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  • Carga (I) (2018)
  • 113 min | Drama
Carga (I) (2018)
113 min | Drama

A lorry, a road and an unpredictable destiny, all intersecting in a human trafficking network. Caught up in this web, Viktoriya has only one chance: fight to survive.
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Release date
Mar 12, 2019 (United States)


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49 cast members
Name Known for
Michalina Olszanska
Viktoriya / Alanna Viktoriya / Alanna   See fewer
Vítor Norte
António António   See fewer
Rita Blanco
Luísa Luísa   See fewer
Miguel Borges
Mário Mário   See fewer
Duarte Grilo
Ian Gard Ian Gard   See fewer
Doriana Agostinho
Women 13 (Room 2) Women 13 (Room 2)   See fewer
Inês Almeida
Women 5 (Room 2) Women 5 (Room 2)   See fewer
Daniela Alves
Women 2 (Room 2) Women 2 (Room 2)   See fewer
Tânia Bento
Women 17 (Room 2) Women 17 (Room 2)   See fewer
João Bessa
Barman Barman   See fewer
José Bica
Man in Black 2 (as Jose Bica) Man in Black 2 (as Jose Bica)   See fewer
Rui Luís Brás
Anna's Rapist Anna's Rapist   See fewer
Margarida Calaveiras
Woman 6 (Room 1) Woman 6 (Room 1)   See fewer
Isabel Cena
Women 7 (Room 2) Women 7 (Room 2)   See fewer
Hugo Cesário
Man 3 (Cargo 1) Man 3 (Cargo 1)   See fewer
Leonor Coelho
Women 8 (Room 2) Women 8 (Room 2)   See fewer
Gonçalo de Morais
Man Crew Viktor 3 Man Crew Viktor 3   See fewer
Tatiana Dias
Woman 2 (Cargo 1) Woman 2 (Cargo 1)   See fewer
Olga Fonseca
Women 1 (Room 2) Women 1 (Room 2)   See fewer
Margarida Franco
Women 5 (Room 1) Women 5 (Room 1)   See fewer
Joana Freire
Women 15 (Room 2) Women 15 (Room 2)   See fewer
Sandra Gouveia
Women 11 (Room 2) Women 11 (Room 2)   See fewer
Carlota Ladeiro
Verónika Verónika   See fewer
Fernando Paussão Lopes
Man 2 (First Dead) Man 2 (First Dead)   See fewer
João Lopes
Man Crew Viktor 2 Man Crew Viktor 2   See fewer
Rita Mouro
Woman in the Bar Woman in the Bar   See fewer
Marcela Nacif
Woman 2 (Cargo 2) Woman 2 (Cargo 2)   See fewer
Sérgio Novo
Man Crew Viktor 4 Man Crew Viktor 4   See fewer
Rui Porto Nunes
Viktoriya's Rapist Viktoriya's Rapist   See fewer
Adriana Pais
Woman 1 (Cargo) Woman 1 (Cargo)   See fewer
Luísa Patrício
Women 3 (Room 2) Women 3 (Room 2)   See fewer
Ariana Pedro
Woman 14 (Room 2) Woman 14 (Room 2)   See fewer
Maria Manuel Pinheiro
Woman 3 (Rapped Girl) Woman 3 (Rapped Girl)   See fewer
Gonçalo Pinto
Bathroom Guy Bathroom Guy   See fewer
Andreia Rocha
TV Host (voice) TV Host (voice)   See fewer
Liliana Salgueiral
Women 10 (Room 2) Women 10 (Room 2)   See fewer
Pedro Salvado
Man in Black 1 Man in Black 1   See fewer
Célia Santos
Women 12 (Room 2) Women 12 (Room 2)   See fewer
João Artur Santos
Man Crew Viktor 1 Man Crew Viktor 1   See fewer
Mariline Santos
Women 16 (Room 2 Women 16 (Room 2   See fewer
Luís Sustelo
Man 4 (Cargo 1) Man 4 (Cargo 1)   See fewer
Lídia Vieira
Woman 1 (Cargo 2) Woman 1 (Cargo 2)   See fewer
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