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  • The Marshal (2019)
  • TV-PG
    116 min | Drama, History, Western
The Marshal (2019)
116 min | Drama, History, Western

A movie company comes to Oklahoma to convince legendary lawman Bill Tilghman to star in a bank robbery silent film featuring real outlaws. Tilghman reluctantly agrees, not realizing everyone's lives will never be the same.
Dan Searles (screenplay)
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Updated Feb 7, 2019

Release date
Jun 9, 2020 (United States)


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70 cast members
Name Known for
Robert Carradine
Frank James Frank James   See fewer
Lana Wood
Ms. Darling Ms. Darling   See fewer
Johnny Crawford
William S. Hart William S. Hart   See fewer
Darby Hinton
Cole Younger Cole Younger   See fewer
Raw Leiba
Woody Woody   See fewer
Kathy Searle
Zoe Tilghman Zoe Tilghman   See fewer
Johnny Alonso
Big Joe Big Joe   See fewer
Ken Arnold
Bill Tilghman Bill Tilghman   See fewer
George Stover
Mr. Martin Mr. Martin   See fewer
Christine Nelson
Melody Selig Melody Selig   See fewer
Jason Brown
Arkansas Tom Arkansas Tom   See fewer
Robert Neal Marshall
William N. Selig William N. Selig   See fewer
Jeff Wilhelm
Bouncer 1 Bouncer 1   See fewer
Prentiss Searles
Cowboy 2 Cowboy 2   See fewer
Donald Imm
Darren Thomas Darren Thomas   See fewer
Brian Lyons-Burke
The Barker The Barker   See fewer
Russell G. Voelker
Prisoner Prisoner   See fewer
Brian St. August
Wolfgang Gulman Wolfgang Gulman   See fewer
Zach Steffey
Chuck Tilghman Chuck Tilghman   See fewer
Michael Hagan
Warden Warden   See fewer
Patrick Boyer
Little Joe Little Joe   See fewer
Marc Goodman
Bat Masterson Bat Masterson   See fewer
Florentino Gregorio
Bank President Bank President   See fewer
Jesse Milliner
Chicken Man Chicken Man   See fewer
Rigo Reyes
Arvo Ojala Arvo Ojala   See fewer
Addison da Silva
Stanley Stanley   See fewer
Gale Nemec
Wardrobe Mistress Wardrobe Mistress   See fewer
Chris Kalman
Billy Sunset Billy Sunset   See fewer
Michael Moore
Reverend Lowe Reverend Lowe   See fewer
Robert Dean
Faro Dealer Faro Dealer   See fewer
Al Finley
Prison guard Prison guard   See fewer
Bob Brown
Wrangler (as Brown Bob) Wrangler (as Brown Bob)   See fewer
Dan Searles
Prisoner Prisoner   See fewer
Robert Alexander
Mayor Grey / Prisoner Mayor Grey / Prisoner   See fewer
Barry Bratburd
Bouncer 2 Bouncer 2   See fewer
Callie Koreck
Girl in flowered dress Girl in flowered dress   See fewer
Kim Johnson
Saloon Girl Saloon Girl   See fewer
Joe Haynes
Prisoner Prisoner   See fewer
Faith Brown
Caroline Caroline   See fewer
Noah Deavers
Frankie Frankie   See fewer
Earl Klemm
Deputy Bear Deputy Bear   See fewer
Lee Doll
Barkeep Barkeep   See fewer
Russ Lease
First Camera Operator First Camera Operator   See fewer
Jim Holland
Prison Guard 1 Prison Guard 1   See fewer
Amy S. Young
Barmaid Barmaid   See fewer
James Douthwaite
Third Camera Operator Third Camera Operator   See fewer
Oz Dillon
Background Extra Background Extra   See fewer
Barry Cantor
Mort Goldstein Mort Goldstein   See fewer
Jeff Moller
Second Camera Operator Second Camera Operator   See fewer
Matthew Greer
William William   See fewer
Monica Gregorio
Becky Farmer Becky Farmer   See fewer
Fin McCahill
Tench Tilghman (as Griffin McCahill) Tench Tilghman (as Griffin McCahill)   See fewer
Russell Kramer
Prisoner Prisoner   See fewer
Harvey Kramer
Prisoner Prisoner   See fewer
Marge Bowers
Edith Hathaway Edith Hathaway   See fewer
Manuel Rodriguez
Cherokee Waite Cherokee Waite   See fewer
Paul Bowers
Cowboy 1 Cowboy 1   See fewer
Paul Williams
Prison Guard 3 Prison Guard 3   See fewer
Richie Acevedo
Saloon Bar Drinker (uncredited) Saloon Bar Drinker (uncredited)   See fewer
Lawrence Whitener
Prisoner (uncredited) Prisoner (uncredited)   See fewer
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