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The Marks

The daughter of a pro-wrestling legend operates a backyard wrestling organization called, "Mosh Pitt Wrestling Association" out of her granny's backyard in this irreverent comedy.
Joseph Lavender | Jonathan Realz (written by) (co-writer)
Casting Director
Production Designer

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Updated Feb 27, 2021


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71 cast members
Name Known for
Erika Chase
Bobbi Wire Bobbi Wire   See fewer
William Tokarsky
Sinclair Sinclair   See fewer
Kayla Gibson
Tracey Tracey   See fewer
Alyssa Marie Stilwell
Tara Trouble Tara Trouble   See fewer
Kelly Johns
Trisha Trisha   See fewer
Skyler Joy
Carly Carly   See fewer
Jason Louder
Bishop Moneybaggs Bishop Moneybaggs   See fewer
Joey Thurmond
Jack Dixon Jack Dixon   See fewer
Laurie Catherine Winkel
Maggie Lightning Maggie Lightning   See fewer
Allison Maier
Brandy Brandy   See fewer
Gina Ann Riggs
Margaret Mann Margaret Mann   See fewer
Pj McDonnell
Peewee Hooker Peewee Hooker   See fewer
Shane Donovan Lewis
Lil' Red Wrestling Fan Lil' Red Wrestling Fan   See fewer
Patrick L. Reyes
Towelini Towelini   See fewer
Robert Mitchel Owenby
Mark Valentine Mark Valentine   See fewer
Craig S. Murphy
Larry Lloyd Larry Lloyd   See fewer
Joshua Haire
Rapper Rapper   See fewer
Christopher Ryan Lewis
Big Red Wrestling Fan Big Red Wrestling Fan   See fewer
Tim Casper
Chip Whitehead Chip Whitehead   See fewer
Daniel Abi-Sarkis
Wrestling Male Fan Wrestling Male Fan   See fewer
Audra Stilwell
Tawnee Lace Tawnee Lace   See fewer
Robert McLeroy
Burt Biggs Burt Biggs   See fewer
Linda Meadows
Cougar Fan Cougar Fan   See fewer
John David Bulla
Biker Fan Biker Fan   See fewer
Carter Birchwell
Young Joe Valentine Young Joe Valentine   See fewer
Alisa Erkes
Ring Rat Ring Rat   See fewer
Carmen Alexis
Sheena Sheena   See fewer
Brian Alexander
Dumpster Diver Dumpster Diver   See fewer
Addison Hershey
Mary Lou Mary Lou   See fewer
Ford Smith
Heckler #2 Heckler #2   See fewer
Lora Chatman
Pyro Girl Spice Pyro Girl Spice   See fewer
Garland Joey
Wrestler Wrestler   See fewer
Myranda Lowe
Stacey Stacey   See fewer
Allie O'Neill
Deirdra Deirdra   See fewer
Kylie Michele Fuller
Young Maggie Lightning (as Kylie Michele) Young Maggie Lightning (as Kylie Michele)   See fewer
Cate Romich
Applesauce Alisha Applesauce Alisha   See fewer
Brad Corbin
Dean Jimmies Dean Jimmies   See fewer
Karina Simonis
Party Girl Party Girl   See fewer
J.R. Francis
Bussey Peterman Bussey Peterman   See fewer
Bree Wright
Applesauce Amy Applesauce Amy   See fewer
Joseph Whigham
Mr. Referee Mr. Referee   See fewer
Jodi Houck
Connie Connie   See fewer
Dalton Carver
Young Azmyth Young Azmyth   See fewer
Chris Hall
Fan #3 Fan #3   See fewer
Ashlyn Süpper
Pyro Girl Britney Pyro Girl Britney   See fewer
Allyson Broadwater
Breastfeeding girl Breastfeeding girl   See fewer
Chick Donovan
Chic Donovan Chic Donovan   See fewer
Samuel Connor Wilson
Bored Guy Bored Guy   See fewer
Diane Oxford
Granny Granny   See fewer
Tyler Evans
Heckler Fan Heckler Fan   See fewer
Matt Griffin
Bobbi Pyn Bobbi Pyn   See fewer
Margaret W Brown
Lexi Lightning Lexi Lightning   See fewer
Jonathan Realz
Jonathan Jonathan   See fewer
Reid Meadows
Krazy-K Krazy-K   See fewer
Richard Lanford
Ring Announcer Ring Announcer   See fewer
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