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  • Mission of Honor (2018)
  • Not Rated
    107 min | Action, Drama, War
Mission of Honor (2018)
Not Rated
107 min | Action, Drama, War

The exploits of 303 Squadron RAF during the Battle of Britain. The squadron consisted of Polish pilots, many of whom were veterans of the air battles involved in Germany's invasion of Poland.
Laura Rossi | Benoit Viellefon (music & background music)
Casting Directors
Jude Harrison (supporting artists) | John Hubbard | Ros Hubbard | Magdalena Szwarcbart (Poland)
Production Designer
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Release date
Mar 15, 2019 (United States)


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82 cast members
Name Known for
Iwan Rheon
Jan Zumbach 'Donald' Jan Zumbach 'Donald'   See fewer
Milo Gibson
John Kent 'Kentowski' John Kent 'Kentowski'   See fewer
Stefanie Martini
Phyllis Lambert Phyllis Lambert   See fewer
Krystof Hádek
Josef Frantisek Josef Frantisek   See fewer
Marcin Dorocinski
Witold Urbanowicz 'Kobra' Witold Urbanowicz 'Kobra'   See fewer
Rosie Gray
Georgina Georgina   See fewer
Robert Portal
Keith Park Keith Park   See fewer
Andrew Sweet
Senior Controller Senior Controller   See fewer
Graham Padden
Rawlings Rawlings   See fewer
Teresa Mahoney
McCormac (as Teresa Mahoney-Bostridge) McCormac (as Teresa Mahoney-Bostridge)   See fewer
Jamie Langlands
Met Officer Met Officer   See fewer
William Nash
Naval Controller Naval Controller   See fewer
Kit Patrick
Harry Keating Harry Keating   See fewer
Michael Houston
Duty Sergeant Duty Sergeant   See fewer
James Henri-Thomas
Osbourne Osbourne   See fewer
Matt Malecki
Zygumy Klein 'Ziggy' Zygumy Klein 'Ziggy'   See fewer
Kamil Lipka
Antoni Siudak Antoni Siudak   See fewer
Radoslaw Kaim
Zdzislaw Krasnodebski 'Król' (as Rad Kaim) Zdzislaw Krasnodebski 'Król' (as Rad Kaim)   See fewer
Christopher Jaciow
Zdzislaw Henneberg 'Dzidek' Zdzislaw Henneberg 'Dzidek'   See fewer
Rafael Ferenc
Ludwik Paszkiewicz Ludwik Paszkiewicz   See fewer
Slawomir Doliniec
Witold Lokuciewski 'Tolo' Witold Lokuciewski 'Tolo'   See fewer
Adrian Zaremba
Gabriel Horodyszcz (as Adrian Zareba) Gabriel Horodyszcz (as Adrian Zareba)   See fewer
Filip Plawiak
Miroslaw Feric 'Miro' Miroslaw Feric 'Miro'   See fewer
Nicholas Farrell
Hugh Dowding Hugh Dowding   See fewer
Michel Diercks
Weber (as Michael Diercks) Weber (as Michael Diercks)   See fewer
Maria Estevez-Serrano
Magda Kowalik Magda Kowalik   See fewer
Torin Pocock
Blue Leader Blue Leader   See fewer
Phil McKee
Higgins Higgins   See fewer
Sam Hoare
Roland Kellett Roland Kellett   See fewer
Michael Keogh
W.O. Jones W.O. Jones   See fewer
Stuart Packer
Medical Officer Medical Officer   See fewer
Drew Cain
Horobin Horobin   See fewer
Tam Williams
Holland Holland   See fewer
Daniel Maggott
Landlord Landlord   See fewer
David Pike
Elderly Soldier Elderly Soldier   See fewer
Damian Dudkiewicz
Jacek A. Baczewski 'Bruce' Jacek A. Baczewski 'Bruce'   See fewer
Joan Kempson
Queenie Queenie   See fewer
Rod Arthur
Henry Henry   See fewer
Malgorzata Galczynska
Zumbach's wife Zumbach's wife   See fewer
Pete Phillips
Gabriel's father Gabriel's father   See fewer
Nela Niewiadomska
Ludwik's wife Ludwik's wife   See fewer
Maddison Marshall
Daughter Daughter   See fewer
Peter Dickson
Wartime radio announcer Wartime radio announcer   See fewer
Dan Burman
Dacre Dacre   See fewer
Ray Calleja
Lt. Hans Fischer Lt. Hans Fischer   See fewer
Piotr Chadaj
Baczewski crew 1 Baczewski crew 1   See fewer
Ana Deloret
Betty Grable (as Anastasia P. DiLoreto) Betty Grable (as Anastasia P. DiLoreto)   See fewer
Lucian Drake
Jewish boy Jewish boy   See fewer
Phil Dray
German Soldier 3 German Soldier 3   See fewer
Gary Edwards
German Soldier 2 German Soldier 2   See fewer
David Forde
German Officer 1 German Officer 1   See fewer
Atanas Gancev
Baczewski crew 6 Baczewski crew 6   See fewer
Chris Gilbert
German Soldier 4 German Soldier 4   See fewer
Jan Goodman
Mrs. Smythe-Bingham Mrs. Smythe-Bingham   See fewer
Matthew Houston
Duty Sergeant Duty Sergeant   See fewer
Mark Kempson
Warden Warden   See fewer
Mikhail Kleptsov
German Soldier 6 German Soldier 6   See fewer
Paulina Kochalso
Civilian 3 Civilian 3   See fewer
Daniel Markowicz
Polish Pilot (as Daniel Marczuk) Polish Pilot (as Daniel Marczuk)   See fewer
Claudine Metkowski
Civilian 4 Civilian 4   See fewer
Paul Morgan
Baczewski crew 4 Baczewski crew 4   See fewer
Damian Mruk
Baczewski crew 3 Baczewski crew 3   See fewer
Roy Peters
German Soldier 1 German Soldier 1   See fewer
Krzysztof Rozborski
Baczewski crew 5 Baczewski crew 5   See fewer
Lukasz Rycaj
Baczewski crew 2 Baczewski crew 2   See fewer
Andy Sweet
Senior Controller Senior Controller   See fewer
Benjamin Tofts
German Soldier 5 German Soldier 5   See fewer
Benoit Viellefon
Jazz singer musician Jazz singer musician   See fewer
Monika Walczak
Civilian 2 Civilian 2   See fewer
Adam Ward
The Dispatcher The Dispatcher   See fewer
Chris Wilson
German Officer 2 German Officer 2   See fewer
James Yeates
Sgt. Kowalczyk Sgt. Kowalczyk   See fewer
Karolina Zajac
Civilian 1 Civilian 1   See fewer
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