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  • Herr Berger sucht einen Sohn (2023)
  • Comedy
Herr Berger sucht einen Sohn (2023)

If you do not have children, organize them .
Thomas Goersch | Chris Helmholz (co-director)
Casting Director

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Updated Jan 27, 2019

Release date
Aug 1, 2023 (Germany)


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71 cast members
Name Known for
Thomas Goersch
Antoine Berger Antoine Berger   See fewer
Madame de Winter Madame de Winter   See fewer
Alexander Tuschinski
Man in Piano Bar Man in Piano Bar   See fewer
Sabrina Arnds
Monique Monique   See fewer
Gabriel da Silva
Candidate 8 (archive footage) Candidate 8 (archive footage)   See fewer
David O. Riedel
Candidate 5 (archive footage) Candidate 5 (archive footage)   See fewer
Tanja Jasmin Ilg
Madame Bernaisse Madame Bernaisse   See fewer
Phelan A. Davion
Jean-Marc Jean-Marc   See fewer
Anita Carnevale-Biberger
Madame Ardant Madame Ardant   See fewer
Jörn Precht
Gerome Gerome   See fewer
Chris Helmholz
Schläger 1 Schläger 1   See fewer
Luigi Scarano
Armand Armand   See fewer
Tobias Ludloff
Bertrand Bertrand   See fewer
Christian Kern
Candidate 6 (archive footage) Candidate 6 (archive footage)   See fewer
Self Self   See fewer
Erika Flogaus
Movie Theatre guest 2 Movie Theatre guest 2   See fewer
Anja Hundsinger
Natalie Natalie   See fewer
Florian Weber
Candidate 12 (archive footage) Candidate 12 (archive footage)   See fewer
Conny Faß
Madame Languste Madame Languste   See fewer
Kevin Wetrab
Bar guest 4 Bar guest 4   See fewer
Marcin Przepierowski
Candidate 7 (archive footage) Candidate 7 (archive footage)   See fewer
Mansur Mtomekela
Coffee Shop Waiter Coffee Shop Waiter   See fewer
Michalis Christoforidis
Candidate 4 (archive footage) Candidate 4 (archive footage)   See fewer
Martin Galster
Candidate (archive footage) Candidate (archive footage)   See fewer
Simon Felden
Pierre Pierre   See fewer
Ulrike Röder
Elaine Elaine   See fewer
Roswitha S. Fischer-Stutz
Party guest Party guest   See fewer
Christina Moni
Hotel guest woman Hotel guest woman   See fewer
Thomas Pill
Candidate 9 (archive footage) Candidate 9 (archive footage)   See fewer
Thomas Grieser
Hotel guest man Hotel guest man   See fewer
Nadine Sauter
Beatrice Beatrice   See fewer
Carl Rach
Carlos Carlos   See fewer
Irina Ferazzi
Emmanuelle Emmanuelle   See fewer
Stefan Pescheck
Matthieu Matthieu   See fewer
Sheila Kapoor
Sheila Sheila   See fewer
David Arnold
Candidate 2 (archive footage) Candidate 2 (archive footage)   See fewer
Beatrix Zeeb
Ariane Ariane   See fewer
Thorsten Kurzeya
Bar guest 1 Bar guest 1   See fewer
Anita Gebauer
Clementine Clementine   See fewer
Brigitte Mächtle
Brigitte Brigitte   See fewer
Emil Levin
Candidate 11 (archive footage) (as Emil Johansson) Candidate 11 (archive footage) (as Emil Johansson)   See fewer
Rene Bauer
Olivier Olivier   See fewer
Simon Kubat
Durand Durand   See fewer
Aino Inga Kurzeya
Bar guest 2 Bar guest 2   See fewer
Bennet Bieck
Candidate 10 (archive footage) Candidate 10 (archive footage)   See fewer
Self Self   See fewer
Stefan Hasso Hess
Christophe Christophe   See fewer
Silvia Richter
Movie Theatre guest 1 Movie Theatre guest 1   See fewer
Letizia Biberger
Tizi Ardant Tizi Ardant   See fewer
Fräulein Flauschig
Burlesque Dancer Burlesque Dancer   See fewer
Laura Halding-Hoppenheit
Madame Laura Madame Laura   See fewer
Gerhard Polacek
Auguste (voice) Auguste (voice)   See fewer
Margarethe Danok
Madame Crevet Madame Crevet   See fewer
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