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  • Condor's Nest
  • 99 min | Action, Drama, Thriller
Condor's Nest
99 min | Action, Drama, Thriller

A decade after the fall of Nazi Germany, an American aviator travels across South America in search of war criminals and encounters more than he bargained for.
Nico Alba (edited by)
Casting Director
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46 cast members
Name Known for
Michael Ironside
Agent Astakhov Agent Astakhov   See fewer
Jackson Rathbone
Fritz Ziegler Fritz Ziegler   See fewer
Arnold Vosloo
Colonel Martin Bach Colonel Martin Bach   See fewer
Bruce Davison
Gerhardt Schrude Gerhardt Schrude   See fewer
Jorge Garcia
Proprietor Hipolito Proprietor Hipolito   See fewer
James Urbaniak
Heinrich Himmler Heinrich Himmler   See fewer
Michael Tourek
Rudolf Zinke Rudolf Zinke   See fewer
Adrienne McQueen
Schnelling Schnelling   See fewer
Jamie Roy
Sergeant Lewis Sergeant Lewis   See fewer
Greg Kriek
Josef Krekeler Josef Krekeler   See fewer
Hunter Thore
German Guard German Guard   See fewer
Chad Ayers
Trooper Müncheberg Trooper Müncheberg   See fewer
Alex Javo
Javier Montero Javier Montero   See fewer
Al Pagano
Albert Vogel Albert Vogel   See fewer
Brandon Tyler Moore
Trooper Olbricht Trooper Olbricht   See fewer
Matthew Ewald
Sergeant Kelly Sergeant Kelly   See fewer
Triston Dye
Trooper Hartman Trooper Hartman   See fewer
Michael Flannery
Deputy Sighardt Deputy Sighardt   See fewer
Michael P. Walker
Sergeant Archie Sergeant Archie   See fewer
Jason Damico
Trooper Bäder Trooper Bäder   See fewer
Paul Kandarian
Gerhard Kohler Gerhard Kohler   See fewer
Marcus Hanson
Hauptmann Hans Hauptmann Hans   See fewer
William Shannon Williams
Deputy Ignacius Deputy Ignacius   See fewer
Andy Gion
Captain Keene Captain Keene   See fewer
Cody Howard
Airman Ralphio Airman Ralphio   See fewer
Jacob Keohane
Will Spalding Will Spalding   See fewer
Corinne Britti
Leyna Rahn Leyna Rahn   See fewer
Scott Schneider
Walter Roth Walter Roth   See fewer
Joe W Nowland
Deputy Erik Deputy Erik   See fewer
Thomas Wilson Pace
Guard Rolf Guard Rolf   See fewer
James Roseman
Lieutenant Arnold Lieutenant Arnold   See fewer
Nathaniel Thomas
Interceptor Tröger Interceptor Tröger   See fewer
Dillon Mann
German Guard German Guard   See fewer
Lennie Alehat
Interceptor Heinkel Interceptor Heinkel   See fewer
Neil Wolfman
Deputy Manfred Deputy Manfred   See fewer
Jonathan Gregory
Guard Klaus Guard Klaus   See fewer
Brian LeBlanc
Guard Spriet Guard Spriet   See fewer
Joshua Dela Cruz
Bartender Maximiliano Bartender Maximiliano   See fewer
Anthony J. Schraeder
Guard Wolfgang Guard Wolfgang   See fewer
Ethan Jordan
Guard Uwe Guard Uwe   See fewer
Torsten Kellar
Edmund Kunst Edmund Kunst   See fewer
Daniel Gray
Interceptor Ousdahl Interceptor Ousdahl   See fewer
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