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Women of the Night

Vrijheid lonkt (Season 1, Episode 1)
TV Episode | Crime, Drama

Struggling to raise a rebellious daughter and be a good wife to her ambitious husband, Xandra reconnects with a friend - and rediscovers a talent.
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Updated Oct 2, 2019

Release date
Nov 10, 2019 (Netherlands)


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45 cast members
Name Known for
Karina Smulders
Xandra / wife Xandra / wife   See fewer
Matteo van der Grijn
Michiel / husband Michiel / husband   See fewer
Susan Radder
Lulu / daughter Lulu / daughter   See fewer
Hilde Van Mieghem
Sylvia / Xandra's mother-Gang leader Sylvia / Xandra's mother-Gang leader   See fewer
Daphne Wellens
Marieke-secretary / Christine-escort Marieke-secretary / Christine-escort   See fewer
Dragan Bakema
Ralph / Gang leader Ralph / Gang leader   See fewer
Saman Amini
Yassin El Hamdaoui Yassin El Hamdaoui   See fewer
Mike Libanon
Ronnie van Bekkum / driver Ronnie van Bekkum / driver   See fewer
Roeland Fernhout
Cees / police chief Cees / police chief   See fewer
René Groothof
Willem / Sylvia's partner Willem / Sylvia's partner   See fewer
Thijs Römer
Peter / Gang leader Peter / Gang leader   See fewer
Jaap Spijkers
Gerrit Blaauw Gerrit Blaauw   See fewer
Julia Akkermans
Janna / Rose-escort Janna / Rose-escort   See fewer
Nienke van Hofslot
Daisy / Angelina-escort Daisy / Angelina-escort   See fewer
Joy Wielkens
Kea-policewoman / escort Kea-policewoman / escort   See fewer
Janni Goslinga
Beatrix Beatrix   See fewer
Imanuelle Grives
Pamela / ex-prostitute Pamela / ex-prostitute   See fewer
Ronald Top
Falconer Falconer   See fewer
Ellie de Lange
Xandra / tiener-teenager Xandra / tiener-teenager   See fewer
Karwan Bazeen
Banker Banker   See fewer
Margien van Doesen
Charlotte Charlotte   See fewer
Steven Hooi
Boekhouder Marty Boekhouder Marty   See fewer
Jenny Hsia
Huang Huang   See fewer
Genelva Krind
Pamela / jong-young Pamela / jong-young   See fewer
Christopher W. Jones
Michiel Pressman (voice) Michiel Pressman (voice)   See fewer
Dennis Kleinman
Gerrit Blaauw (voice) (version: English) Gerrit Blaauw (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Henny Nijhuis
Vrouw op borrel Gemeentehuis Vrouw op borrel Gemeentehuis   See fewer
Bret Eric Porter
Peter 'Beertje' Dolsen (voice) Peter 'Beertje' Dolsen (voice)   See fewer
Anne Prakke
Gert Jan Gert Jan   See fewer
Kit Sheehan
Xandra Keizer (voice) (version: English) Xandra Keizer (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Susan Spano
Roxy (voice) (version: English) Roxy (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Marie-Louise Stheins
Moeder Michiel Moeder Michiel   See fewer
Stephanie van Eer
Vriendin Lulu / Lulu's girlfriend Vriendin Lulu / Lulu's girlfriend   See fewer
Cyriel van Rossum
Politieagent Politieagent   See fewer
Stijn Vandeput
Beertje's Handlanger Beertje's Handlanger   See fewer
Aaron Wan
FIOD Police Team Leader FIOD Police Team Leader   See fewer
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