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  • Cor Values (2019)
  • 107 min | Drama
Cor Values (2019)
107 min | Drama

After returning to his hometown to report on an environmental protest, a journalist discovers that a series of recent murders may have links to a satanic cult.
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Release date
Dec 17, 2020 (United States)


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51 cast members
Name Known for
Em Siobhan McCourt
Kate King (as Emily Siobhan McCourt) Kate King (as Emily Siobhan McCourt)   See fewer
Gordon Andersen
Bob (credit only) Bob (credit only)   See fewer
Kristy Benz
Creepy Woman Creepy Woman   See fewer
Carl Bishop
Mayor Tomlin Mayor Tomlin   See fewer
Owen Bishop
Officer Copeland Officer Copeland   See fewer
Christopher P. Buckley
Uncle Tom (as Christopher Buckley) Uncle Tom (as Christopher Buckley)   See fewer
David Burke
Goodeagle Goodeagle   See fewer
Dean Busch
Cousin Berry Cousin Berry   See fewer
Donovan Cerminara
Officer Clarke Officer Clarke   See fewer
Rob Chaulk
David Robinson David Robinson   See fewer
Matt Clarke
Kevin Armsden Kevin Armsden   See fewer
Jaslyn Collis
Sasha Gomez Sasha Gomez   See fewer
Amanda Cutting
Receptionist Receptionist   See fewer
Dug Dixon
Creepyman 3 Creepyman 3   See fewer
Erika Eleniak
Veronica MacDougall Veronica MacDougall   See fewer
Chris Fuglerud
Creepy Man Creepy Man   See fewer
Christopher Giles
13 Year old Cor 13 Year old Cor   See fewer
Telly James
Clint Dawes Clint Dawes   See fewer
Shon Kemp
Extra Extra   See fewer
Julz LaBrash
Protester Protester   See fewer
Charlotte Loeppky
Kate's Mother Kate's Mother   See fewer
Melanee Murray-Hunt
Professor Jacobson Professor Jacobson   See fewer
Madison Nyenhuis
Donna Crowchild Donna Crowchild   See fewer
Annika Odegard
Band Member 1 Band Member 1   See fewer
Kelsey Otto
Samantha Samantha   See fewer
Maria J. Parker
Linda Dawes Linda Dawes   See fewer
Len J. Phillips
Extra - Cop Extra - Cop   See fewer
Shelby Reinitz
Bar Waitress & Creepy Person Bar Waitress & Creepy Person   See fewer
Jenn Repp
Victim #1 Victim #1   See fewer
Kaleigh Richards
Deputy Mayor Deputy Mayor   See fewer
Daniel Rousell
Beckett Beckett   See fewer
Amber Shaun
FBI Agent FBI Agent   See fewer
Deimon Slagg
Uncle Peter (as Eric Pettifor) Uncle Peter (as Eric Pettifor)   See fewer
Anastasia St. Amand
Officer Miller Officer Miller   See fewer
Olivia Taaffe
Teen Punk Teen Punk   See fewer
Jane Tetley
Aunt Wendy Aunt Wendy   See fewer
Bruce Toll
Janitor / Mainenance Man Janitor / Mainenance Man   See fewer
Bryton Udy
Band Member 2 Band Member 2   See fewer
Gayl Veinotte
Aunt Betty Aunt Betty   See fewer
Sabrina Youden
Forensic Photographer / Nurse Forensic Photographer / Nurse   See fewer
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