There's Someone Inside Your House (2021)
96 min | Horror, Mystery, Thriller

The graduating class at Osborne High is being targeted by a masked assailant, intent on exposing the darkest secret of each victim, and only a group of misfit outsiders can stop the killings.
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Patrick Brice (directed by)
Stephanie Perkins (based on the novel by) | Henry Gayden (screenplay by)
Michael Clear (produced by) (p.g.a.) | Dan Cohen (produced by) (p.g.a.) | Shawn Levy (produced by) (p.g.a.) | James Wan (produced by) (p.g.a.)
Zachary Dawes (music by)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Updated Sep 23, 2021

Release date
Oct 6, 2021 (United States)


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41 cast members
Name Known for
Sydney Park
Makani Young Makani Young   See fewer
Théodore Pellerin
Ollie Larsson Ollie Larsson   See fewer
Asjha Cooper
Alex Crisp Alex Crisp   See fewer
Dale Whibley
Zach Sandford Zach Sandford   See fewer
Burkely Duffield
Caleb Greeley Caleb Greeley   See fewer
Diego Josef
Rodrigo Doran Rodrigo Doran   See fewer
Zane Clifford
Macon Bewley Macon Bewley   See fewer
William Edward
Randall Brice Randall Brice   See fewer
Anthony Timpano
Witt Bitonti Witt Bitonti   See fewer
Aason Nadjiwan
Hunter Humphreys Hunter Humphreys   See fewer
Sarah Dugdale
Katie Koons Katie Koons   See fewer
William MacDonald
Mr. Sandford Mr. Sandford   See fewer
Andrew Dunbar
Deputy Larsson Deputy Larsson   See fewer
Adrian Hough
Sheriff Adkins Sheriff Adkins   See fewer
Ryan Beil
Dave the Uber Driver Dave the Uber Driver   See fewer
Markian Tarasiuk
Jackson Pace Jackson Pace   See fewer
Tally Rodin
Jasmine Jasmine   See fewer
Kayla Heller
Olivia Grace Olivia Grace   See fewer
Tedra Rogers
Abigail Abigail   See fewer
Brittany Hobson
Brianna Brianna   See fewer
David Lewis
Jackson's Dad Jackson's Dad   See fewer
Tanya Champoux
Jackson's Mom Jackson's Mom   See fewer
Anna Elizabeth Bitonti
Jackson's Sister (as Anna Bitonti) Jackson's Sister (as Anna Bitonti)   See fewer
Ivy Matheson
Kayla Lum Kayla Lum   See fewer
Kiera Wallace
Gabrielle Cruz Gabrielle Cruz   See fewer
Terry O'Sullivan
Woman in Yellow Woman in Yellow   See fewer
Tara Pratt
Woman Woman   See fewer
David Bloom
Father Beck Father Beck   See fewer
Richard Darwin
Puppeteer Puppeteer   See fewer
Jamie Swettenham
Puppeteer Puppeteer   See fewer
Jennifer-Juniper Angeli
Tinder Mom (uncredited) Tinder Mom (uncredited)   See fewer
Kaiel Barreiro
12 Year Old Boy (uncredited) 12 Year Old Boy (uncredited)   See fewer
Nicholas Dohy
Osborne Football Student (uncredited) Osborne Football Student (uncredited)   See fewer
Ian Hawkins
Dad (uncredited) Dad (uncredited)   See fewer
Lea Matina
Stunt Rookie (uncredited) Stunt Rookie (uncredited)   See fewer
Colby Nadeau
High School Student (uncredited) High School Student (uncredited)   See fewer
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