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  • The Trouble
  • 120 min | Comedy
The Trouble
120 min | Comedy

Billy Mack a Hollywood celeb went from living in a Malibu beach house to living in a 1998 Chevrolet Malibu with his only companion, a Pitbull named Boo. His dog is sick and needs immediate surgery. Billy will do anything to raise the funds
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Updated Mar 22, 2023


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72 cast members
Name Known for
William McNamara
Billy Mack Billy Mack   See fewer
Tom Sizemore
Bob Carter Bob Carter   See fewer
Alison Eastwood
Dr. Grayson Dr. Grayson   See fewer
Angus Macfadyen
Victor DeLa Warren Victor DeLa Warren   See fewer
Robert Wagner
Dr. Amstel Dr. Amstel   See fewer
Gianni Capaldi
Johhnny Turdo Johhnny Turdo   See fewer
Ele Keats
Lisa Damage Lisa Damage   See fewer
Destiny Austin
Mindy Mann Mindy Mann   See fewer
William Baldwin
Joey Mangepanni Joey Mangepanni   See fewer
Sonia Carroll
Summer Harry Summer Harry   See fewer
Michael Cade
Robbie Robbie   See fewer
Lindsey Pelas
Katrina Katrina   See fewer
Zeke Hindle
Arthur William Arthur William   See fewer
Sally Kirkland
Ms Greyson Ms Greyson   See fewer
Rick Kumazawa
Korean Wait Staff Member Korean Wait Staff Member   See fewer
Nicole Butler
Student Student   See fewer
Robert Peters
Jeremy Britain Jeremy Britain   See fewer
Serah Henesey
Casting Director Casting Director   See fewer
Jessica Lee
Cindy Lou Cindy Lou   See fewer
Erik Aude
Papparazzi Papparazzi   See fewer
Howard M. Lockie
Dirk Stevens Dirk Stevens   See fewer
Vicki Goldsmith
Nurse Jackie Nurse Jackie   See fewer
David Morwick
Devlin Devlin   See fewer
George Gallagher
Doctor George Doctor George   See fewer
Diana Noris
Estefania Estefania   See fewer
Peter Nikkos
Calico Pete Calico Pete   See fewer
James Kirkland
Jim Manager Jim Manager   See fewer
Tony Nevada
Elliot 'E.T.' Tim Elliot 'E.T.' Tim   See fewer
Canyon Prince
Hippie Hippie   See fewer
Elizabeth J. Cron
Receptionist Receptionist   See fewer
Shô Oyamada
Mr. Yoshida Mr. Yoshida   See fewer
Shane Sandler
Valet #1 Valet #1   See fewer
Nichola Fynn
Dorothy Redman Dorothy Redman   See fewer
Jay Flats
Mason Bishop Mason Bishop   See fewer
Michael Spellman
Barry Manager Barry Manager   See fewer
Hitoshi Masaki
Mr. Koga Mr. Koga   See fewer
Debra Toscano
Debbie Debbie   See fewer
Carlo Sciortino
Valet #2 Valet #2   See fewer
Syrus Yarbrough
Iced Coffee Iced Coffee   See fewer
Art Hall
Tom Cashier Tom Cashier   See fewer
Philip Nathanael
Eyepatch Pirate Eyepatch Pirate   See fewer
Jessica Reiner-Harris
The Woman The Woman   See fewer
Anitra Stevens
Eve Abbey Eve Abbey   See fewer
Jonathan Joon Kim
Korean Waiter Korean Waiter   See fewer
Nicole Cordova
MMA Fight Attendee MMA Fight Attendee   See fewer
Tom Conlan
Harry Brown Harry Brown   See fewer
Deanne Thomsen
Dr. Conrad Dr. Conrad   See fewer
Ben Schyan
Bobby Shy Bobby Shy   See fewer
Mira Jordan
Ursala Ursala   See fewer
Luke Floyd
young Quidditch player young Quidditch player   See fewer
Margo Aleman
Warren Damage Warren Damage   See fewer
David Sobel
Photographer Photographer   See fewer
Will Cavitt
Tom Whisp Tom Whisp   See fewer
Crystal Dominguez
Crystal the bachelorette Crystal the bachelorette   See fewer
Ryann Torrero
Lilith Lilith   See fewer
Jenna Black
Melanie Meyers Melanie Meyers   See fewer
Kaitlin Toomayan
Receptionist Receptionist   See fewer
Chris Ader
Dan the bachelor Dan the bachelor   See fewer
Leah Cronican
Sammy Lucas Sammy Lucas   See fewer
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