-car Vendeur camping-car   See fewer
Manon d'Arpa
Glandeuse stade Glandeuse stade   See fewer
Brahim Koutari
Glandeur stade Glandeur stade   See fewer
Sedo Tossou
Glandeur stade (as Sèdo Tossou) Glandeur stade (as Sèdo Tossou)   See fewer
Nassim Qaïni
Stagiaire Gervois Karim Stagiaire Gervois Karim   See fewer
Jonathan Pinto-Rocha
Stagiaire Gervois Denis Stagiaire Gervois Denis   See fewer
Big John
Policier Policier   See fewer
Clément Perdereau
Policier commissariat Policier commissariat   See fewer
Sophie Gajan
Policière commissariat Policière commissariat   See fewer
William Prunck
Routier Björn Routier Björn   See fewer
Vincent Deniard
Routier Rodrigo Routier Rodrigo   See fewer
Norbert Ferrer
Routier Laloose Routier Laloose   See fewer
Sabine Beaufils
Femme Lopez Femme Lopez   See fewer
Félix Bouraly Dulac
Fils Lopez Fils Lopez   See fewer
Isabelle Laffitte
Aide-soignante Aide-soignante   See fewer
Huguette Jacquot
Doublure Josiane Balasko Doublure Josiane Balasko   See fewer
Cherley Raveau
The runner The runner   See fewer
Hélène Freque
La femme de l'hôpital (uncredited) La femme de l'hôpital (uncredited)   See fewer
Elise Hobbé
Femme accident 2 (uncredited) Femme accident 2 (uncredited)   See fewer
Aude Wojtyna
Femme accident 1 (uncredited) Femme accident 1 (uncredited)   See fewer
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