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  • The Report (I) (2019)
  • R
    119 min | Biography, Crime, Drama
The Report (I) (2019)
119 min | Biography, Crime, Drama

Idealistic Senate staffer Daniel J. Jones, tasked by his boss to lead an investigation into the CIA's post 9/11 Detention and Interrogation Program, uncovers shocking secrets.
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Scott Z. Burns (written by)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Release date
Nov 15, 2019 (United States)


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65 cast members
Name Known for
Adam Driver
Daniel Jones Daniel Jones   See fewer
Corey Stoll
Cyrus Clifford Cyrus Clifford   See fewer
Evander Duck Jr.
Off Site Security Guard Off Site Security Guard   See fewer
Jon Hamm
Denis McDonough Denis McDonough   See fewer
Linda Powell
Marcy Morris Marcy Morris   See fewer
Annette Bening
Senator Dianne Feinstein Senator Dianne Feinstein   See fewer
Sandra Landers
Senate Intelligence Committee Clerk Senate Intelligence Committee Clerk   See fewer
John Rothman
Senator Sheldon Whitehouse Senator Sheldon Whitehouse   See fewer
Victor Slezak
Senator Jay Rockefeller Senator Jay Rockefeller   See fewer
Guy Boyd
Senator Saxby Chambliss Senator Saxby Chambliss   See fewer
Alexander Chaplin
Sean Murphy Sean Murphy   See fewer
Joanne Tucker
Gretchen Gretchen   See fewer
Maura Tierney
Bernadette Bernadette   See fewer
Michael C. Hall
Thomas Eastman Thomas Eastman   See fewer
Ian Blackman
Cofer Black Cofer Black   See fewer
Dominic Fumusa
George Tenet George Tenet   See fewer
Joseph Siravo
John Rizzo John Rizzo   See fewer
Lucas Dixon
Julian Julian   See fewer
Fajer Al-Kaisi
Ali Soufan (as Fajer Kaisi) Ali Soufan (as Fajer Kaisi)   See fewer
Zuhdi Boueri
Abu Zubaydah Abu Zubaydah   See fewer
Douglas Hodge
James Mitchell James Mitchell   See fewer
T. Ryder Smith
Bruce Jessen Bruce Jessen   See fewer
Carlos Gómez
Jose Rodriguez (as Carlos Gomez) Jose Rodriguez (as Carlos Gomez)   See fewer
Sean Dugan
Gary - CIA Interrogator Gary - CIA Interrogator   See fewer
Tim Blake Nelson
Raymond Nathan Raymond Nathan   See fewer
Pun Bandhu
John Yoo John Yoo   See fewer
Ben McKenzie
Scrubbed CIA Officer Scrubbed CIA Officer   See fewer
Jake Silbermann
Yoked Up CIA Officer Yoked Up CIA Officer   See fewer
Ratnesh Dubey
Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Khalid Sheikh Mohammed   See fewer
Ted Levine
John Brennan John Brennan   See fewer
Scott Shepherd
Senator Mark Udall Senator Mark Udall   See fewer
Julia Murney
McDonough's Secretary McDonough's Secretary   See fewer
Daniel London
CIA Officer Fox CIA Officer Fox   See fewer
Jennifer Morrison
Caroline Krass Caroline Krass   See fewer
Hope Blackstock
Clifford's Secretary Clifford's Secretary   See fewer
Matthew Rhys
New York Times Reporter New York Times Reporter   See fewer
Kate Beahan
Candace Ames Candace Ames   See fewer
April Rogalski
Assistant to DCI Brennan Assistant to DCI Brennan   See fewer
James Hindman
Inspector General Buckley Inspector General Buckley   See fewer
Austin Michael Young
FBI Agent Miller FBI Agent Miller   See fewer
West Duchovny
Feinstein Intern Feinstein Intern   See fewer
Noah Bean
Senator Martin Heinrich Senator Martin Heinrich   See fewer
Dick Cheney
Self (archive footage) Self (archive footage)   See fewer
John Kerry
Self (archive footage) Self (archive footage)   See fewer
Rachel Maddow
Self (voice) Self (voice)   See fewer
John McCain
Self (archive footage) Self (archive footage)   See fewer
Barack Obama
Self (archive footage) Self (archive footage)   See fewer
Donald Rumsfeld
Self (archive footage) Self (archive footage)   See fewer
Genevieve Adams
Flight Instructor (uncredited) Flight Instructor (uncredited)   See fewer
Alex Anagnostidis
CIA Interrogator (uncredited) CIA Interrogator (uncredited)   See fewer
Xan Aspero
Marco Rubio (uncredited) Marco Rubio (uncredited)   See fewer
Adison Eisenberg
Krass Kid (uncredited) Krass Kid (uncredited)   See fewer
Neil Fleischer
Senator James Risch (uncredited) Senator James Risch (uncredited)   See fewer
Christopher G Gates
Senator Carl Levin (uncredited) Senator Carl Levin (uncredited)   See fewer
Chris Ghaffari
NSC Deputy (uncredited) NSC Deputy (uncredited)   See fewer
Andrew Glaszek
Ali's Partner (uncredited) Ali's Partner (uncredited)   See fewer
Lauren S. Gordon
CIA Special Agent (uncredited) CIA Special Agent (uncredited)   See fewer
Jane May Graves
Shelby Mills (uncredited) Shelby Mills (uncredited)   See fewer
Rosemary Howard
CTC Staff (uncredited) CTC Staff (uncredited)   See fewer
Gregory Jones
CIA Officer (uncredited) CIA Officer (uncredited)   See fewer
Kevin D. McGee
Senator Gary Peters (uncredited) Senator Gary Peters (uncredited)   See fewer
CJ Parson
Military Guard #2 (uncredited) Military Guard #2 (uncredited)   See fewer
Leroy Phillips Jr.
Newspaper Reporter (uncredited) Newspaper Reporter (uncredited)   See fewer
Vincent Tumeo
CIA CTC Employee (uncredited) CIA CTC Employee (uncredited)   See fewer
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