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  • Rough Draft (2018)
  • Short | Short, Drama
Rough Draft (2018)
Short | Short, Drama

Rough Draft is an inspirational story about Tommy's journey through the professional drafting process. It's an authentic and emotional story that shows the power of a strong support system.
Christian Richardson (creator) | Shelbie Tyndall (co-writer) | Lisa Wassel (co-writer)

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Updated Dec 31, 2018

Release date
2018 (United States)


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52 cast members
Name Known for
Steven Hochman
Coach Luis Coach Luis   See fewer
Becky Brown
Big Al's Mom Big Al's Mom   See fewer
Brie Tilton
Smiles Girlfriend Smiles Girlfriend   See fewer
John McKerrow
Coach Roche Coach Roche   See fewer
James Tilley
Coach Shanahan Coach Shanahan   See fewer
Ben Lira
Matt Shanahan Matt Shanahan   See fewer
Randy Capes
Big Al's Dad Big Al's Dad   See fewer
Tammy Richardson
Brent's Mom Brent's Mom   See fewer
Josh Stamm
Tyler Yaeger Tyler Yaeger   See fewer
Joseph Ficarro
Jonathan Stockhausen Jonathan Stockhausen   See fewer
Michael Chase
Scott White Scott White   See fewer
Joseph B. Hodges
Scout Todd (as Joseph Hodges) Scout Todd (as Joseph Hodges)   See fewer
Braden Wedge
Austin Hayman Austin Hayman   See fewer
Zachary Ingle
Jacob Wetter Jacob Wetter   See fewer
Rob Mazzoli
1st Base Umpire 1st Base Umpire   See fewer
Austin Bryant
Wilson Lorenzo Wilson Lorenzo   See fewer
Jackson Turner
Evan Maxey Evan Maxey   See fewer
Melissa Baulf
Andrew's Mom Andrew's Mom   See fewer
Shania Laice
Chelsea Chelsea   See fewer
Mark King
Big Al Big Al   See fewer
Nathan H. Sullivan
Brent Hansen Brent Hansen   See fewer
Tj Kuhn
Tyler Marshal Tyler Marshal   See fewer
Jeffrey Weil
Brent's Dad Brent's Dad   See fewer
Maddox Kopale
Baby Tommy Baby Tommy   See fewer
Eric Griffin
Smiles Smiles   See fewer
Kelle Grau
Gavin McGuinness Gavin McGuinness   See fewer
Jace Jones
Ben Ramirez Ben Ramirez   See fewer
Mike Sealie
Coach Hopple Coach Hopple   See fewer
Leonard Allen
Young Tommy Young Tommy   See fewer
Colby Tilton
Baseball Player Baseball Player   See fewer
Jason Marhenke
Squints Squints   See fewer
Donnie Goodman
Andrew Plaksin Andrew Plaksin   See fewer
Jake Feulner
Scout John Scout John   See fewer
Chase Fowler
Lucas Carire Lucas Carire   See fewer
Alex Vanmeter
Kevin Mclltrot Kevin Mclltrot   See fewer
Zach West
Pitcher Pitcher   See fewer
Dale Thomas
Franky Franky   See fewer
Jonathan Edward
Trey Miflin Trey Miflin   See fewer
Josh Toadvine
Juan Benitez Juan Benitez   See fewer
Reily Boland
Sebastian Hernandez Sebastian Hernandez   See fewer
Ryan Welsh
Rizzo Rizzo   See fewer
Max Landi
John Pelusi John Pelusi   See fewer
Brian Boland
Young Cody Young Cody   See fewer
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