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  • Thunder Road (2018)
  • 92 min | Comedy, Drama
Thunder Road (2018)
92 min | Comedy, Drama

A police officer faces a personal meltdown following a divorce and the death of his mother.
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Jim Cummings (written by)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Release date
Oct 12, 2018 (United States)


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53 cast members
Name Known for
Jim Cummings
Officer Jim Arnaud Officer Jim Arnaud   See fewer
Kendal Farr
Crystal Arnaud Crystal Arnaud   See fewer
Nican Robinson
Officer Nate Lewis Officer Nate Lewis   See fewer
Jocelyn DeBoer
Rosalind Arnaud Rosalind Arnaud   See fewer
Macon Blair
Dustin Zahn Dustin Zahn   See fewer
Chelsea Edmundson
Morgan Arnaud Morgan Arnaud   See fewer
Ammie Masterson
Celia Lewis (as Ammie Leonards) Celia Lewis (as Ammie Leonards)   See fewer
Bill Wise
The Captain The Captain   See fewer
Jacqueline Doke
Jocelyn Jocelyn   See fewer
Jordan Ray Fox
Officer Doug Officer Doug   See fewer
Chris Doubek
Guy in a Nice Suit on a Bicycle Guy in a Nice Suit on a Bicycle   See fewer
Frank Mosley
Homeless Man Homeless Man   See fewer
Becky Nitschke
Funeral Director Funeral Director   See fewer
Cassandra L. Small
Clara (as Cassandra Lawson Small) Clara (as Cassandra Lawson Small)   See fewer
DeForrest Taylor
Officer Taylor Officer Taylor   See fewer
Kerry Barker
Service Woman Service Woman   See fewer
Michele Love Santoro
Norma Jean Norma Jean   See fewer
Mary Hampton
Actress Actress   See fewer
Eugene Lee
Actor Actor   See fewer
Will Madden
Clerk of Court Clerk of Court   See fewer
Bryan Casserly
Officer Casserly Officer Casserly   See fewer
Laura Coover
Actress Actress   See fewer
Drew Rogers
Officer Rogers Officer Rogers   See fewer
Kevin Changaris
Officer Jerry Officer Jerry   See fewer
Camryn Chanel
Ashley Ashley   See fewer
Hallie Anderson
Clarissa Mourning (uncredited) Clarissa Mourning (uncredited)   See fewer
Brett Bradford
Funeral Attendee (uncredited) Funeral Attendee (uncredited)   See fewer
Mary Deese
Restaurant Owner (uncredited) Restaurant Owner (uncredited)   See fewer
Caleb Farr
Texting School Boy (uncredited) Texting School Boy (uncredited)   See fewer
Solina Galo
Nutcracker Attendee (uncredited) Nutcracker Attendee (uncredited)   See fewer
Aria Goodson
Girl at Ice Cream Shop (uncredited) Girl at Ice Cream Shop (uncredited)   See fewer
Dustin Hahn
Boombox Helper (uncredited) Boombox Helper (uncredited)   See fewer
Gregory Kelly
Bailiff (uncredited) Bailiff (uncredited)   See fewer
Sheran Goodspeed Keyton
Neighbor (uncredited) Neighbor (uncredited)   See fewer
Ildikó Luca
Theatergoer (uncredited) Theatergoer (uncredited)   See fewer
Dave McClain
Scott (blind man) (uncredited) Scott (blind man) (uncredited)   See fewer
István Mihály
Theatergoer (uncredited) Theatergoer (uncredited)   See fewer
Giselle Marie Muñoz
Karina Mourning (uncredited) Karina Mourning (uncredited)   See fewer
Prakash Gandhi Natarajan
Detective (uncredited) Detective (uncredited)   See fewer
Charlotte Delaney Riggs
Actress (uncredited) Actress (uncredited)   See fewer
Jeff Runnels
Detective Morrison (uncredited) Detective Morrison (uncredited)   See fewer
Tejas Shah
Walter (uncredited) Walter (uncredited)   See fewer
Amanda M. Slade Binecz
Theatergoer (uncredited) Theatergoer (uncredited)   See fewer
Michelle Smith
Funeral Guest (uncredited) Funeral Guest (uncredited)   See fewer
Will Thompson
Detective (uncredited) Detective (uncredited)   See fewer
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