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  • The Pitch (2021)
  • 97 min | Drama
The Pitch (2021)
97 min | Drama

When a down-on-his-luck Sydney filmmaker discovers he needs to attach an A-List movie star to finally make it big, he coerces his estranged father into a cross country road trip to find an elusive actor.
Daniel Green (co-director) | Jesse Richardson (co-director)
Pauline Chan (additional material) | Daniel Green | Jesse Richardson (executive story editor)
Casting Director
Production Designer

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Release date
Jan 1, 2021 (Australia)


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38 cast members
Name Known for
Charmaine Bingwa
Summer Akers Summer Akers   See fewer
Andy McPhee
Dallas Gooding Dallas Gooding   See fewer
Anthony Brandon Wong
Bobby Berman Bobby Berman   See fewer
Erin Connor
Studio Suit 2 Studio Suit 2   See fewer
Emily Wiseman
Veronica Azzopardi (as Emm Wiseman) Veronica Azzopardi (as Emm Wiseman)   See fewer
Gary Boulter
Jay Aldridge Jay Aldridge   See fewer
Kaitlyn Boyé
Katya Girard Katya Girard   See fewer
Harrison Hooper
Young Damien Young Damien   See fewer
Benita Collings
Celia Montgomery Celia Montgomery   See fewer
Michael Goldman
Officer Reynolds (as Mike Goldman) Officer Reynolds (as Mike Goldman)   See fewer
Bali Padda
Studio Suit 1 Studio Suit 1   See fewer
Jacqui Duncan
Siobhan McMahon Siobhan McMahon   See fewer
Stef Smith
Sammi Swanson Sammi Swanson   See fewer
Peter McAllum
Film Exec 1 Film Exec 1   See fewer
Jade Ryan
Girl in Bar Girl in Bar   See fewer
Shannon Gibson
Casey Thomson Casey Thomson   See fewer
Lizzy Hoo
Danni Rosario Danni Rosario   See fewer
Michael Thomson
Mike McLucas Mike McLucas   See fewer
Alex Zamfir
Alexzander Alexzander   See fewer
Sam Glissan
Slick Mick Slick Mick   See fewer
Paul Antony Rogers
Bo Swanson (as Paul Rogers) Bo Swanson (as Paul Rogers)   See fewer
Morgan Maguire
Officer Keane Officer Keane   See fewer
Omar Al-Sobky
Roger Bratya Roger Bratya   See fewer
Dirk Nagel
Man in Elevator Man in Elevator   See fewer
Stef Chang
Sara Dubois Sara Dubois   See fewer
Chantelle Murray
Katrina Richards Katrina Richards   See fewer
Daniel Green
Damien Gooding Damien Gooding   See fewer
Prema Smith
Max Swift Max Swift   See fewer
Tristan Winter
Kenny Childers Kenny Childers   See fewer
Jaime Hadwen
Amelie Amelie   See fewer
Brenton Amies
Drew McLeod Drew McLeod   See fewer
Jayden Amalia
The Actress The Actress   See fewer
Emmanuel James
Studio Suit 3 Studio Suit 3   See fewer
Eddy Jausnik
Edd Wardo Edd Wardo   See fewer
Mahala Wallace
Frankie Buchler Frankie Buchler   See fewer
Scott Pirlo
Hank Michaels Hank Michaels   See fewer
Danielle Keyes
Ella Lock Ella Lock   See fewer
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