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  • Old Man Jackson (2023)
  • Comedy
Old Man Jackson (2023)

Mr. Jackson, an award winning automotive mechanics shop owner, and high strung hypochondriac, has a premonition. With no children of his own to pass the legacy that his grandfather started, he has one last mission to accomplish.
Johnny Ray Gibbs (written by)
Larry McKee (cinematography) | Xochi Tamoanchan (focus puller) | Jim Vogel
A.B. Sallu (edited by)
Casting Directors
Production Designer
Nick Adair (poster artist)

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Release date
Jun 1, 2023 (United States)


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114 cast members
Name Known for
David Born
Andy Jackson Andy Jackson   See fewer
Kathy Garver
Gloria Mavis Jackson Gloria Mavis Jackson   See fewer
Lorelei Linklater
Dr. Jane McGregor Dr. Jane McGregor   See fewer
Richard Riehle
Father Donovan Father Donovan   See fewer
Robert LaSardo
Officer Romero Officer Romero   See fewer
Butch Patrick
Priest Edwin Mumsford Priest Edwin Mumsford   See fewer
Major Dodge
Fire Chief Mark McKenzie Fire Chief Mark McKenzie   See fewer
Artie Pasquale
Benny Bellino Benny Bellino   See fewer
Nick W. Nicholson
Assistant Fire Chief Mike Williams Assistant Fire Chief Mike Williams   See fewer
Tony Senzamici
Sheriff Clifford Calhoun Sheriff Clifford Calhoun   See fewer
Dan Braverman
Roberto Roberto   See fewer
CJ Morrison
Sister Marjorie Sister Marjorie   See fewer
Evan George Vourazeris
Manager Henry Manager Henry   See fewer
Nia Asanza
Melanie Quinn Melanie Quinn   See fewer
Alex Bilbrey
Greg the paperboy Greg the paperboy   See fewer
Pamela Knight
Katherine Katherine   See fewer
Babe McGuire
Cousin Martha Cousin Martha   See fewer
Faustino Deblas
Munchie Munchie   See fewer
Christopher Douglas
Dr. Joseph Dr. Joseph   See fewer
John Maciag
Angry Driver Angry Driver   See fewer
Ellie Rene King
ER Child ER Child   See fewer
Rylee Rae King
ER Child ER Child   See fewer
Ruby E. Torres
The Karate Girl The Karate Girl   See fewer
Brian Treybig
Dr. Wilson Dr. Wilson   See fewer
Tom Vera
Landon Landon   See fewer
Brian Watson
Doctor O'Brien Doctor O'Brien   See fewer
Mat Williams
Sam (as Matt Williams) Sam (as Matt Williams)   See fewer
Terry Williamsom
ATF 2 / Sledge ATF 2 / Sledge   See fewer
Randall Holland
Agent Cromwell Agent Cromwell   See fewer
Jeanine Harrington
Natalie Bustamante Natalie Bustamante   See fewer
John Hall
Warden Mitchell Scarborough Warden Mitchell Scarborough   See fewer
Joe Grisaffi
Detective Miller Detective Miller   See fewer
Anthony Ferro
Officer Huggins Officer Huggins   See fewer
Jeff B. Barnett
Manager Joe Manager Joe   See fewer
Alexis Arnold
Tiffany Tiffany   See fewer
Amanda Allen
Nurse Patricia Nurse Patricia   See fewer
Murillo Alves
Action Five Alive Sound Guy Action Five Alive Sound Guy   See fewer
Jaies Baptiste
Jasmine Jasmine   See fewer
Kasey Bass
Chelsea Chelsea   See fewer
Vickey Dempsey Burns
Ira (as Vickey Burns) Ira (as Vickey Burns)   See fewer
Jared Cadore
Detective Conan Detective Conan   See fewer
Laci Calfee
Paper Girl Paper Girl   See fewer
Carlton Caudle
Detective Ruben Detective Ruben   See fewer
Carl Clark
Jimbo Jimbo   See fewer
Ronee Collins
Rachel Ireland Rachel Ireland   See fewer
Anita Darby
Onlooker Onlooker   See fewer
Joseph Di Bari
Giovanni Giovanni   See fewer
Doug Dow
Weather Dan Ward Weather Dan Ward   See fewer
Dan Forest
Billy Billy   See fewer
Apostolis Garcia
Paperboy Paperboy   See fewer
Labrini Garcia
Paperboy Paperboy   See fewer
Angela Harger
Sophia Sophia   See fewer
Jeanne Harris
Jogger Jogger   See fewer
Caroline Helander
Agent Roswell Agent Roswell   See fewer
Carrie Jane Hudson
Urban Cowgirl Urban Cowgirl   See fewer
DeWayne Hudson
Urban Cowboy Urban Cowboy   See fewer
Jalal Jamal
Agent Maxwell Agent Maxwell   See fewer
Becky M. Johnson
Biker girl 3 Biker girl 3   See fewer
Kalum Johnson
Orderly Doctor Orderly Doctor   See fewer
Andrew Kantowski
Detective Anderson Detective Anderson   See fewer
Nicolette Karczewski
Biker Girl 1 Biker Girl 1   See fewer
Ashley Kay
Biker Girl 2 / Nurse Biker Girl 2 / Nurse   See fewer
Joseph Marshall
Agent Blackwell Agent Blackwell   See fewer
Lisa Mattheis
ER Nurse Dora ER Nurse Dora   See fewer
Alex Moore
ER Nurse Lynn ER Nurse Lynn   See fewer
Ashley Moore
Nurse Nancy Nurse Nancy   See fewer
Dennis N. Oakland
Orderly Doctor Orderly Doctor   See fewer
Troy Parker
Doctor Graham Doctor Graham   See fewer
Riley Patrick
Summer Summer   See fewer
Aimee Peña
Jefe's Mom Jefe's Mom   See fewer
John S. Pfister
Action 5 Camera man Action 5 Camera man   See fewer
Alana Phillips
Anchorwoman Lynette Miller Anchorwoman Lynette Miller   See fewer
Trish D. Powell
Francis Beverly (as Trish Powell) Francis Beverly (as Trish Powell)   See fewer
Bradford T Roberts
White Coat Orderly / Patient White Coat Orderly / Patient   See fewer
Richard Rosso
Vinnie Vinnie   See fewer
Michael Scanlin
Agent Trimwell Agent Trimwell   See fewer
Brayden Scott
Young Andy Jackson Young Andy Jackson   See fewer
Corey Thompson
Dr. Grover Dr. Grover   See fewer
Jim D. Vogel
Prison Cook Prison Cook   See fewer
Curtis Von
Dwarf Dwarf   See fewer
Aaron Walden
White coat orderly White coat orderly   See fewer
Dexter Walker
Orderly Orderly   See fewer
Janet Wang
Ajax's Mom Ajax's Mom   See fewer
Jessica Lee Wrabel
Nurse Nicole Nurse Nicole   See fewer
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