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  • Tag, You're It (2018)
  • Video | 74 min | Thriller
Tag, You're It (2018)
Video | 74 min | Thriller

In a fictional role playing game, a player is abducted for real. Mastermind Jack Tresmen, must solve the case or go away for manslaughter.
Marc Assiniwi | Danny MAlin (cinematography)
Production Designer
Justin Roszkowski (poster artist)

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Release date
Jan 1, 2018 (Canada)


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64 cast members
Name Known for
Danny MAlin
Jack Tresmen Jack Tresmen   See fewer
Michelle Langlois-Fequet
Sabrina Schen Sabrina Schen   See fewer
Moses Persico
Rosco Tresmen Rosco Tresmen   See fewer
Christine Lan
Samantha Carlton Samantha Carlton   See fewer
Dawn Ford
Nan Tresmen Nan Tresmen   See fewer
Liz MacRae
ZeeZee Tresmen ZeeZee Tresmen   See fewer
Karine Dashney
Trina Scott Trina Scott   See fewer
Nicky Fournier
Sacha Brie Sacha Brie   See fewer
Corey Tomicic
Hender Spade Hender Spade   See fewer
Frank Fiola
Dirk Evens Dirk Evens   See fewer
Danika Angela
Angela Sparks Angela Sparks   See fewer
Evalina Turpin
Heather Barns Heather Barns   See fewer
Adam Alberts
David Sanchez David Sanchez   See fewer
Andre Bedard
Paul Groper Paul Groper   See fewer
Anne-Marie Saheb
Grace Shields Grace Shields   See fewer
Eve Sévigny
Debbie Bosco Debbie Bosco   See fewer
Annie Yao
Elektra Elektra   See fewer
Kayleigh Choiniere
Vanessa Lee Vanessa Lee   See fewer
Kayla Henry
Jessica Tresmen Jessica Tresmen   See fewer
Darragh Mondoux
Brittany Waters Brittany Waters   See fewer
Natalie Darbyson
Connie Smithers Connie Smithers   See fewer
Christine Trinh
Gloria Dale Gloria Dale   See fewer
Amanda Chiu
Dana Hall Dana Hall   See fewer
Bryan Libero
Collin Gravel Collin Gravel   See fewer
Julie-Anne Rioux
Sandra Tresmen Sandra Tresmen   See fewer
Frank Marrs
Greg Kinnear Greg Kinnear   See fewer
Nir Guzinski
Doug Green Doug Green   See fewer
Stefanie Nakamura
Corina Janson Corina Janson   See fewer
Leigh Ann Taylor
Diane King Diane King   See fewer
Jonathan Marquis
DJ Bulzack DJ Bulzack   See fewer
Katie Uhlmann
Sonia Tresmen Sonia Tresmen   See fewer
Jess Abran
Mary Simms Mary Simms   See fewer
Lorraine-Noelle Pellicone
Jane Tresmen (as Lorraine-Noelle Pellicon) Jane Tresmen (as Lorraine-Noelle Pellicon)   See fewer
Sean Curley
Chris Pierce Chris Pierce   See fewer
Amanda Lynn Petrin
Jenna Pearl Jenna Pearl   See fewer
Alexandra Valassis
Queen Elsa Queen Elsa   See fewer
Steve Nash
Phil Tresmen Phil Tresmen   See fewer
Teresa Picciano
Franelli Franelli   See fewer
Daniel James McFee
Speedo Jim Speedo Jim   See fewer
Wedding Dress Victim Wedding Dress Victim   See fewer
Shawn Baichoo
Harper The Movie Star Harper The Movie Star   See fewer
Lanisa Dawn
Lonnie Anderson Lonnie Anderson   See fewer
Jonathan Dubsky
TV Star Jarod Green TV Star Jarod Green   See fewer
Christina Filippidis
Paula Hope Paula Hope   See fewer
Heidi Hawkins
Brenda Hayes Brenda Hayes   See fewer
Evy Kartus-Solomon
Regina Blakely Regina Blakely   See fewer
Mark Antony Krupa
Mark Krupa Mark Krupa   See fewer
Stéphane Lalonde
Scott Lee Scott Lee   See fewer
Brittany LeBorgne
Jennifer Sharp Jennifer Sharp   See fewer
James Malloch
Calvin Stubbs Calvin Stubbs   See fewer
Ivan Peric
Craig Anderson Craig Anderson   See fewer
Jean-Pierre Picardy
Kenny Masters Kenny Masters   See fewer
Cara Reynolds
Suzan Parker Suzan Parker   See fewer
Daniel Rindress-Kay
Dustin Green Dustin Green   See fewer
Jesse Sherman
Trent Arthur Trent Arthur   See fewer
Joseph Ste. Marie
Grayson Phelps Grayson Phelps   See fewer
Natasha Gabriela Trepanier
Janice Moores Janice Moores   See fewer
Robert Verret
Movie Director Movie Director   See fewer
Ian Wilson
Ted Blakely Ted Blakely   See fewer
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