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  • Savage Midlife (2023)
Savage Midlife (2023)

Two fans are on a quest to recover 80s wrestling memorabilia after a grieving daughter outbids them to satisfy her father's dying wish.
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Updated Aug 16, 2022

Release date
2023 (United States)


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40 cast members
Name Known for
Paula Abdul
Mary Todd Mary Todd   See fewer
Eddie Griffin
El Duque El Duque   See fewer
Nic Costa
Alex Faulkner Alex Faulkner   See fewer
Emily Sweet
Mindy Faulkner Mindy Faulkner   See fewer
Darielle Mason
Tyler Roberts Tyler Roberts   See fewer
Bryna Smith
Denise Denise   See fewer
Matt Zak
Mark Winters Mark Winters   See fewer
Greg James
Elijah Elijah   See fewer
Aris Juson
Boogy Woogies Regular Boogy Woogies Regular   See fewer
Judy Levitt
Dolores Dolores   See fewer
Lucy Paschall
Judge Lovett Judge Lovett   See fewer
Ithica Tell
Sally Roberts Sally Roberts   See fewer
Danielle Vasinova
Officer Bardi Officer Bardi   See fewer
Beautiful Suzy Beautiful Suzy   See fewer
Beautiful Ruby Beautiful Ruby   See fewer
Brian Sutherland
Viking Steve Viking Steve   See fewer
Joseph Aviel
Tomahawk Tony Tomahawk Tony   See fewer
Jason Rouse
Interviewer #2 Interviewer #2   See fewer
Andrew Harris
Interviewer #1 Interviewer #1   See fewer
Sophia Luz
Moccasin Marcella Moccasin Marcella   See fewer
Maya Banitt
Wrestling Audience Member Wrestling Audience Member   See fewer
Andrew Kuykendall
Robber Baron Robber Baron   See fewer
Damien Edwards
Larsenio Hall (Host) Larsenio Hall (Host)   See fewer
Liam O'leary
Toy Ad Kid #2 Toy Ad Kid #2   See fewer
Samantha Johnson
Young Mindy Young Mindy   See fewer
Ben Peterson
Restaurant manager Restaurant manager   See fewer
Jared McClain
Waiter Waiter   See fewer
Brett Mustard
Wrestlemadness Referee Wrestlemadness Referee   See fewer
Sage Milan Bonner
Sporting Event Attendant Sporting Event Attendant   See fewer
Daniel Charuhas
Ring announcer Ring announcer   See fewer
Logan Dillard
Young Mark Young Mark   See fewer
Motch O Mann
Raging Abraham Lincoln Raging Abraham Lincoln   See fewer
Ryan Wilson
Tomahawk Fan #1 Tomahawk Fan #1   See fewer
Spencer Abrom
Gettysburg wrestler Gettysburg wrestler   See fewer
Will Nance
Toy Ad Kid #1 Toy Ad Kid #1   See fewer
Matt Steffan
Savage Bartender Savage Bartender   See fewer
Gio Calandrella
Young Alex Young Alex   See fewer
Victoria Henry
80's Fangirl (uncredited) 80's Fangirl (uncredited)   See fewer
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