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  • RomCon (2017–2017)
  • TV Series | Comedy
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RomCon (2017–2017)
TV Series | Comedy

Newbie to the Con, Luna Chamuel, falls in love with the forbidden Michael Knight.

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Updated Jul 24, 2017

Release date (First episode)
Jul 24, 2017 (United States)


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61 cast members
Name Episodes Known for
Victoria Lynn
Luna Chamuel (2017) (as Victoria Hogan) Luna Chamuel (2017) (as Victoria Hogan)   See fewer
Aleisha Barnett
Addison Willert (2017) Addison Willert (2017)   See fewer
Alice Dranger
Marty Brestich (2017) Marty Brestich (2017)   See fewer
Kristina Ho
Fiona Knight (2017) Fiona Knight (2017)   See fewer
Anastasia Washington
Amelia Oliver (2017) Amelia Oliver (2017)   See fewer
Xander Jeanneret
Lion-O Brestich (2017) Lion-O Brestich (2017)   See fewer
Dominic Lee
Michael Knight (2017) Michael Knight (2017)   See fewer
Rachanee Lumayno
Capt. Kahlen P. (2017) Capt. Kahlen P. (2017)   See fewer
Meredith Lindsey-Gregg
Karen Knight (2017) Karen Knight (2017)   See fewer
David the Dancer (2017) David the Dancer (2017)   See fewer
Jennifer Alvarado
Cosplayer Gillian Cosplayer Gillian   See fewer
Bibi Amos
Fangirl Rachel Fangirl Rachel   See fewer
Lucy Angelo
JenLo Look Alike JenLo Look Alike   See fewer
Neda Armstrong
Fangirl Fangirl   See fewer
Julianna Barninger
ScarJo Look Alike ScarJo Look Alike   See fewer
Ryan Bartley
Cosplayer Genevieve Cosplayer Genevieve   See fewer
Taylor Behrens
NPH Look Alike NPH Look Alike   See fewer
Justine Blocksom
Fangirl Willow Fangirl Willow   See fewer
Mary Bold
Fangirl Katie Fangirl Katie   See fewer
David Buckland
Fanboy Jack Fanboy Jack   See fewer
Ponti Butler
Fangirl Hannah Fangirl Hannah   See fewer
Melissa Cantatore
Debbie the Dancer Debbie the Dancer   See fewer
Rachel Clugston
Fangirl Jenna Fangirl Jenna   See fewer
Billynaire Cruz
Fanboy Josh Fanboy Josh   See fewer
Katrina Cunningham
Cosplayer Rachel Cosplayer Rachel   See fewer
Suzanne Dean
Dani the Dancer Dani the Dancer   See fewer
Precious Douglas
Dana the Dancer Dana the Dancer   See fewer
Freddie Edo
Twihard Geoff (as Freddie Pee) Twihard Geoff (as Freddie Pee)   See fewer
Zach Friedland
Dawson the Dancer Dawson the Dancer   See fewer
Mohammed Ganai
Fanboy Alex Fanboy Alex   See fewer
Brittany Garms Jr.
Twihard Betty Twihard Betty   See fewer
Marcia Hayden
Fangirl Louisa Fangirl Louisa   See fewer
Daniel D. Houy
Fanboy Andrew Fanboy Andrew   See fewer
Galen Howard
Fanboy Irving Fanboy Irving   See fewer
Sy Jacobs
Sherlockian Morgan Sherlockian Morgan   See fewer
Schuyler Jeffress
Sherlockian Jamie Sherlockian Jamie   See fewer
John Jennings
Fanboy Zack Fanboy Zack   See fewer
Akiko Katagiri
Delia the Dancer Delia the Dancer   See fewer
Katherine Kellerman
Fangirl Scarlet Fangirl Scarlet   See fewer
Devin Ketko
Fangirl Sage Fangirl Sage   See fewer
Sulina Kettigna
Sherlockian Allison Sherlockian Allison   See fewer
Christina Marie Leonard
Fangirl Chloe Fangirl Chloe   See fewer
Aubrey Manning
Twihard Erin Twihard Erin   See fewer
Rose Marie
Daisy the Dancer Daisy the Dancer   See fewer
J.S. Molinaro
Daniel the Dancer Daniel the Dancer   See fewer
Nicole Nasca
Twihard Juliet Twihard Juliet   See fewer
Dennis Nicomede
Sherlockian Michael Sherlockian Michael   See fewer
Bibi Nshimba
Fangirl Rachel (2017) (as Bibi Amos) Fangirl Rachel (2017) (as Bibi Amos)   See fewer
Alexa Pellerin
Fangirl Natalie Fangirl Natalie   See fewer
Byron Praeter
Sherlockian Daniel Sherlockian Daniel   See fewer
Joann Quezada
Sherlockian DJ Sherlockian DJ   See fewer
Adriana Rafaela
Sherlockian Amanda Sherlockian Amanda   See fewer
Rina Restaino
Danielle the Dancer Danielle the Dancer   See fewer
Marlon Samuda
Darryl the Dancer Darryl the Dancer   See fewer
Rod Simmons
Fanboy Roger Fanboy Roger   See fewer
Claire Slattery
Twihard Arriana Twihard Arriana   See fewer
Vernon Lee Smith Jr.
Dax the Dancer Dax the Dancer   See fewer
Johny Walsh
Fangirl Betty Fangirl Betty   See fewer
Eileen Whitmore
Goth Cyn Goth Cyn   See fewer
Carmyn Xoluv
Darcy the Dancer Darcy the Dancer   See fewer
Tomomi Yoshida
Fangirl Ramona Fangirl Ramona   See fewer
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