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  • Underdog (II) (2019)
  • TV-14
    Drama, Sport
Underdog (II) (2019)
Drama, Sport

A young girl meets a MMA coach and they quickly form a bond based on their mutual struggles with their own addictions.
Ryan Richko (original music by)

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Release date
2019 (United States)


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114 cast members
Name Known for
Brian Krause
Dallas Dallas   See fewer
Becca Buckalew
Sam Miller Sam Miller   See fewer
Kim Estes
Donovan Harold Donovan Harold   See fewer
Phillip Musumeci
Bobby Miller Bobby Miller   See fewer
Amber Wegner
Liz Goodman Liz Goodman   See fewer
Sherry Hursey
Nurse April Nurse April   See fewer
Juliet Rusche
8 year old Sam 8 year old Sam   See fewer
Ariane Andrew
Cecilia Collins aka CC Cecilia Collins aka CC   See fewer
Daniel de Weldon
DJ (as Daniel Felix de Weldon) DJ (as Daniel Felix de Weldon)   See fewer
Wade O. Alden
Ray Goodman Ray Goodman   See fewer
Sarah Brown Carter
Julia Miller Julia Miller   See fewer
Danny Hansen
Dave Miller Dave Miller   See fewer
Ashley Guarrasi
Iris 'The Destroyer' Iris 'The Destroyer'   See fewer
Kenneth Antonio Fernandez
Carlos (as Ken Black) Carlos (as Ken Black)   See fewer
Caesar James
Detective Martin Detective Martin   See fewer
Curtis Nelson II
Dr. Lennox Holloway Dr. Lennox Holloway   See fewer
Xander Bailey
Patrick O'Neal Patrick O'Neal   See fewer
Halstan Williams
Steve Ridley Steve Ridley   See fewer
Thomas Haley
Officer McKnight Officer McKnight   See fewer
Kevin Caliber
Officer Stanley Officer Stanley   See fewer
Veronica Tharma
Dr. Jordan Dr. Jordan   See fewer
Ritchie Greer
Nathan Nathan   See fewer
Kyle Devorroh
Reporter Reporter   See fewer
Louie Mandrapilias
Ring Announcer Ring Announcer   See fewer
Thamys Bertoldi
Nurse May Nurse May   See fewer
Luisa Vitor
Nurse Charlotte Nurse Charlotte   See fewer
Tatjana Bluchel
Jennifer Thompson Jennifer Thompson   See fewer
Saki Bomb
Doug (ref) Doug (ref)   See fewer
Al Burke
Officer Burke Officer Burke   See fewer
Raymond Vinsik Williams
Officer Williams Officer Williams   See fewer
Julie Raelyn
Ms. Connoway Ms. Connoway   See fewer
Arlene Barshinger
Reporter 2 Reporter 2   See fewer
David McRoy
Charles Charles   See fewer
David Murrietta Jr.
Fight Doctor Fight Doctor   See fewer
Hadley Scheff
4 year old Sam 4 year old Sam   See fewer
Gene Arroyo
Jordan Jordan   See fewer
April Schutte
Shelly (as April Showers) Shelly (as April Showers)   See fewer
Keely Kidwell
Morgan Morgan   See fewer
Daniel Arana
Robert Marquez (as Jose Arana) Robert Marquez (as Jose Arana)   See fewer
Alexander T. Hwang
Captain Lee Captain Lee   See fewer
Charles Chudabala
Lieutenant Arroyo Lieutenant Arroyo   See fewer
Mark Krenik
MMA Scout Twinks MMA Scout Twinks   See fewer
Meena Amani
Eva 'La Conquistadora' Eva 'La Conquistadora'   See fewer
Laurie Felix Bass
Selena (as Laurie Bass) Selena (as Laurie Bass)   See fewer
Aaron w Bell
Jason (as Aaron Bell) Jason (as Aaron Bell)   See fewer
Erica Bergman
Arlene Arlene   See fewer
Kofi Adofo
Dr. Robinson Dr. Robinson   See fewer
Trent Bruce
Matthew Matthew   See fewer
Nick Cavalero
Jonathan Jonathan   See fewer
Brittani Coronado
Christine Christine   See fewer
Cathy Deobler
Meredith Meredith   See fewer
Jackie Fallon
Rebecca Rebecca   See fewer
Stephanie Savic
Faith (as Stephanie Noel Garrison) Faith (as Stephanie Noel Garrison)   See fewer
Maggie Jesse
Phoenix Phoenix   See fewer
Kaylee Garrett
Brittney Brittney   See fewer
Trinity Medina
Deb (as Ana Medina) Deb (as Ana Medina)   See fewer
Jenna Marie Miles
Jennifer Collins Jennifer Collins   See fewer
Tammy Mora
Amber Amber   See fewer
Gerson Nkunku
Nurse Charles Nurse Charles   See fewer
Alies Orozco
Dr. Johnson Dr. Johnson   See fewer
Audrey Orosco
Lindsay Lindsay   See fewer
Kim Ortega
Diane Diane   See fewer
Dan Prosek
Patrick Patrick   See fewer
Mark Reichard
Thomas Thomas   See fewer
Rufino Romero
Christian Christian   See fewer
Erik Anthony Russo
Seth (as Eric Russo) Seth (as Eric Russo)   See fewer
Alicia Sellars
Elizabeth Elizabeth   See fewer
Katherine Stephens-Miller
Sarah (as Kate Stephens-Miller) Sarah (as Kate Stephens-Miller)   See fewer
Elle Sunkara
Patricia Patricia   See fewer
Anton Tescon
Phillip Phillip   See fewer
Dylan Shaun McCullough
10 year old Bobby (uncredited) 10 year old Bobby (uncredited)   See fewer
Keta Meggett
The Pretty Flower (uncredited) The Pretty Flower (uncredited)   See fewer
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